Why people hate each other?

It’s never easy to accept

when somebody is different

raising question in ourselves

whether we are immatured enough

and if not we rather project

our fears and low self-esteem

onto those who never meant

to harm or challenge us

so we create enemies

feeling it’s easier to hate

rather than immerse and learn

be aware, loving, conscious


Who would come to say

another path leads to great

caring, mutual, compassionate

vivid and sustainable life?


When Jesus came He had to die

even for the disciples to see

He was not fooling around

but leading the way

to eternity.


How many times God came to see us

to say, show and mostly enlight?


Where are all the efforts we put

into our lives lead us to?


Is it a mere daydream to see

we are more at least we are meant to be?


It’s easier to hate

since that’s our tradition

instead of growing

pushing everyone else down

so we can see ourselves as kings

in our minisculity.


That’s not the way how our Parent

wants our life to be a Blessing.



Joshua Dragon

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