The Things We Want To Be Proud Of

Everyone has a name, and everyone wants to be proud of his name. Each person also wants to be proud of all the parts of his body-his limbs, his eyes, and all his faculties. Someone who doesn’t think he is attractive wants to find something which he thinks will make him more attractive. A woman might wear accessories, like earrings, rings, necklaces, for instance, to make herself look more beautiful.

People want to extend their sense of pride to include their parents, wanting to be proud of the way they look and behave. They count their merits by the ways in which they are good or not so good. They also want to be proud of their brothers and sisters and other relatives.

After that, we want to be proud of the things we own, such as our home or automobile. We also want to be proud of our country. Most people stop right there at the level of the country; they don’t know how to think beyond that level. Today many people feel they cannot think about anything other than themselves, not even their parents, and certainly not their country. But if the world is one, then that world should be their country. In that case, Americans would not only be proud of Niagara Falls, but would also take pride in the great falls in South America and Africa, which are even grander than Niagara. Americans could be proud of the Himalayas, as well as the Rocky Mountains.

The greater a person is, the longer is the list of things in which he takes pride. A person of narrow vision cannot see far away, no matter how much he may want to. Naturally he will have to find a source of pride close at hand. But when a person has broad vision, he can look out to far distances and can have more things to be proud of.

What kind of people can we be proud of in history? No matter how great or how unimportant people may be, the basic pattern of life is about the same for everyone: we eat three meals a day, we sleep so many hours, we get married and have children. Great or small, people all live according to these same basic patterns. Then how do we decide who is the great person and who is the lesser person?

Comparing a person who lives for his country with a person who lives for the world, which can we say is the greater person? Even though we do the same work side by side with each other, if one person is thinking about a larger purpose then he is certainly greater than the others.

People can be proud of things higher and greater, or wider and deeper than themselves. People talk about the Rocky Mountains as the highest part of America, and of Death Valley as the lowest point. Someone who hasn’t been there might imagine that it is some extraordinarily deep gorge, but it is not very impressive when you actually see it. This is one example of how people want to be proud of something which is high and deep, or wide and great, something which lasts a long time.

What is it that you would like to have pride in as Americans? Perhaps you are proud that America is such a big country, but bigness has very little value when you realize that here many people are fighting each other. Families fight amongst themselves, communities are divided according to income, and black and white people don’t trust each other. When you find these things, then the size of the country really doesn’t matter. What kind of people are living in America, then-big people or small people? Are the majority of Americans only concerned with trifling things?

Before you speak of any person as being great, you have to think about the meaning of greatness. Of all the people throughout history, we can speak of only four greatest saints, Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, and Buddha. Did they have big, fancy houses and lots of possessions? No, all of them were persecuted and despised in their own time. Jesus said, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have their nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.” Is that characteristic of a great man? During his time Confucius was like a “nameless dog” as he put it, the way people pushed him around. He didn’t have a regular job, but chose to beg for his food and to travel, teaching and learning. Buddha was born into a palace as a great prince, but he gave up all that and embraced hardship instead. He went to the mountains to pray and discover spiritual truth. No one really wants to live a difficult life, but these four men chose such a life, and today everyone considers them great.

Does the definition of greatness change according to the times? Is it guaranteed that the criterion for greatness will never change simply because Americans vouch for it? Who is the central figure, the master of America? If it were God, would America be as it is today? It must be someone other than God! Maybe you say that the media is the master of America, but does anyone want to live for the sake of the media? Is money the master? Even the almighty dollar goes up and down in value. Do you want a master which changes morning and evening?

The Things We Want To Be Proud Of
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 25, 1981

Leadership by Example and Honest Government

As I Can See

Government should operate impartially and with integrity. Its leaders should be honest, moral, and virtuous people, who will not take bribes or act corruptly. Because people look up to a nation’s leaders as role models, they should set a good example for the people.

(From the book: The World Scriptures)

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Prosperous Life

As I Can See

We all long for a safe, peaceful, healthy and interesting, various place to dwell, a world of friendships, tolerance and acceptance. However, the attempts to realize and create these ideals always were lack of mutual agreements and common values.

What are we aiming?

Humans tend to have individualistic viewpoints, even when we claim to stand for others, it is always only certain people, others are out of it, opposed or opposing. Certainly, it is a mere misconcept to believe, unity means being exactly the same.

How can we define the common grounds and the values of individual characters?

First of all, nothing in the Creation is boring, nothing is repeated, not even a leave, grass or animal. It is true for the humanity, too, there have never ever been two exactly same faces, characters and never will be. Natural similarities and diversities occur in and out, only for discovering every…

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Blessing to Be a Blessing

As I Can See

The one who so freely provides seed for the sower and food to eat will provide you with ample store of seed for sowing and make the harvest of your uprightness a bigger one: you will be rich enough in every way for every kind of generosity that makes people thank God for what we have done.

2 Corinthians 9:10-11

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

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What does God need?

As I Can See

God is absolute, omniscient, and omnipotent; therefore, He doesn’t need knowledge, money, or power – although the people of this world place importance on those things. Man has been busy researching the world around him, and science has developed rapidly, but man has fallen far short of understanding what God’s creation is all about. All things in the universe are systematically interrelated. Therefore we cannot deny that God is Himself systematic, and the king of all knowledge. With regard to power, there is nothing under the sun that can compete with God: He is able to create everything man can possibly imagine, even now. And He is the owner of everything. He does not need any of the things the people of this world earnestly desire to possess. Then what does God need? There is one thing that God, as well as man, desperately needs, and that is true love.

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Becoming a Responsible Person

As I Can See

Seen from the viewpoint of God’s providence, there are people responsible over internal things and people responsible over external things. Which kind of responsible persons are more important? Many young people think that they want to be responsible over a nation. Each one thinks that he wants to be the most important, capable leader of the nation. He especially wants to cause his nation to develop and progress more than ever, and thinks of many ways to do this. He must have the capacity, potential, or power to do this, and he will have many ways to apply the power. He must know how to organize and develop. Before taking action he must study the situation closely and see how things have been developing in his nation. Then he must use some power or capacity to cause progress to occur. He wants to leave what is already good and either…

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We are homeless

As I Can See

We are all homeless.

We might have a shelter, can name a country where we were born.

However, we all do have an unexplanable longing, a desire to return somewhere. To a place, what arts try to describe, portraying many different ways. Religions tend to say we must go, but where? How does it look like? What can we do there?

We are freezing in our loneliness, we are aliens among each other. Our everlasting moments always change to relative time and space.

We are all lost and homeless, many of us even without recognizing the very fact.

We talk about hope and future. We are lack of clear understandings.

Heavenly Parent is an absolute being. Absolute in His love towards the Creation, towards us. Can an Absolute love a Relative? An Unchanging Heart a Ceaselessly Waivering?

We must change to love, to live, to inherit and to bequeth.

Watch the…

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A Real Human Being

As I Can See

Limited as we are, we must find out how we can become one with the Almighty. Certainly a true or real human being can become one with Him. Then what is the definition of that real human being? It is the man or woman who embodies true love. I don’t think any one of you in this audience can raise any question or doubt about that. Beyond your color, creed, or religious persuasion, I’m sure you can agree with me that true love is what brings us together with the Almighty.

Another key question today is this: Can human beings be perfected? Can we become perfect men and women? If the answer ultimately is no, that is tragic. If we believe that no matter how much we try we will always end up in tragedy, because there is no room for perfection, then we cannot have true hope.

What is…

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Where is the territory of the kingdom of God?

As I Can See

Where is the territory of the kingdom of God? It is the entire globe, for God created the earth as His territory. The three essential elements, sovereignty, people and territory are all united together by one love centered upon God. When love unites them together they create the ideal kingdom of God on earth. The love we are talking about for that kingdom is not the love we talk about in the fallen world; it is true love with God as the center. Everywhere that love is extended will be under God’s umbrella and everything will blossom together. That love is absolute and will not be infiltrated by the fall; it is so pure and genuine that it has nothing to do with any fallen action.

Resurrected Kingdom of God
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 26, 1978

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