I pray for You, Father!

I pray for You, Father!

Not because I’m entitled to do so

and not because I’m arrogant,

I know it well, how graceful You are

still accepting me.

I am praying for You,

because I don’t know how long

you can bear the pain I’m constantly giving You

with my careless, obnoxious selfishness,

unprincipled desires,

thoughtless words

and deeds.

I would be crashed in an instant

being You even for a moment.

I do not want to give You pain anymore,

I would like You to feel free

and joyous

whenever You think of me.

Looking at my life, the way I see it,

I hardly can tell, how You can still trust me,

never giving up on me.

Yet, I believe in You, I trust You with my most valuables,

my children and wife, leading them back to You –

I can not be doubt in me, since You have never stepped back from me…

Father, You are great and eternal, gracious and everloving, seeing the absolute good in me.

I long for the day to be like You!



(from the book: Pray with me)

Don’t say

Don’t say you cannot see the light of your love
Don’t say

Don’t say you cannot feel the love of your life
Don’t say

Don’t say you cannot climb a mountain because it’s high
Don’t say

Don’t say you cannot grow in your heart
Don’t say


Don’t say you have lost all your power
Don’t say

Don’t say you have always been cornered
Don’t say

Don’t say you have nobody else
Don’t say

Don’t say you have only anguish
Don’t say


Don’t say you are still hesitating
Don’t say

Don’t say you are just waiting
Don’t say

Don’t say you are not worthy
Don’t say

Don’t say you are not ready
Don’t say


You are meant to be the child of God.



-Joshua Dragon-

How to Save the USA and the World

As I Can See

There has been a hidden tension what started to burst out in the USA lately due to the police-shootings, however, we should see the wider perspective: it is a world-wide phenomena.

The once praised democracy failed and the misused western countries (misused by powers what people tended not to care/missed to control) spread the new-age of the historically well-known oppression, exploitation, and enmity. Certainly, again, a minority of people acts in the name of the rest, without even letting them know everything. Oswald Spengler wrote The Decline of the West  almost a century ago, a time when the communism has just started its rapid soaring as an answer for the exploited, unheeded, misused people, an answer for their desperate longing for something better, something true. As it turned out, even that was a poor and abused blueprint of something great what the heartistic people needed…

Right now, the civilization…

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