God Can Never Be Happy Alone

God can never be happy alone. He cannot love all by Himself. When God has an ideal, He can never feel that ideal or achieve that ideal alone. The endless ideals, endless happiness, and endless everything which God has can never be achieved without mankind. When we suddenly realize that that’s the high and eternal value with which God created man, how happy we can be! If a man can experience one such day of happiness, and become completely one with God, he will never trade this one day of life for a thousand years of life centered around the flesh. Don’t you think so?

Throughout history, God has been looking for this perfect, ultimate ideal. We must learn that although God has longed for this for many, many thousands of years, up until now He has never found such a level of perfection within us. We should have been completely one, a harmonious one, in the very beginning. We didn’t make that, so we have been separate, struggling, suffering, and tortured. This is the history of mankind. Can anyone deny that we are not in that position now Once each person finds out that this is the true meaning, then no one will say, “I won’t go.” Everybody will go forward. A person will then only worry about how he can get there.

The Hope Of Youth
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 26,1974

Faith-lift of the Heart

Although many plastic surgeries give the promises of artificial beauty, relying on our longing for eternal existence, and we always get back to the anti-aging in several well-commerced ways, how do we provide the necessary nourishment to our heart, our soul and mind?

Thoughts, determined by the news, feeds, trends, fashions, neighbours, friends, colleagues and so on, lead us emotions and result in deeds. So, what’s in our mind, inevitably will have its performance in our everyday life, at last.

Being believers, and frankly, we all believe in some ways, somehow we struggle distinguishing our political views and our life of faith, many times we forget or simply unable to implement the law of love in our work-life. We do pray at the dinner table but forget to forgive and comfort others in the times of grief and sorrow; even we tend to skip being gratitude for the smaller or greater Blessings in our life. We say sorry as a child as we start to understand the differences between good and bad and we don’t stop apologizing as adults, by the time we have certain knowledge of at least the relative good and bad. We claim we learn, however less and less innocence remains in us and we chase our purity in the dust of life…

So, do we learn at all?

As the merit of the age, science can give us fantastic medical help, both oriental and western, even combination of the two. Interestingly, instead of understanding our purpose and direction of life, we regularly re-create ourselves – externally. A face-lift, a skin smoothing injection, an implant and so on, everything is available in a wide palette. In some ways we feel to keep our job, self-esteem this way. Honestly, how often do we care others on the Earth, to whom we could help, donating our money, efforts, time, saving them, lifting them up with the supply of basic needs such as water, food, clothes, shelter, education, medical aid? Maybe the signals of these mostly emergency calls are coming from a different planet.
We make comfort in our and our beloved ones’ life and if there is no risk for that, we reach out, responding to our conscience…

Have we ever put down idolizing money and wealth, to challenge a political leadership, the business field, the economy sector and the very neighbourhood? There are no ‘others’ in the eye of God, as we don’t and can’t make any real differences among our children. If we are supposed to be the owner of the Creation, how do we do that? Can we really see and likewise act for others than us and the people in our good relationships? If we are made of His image, we must have the abilities to re-create and uphold what our ancestors lost.
Sure, we can have doubts; we can be luck of skills and knowledge, too. But we have the ability, the potential to grow, uniting our mind and body for a holier purpose, for the others, with no expectations to receive anything back. Yes, we are not socialized, educated, trained for this way of thinking.

Well, did Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus have internet to communicate, to organize, to care, to help? Did the great saints and prophets have social media? Obviously not. Did they have a similar life-expectancy as we do? Their only resource was their heart, their connection with God, living an ever-longing life.
They did not care about being shabby, helping and saving others were utmost important. Without cars, planes, press, Jesus could positively turn this fallen world upside down. And we, who can easily have knowledge about everything, hesitate, or just bored, annoyed and denying the facts of sick, poor, diseased, massacred, chased, raped? Starving? Dying in thirst? Contaminated by the waste of our own life?

What kind of mirror do we use every day?

Are we really just looking for the wrinkles to hide them away?

Instead of implants, injections, face-lift we should re-connect ourselves with our genuine heart and after that God.

Faith-lift in our heart.

That’s what the world and our future need.


Always Report to God

Once you report before God, you must follow through no matter how difficult it may be. Whatever you do, once you pledge to God, you will resolve it. If you live your daily life with the attitude, you will never fail. However, to reach that level, it will be a real battle.

Satan has his strategy. You should avoid getting mired in his strategy. In order to protect yourself, you must receive from God the internal strength that will liberate yourself externally. To this end, you must pray. Then your prayer will become serious. It will become a serious prayer.

You must align yourself to God daily. When you start in the morning, you should report to God your plan of action for the day. Always, report to Him that you will follow through on your plan. It can be a short prayer. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer, but you should report to God. You should follow though what you reported to God.

You keep your promise you made to your friend, right? By the same token, you must fulfill what you report to God no matter how difficult it may be. With this attitude, you fight throughout the day; and before you go to bed, you should reflect on how you did. You report to God that I worked such and such. You should say how much you accomplished – if 80%, then you should repent for the 20% you did not fulfill. If you ignore your promise or treat it as a trivial matter when you did not fulfill your promise to Him, it will become a problem.

The next morning, you, again, report before you start. Then, if again you cannot fulfill your goal for the day… Without accomplishing your goal, you again ignore or treat it as trivial. If you continue having such an irresponsible attitude for three days – or more than three times – you will not be able to relate to God. Therefore, when you do not fulfill your promise, you must take it seriously and offer a prayer of repentance. You will be able to recognize if God accepts your repentance.

The Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Wherever We Are

Wherever we are, we can see the sign of the living God in ourselves. He is not a concept or a mere daydream for the times of needs. Any of us, who has ever been in the lowest and in the highest, who has ever felt lonely, isolated or being Blessed and winner, who has felt no comfort on Earth or has embraced a tree or cried over the beauty of a falling tree leave, has experienced the sensation of God. He is eternal, He is everywhere and in every one of us. Even when we betray Him, chasing cheap and easy solutions of lies, hate, rage, denial, selfishness, ignorance, scientific reasoning over others’ feelings, He is still there.

It might be our shimmery conscience what gives us the proof, the wisdom we can share all of a sudden, the uplifting spirit what guides others, the sincerity amidst the clouds of life, the necessity of humble giving – all are the signs of Him, in us.

He does not need “clever words”, high-life, medals, materials. Though God wants us to be happy, satisfied, having everything for a nice and comfortable, healthy life, these are just results of the unity. A unity with Him.

Our God, our Heavenly Parent has been longing for us since we were conceived. As the result of fallen history, He could not talk to us directly, could not even touch us, or embrace us. He could not share our sadness, our joy. He was there, behind an invisible glass-wall, being torn away. All the clues, hints, whispers we find in our life are leading us towards Him, back to the bosom of His eternal, unchanging love.

Being estranged, we blame Him for all the miseries in the human history, the bad fortune, the sicknesses, the wars, the misunderstandings, and so on. But how could He be involved in all of this, if we are constantly kick Him off with our lifestyle, our attitude, our selfishness, and shortsighted thinking?

To have God in our life, we need to be absolute, unchanging.

Only then God can test us, time to time, on and on, hoping our determination is deep enough to trust. He wants to be direct with us. Speaking to us, laughing with us, crying with us, personally. He wants to share all of His love, wisdom, knowledge, wealth with us, without expecting anything in return. It is enough for Him, if we can relate in a harmonious, mutual give and take action where we respond with love and beauty.

Wherever we are.

Joshua Dragon

God is Taking Responsibility

With God, when you beg for forgiveness, His heart will be open, and He will feel like forgiving you. When God is taking the responsibility to Himself if you come to Him begging for forgiveness, will He not accept it? When you leave everything to God He will feel like forgiving you; furthermore, if you beg Him to forgive and bless you, He will feel like giving every blessing to you after forgiving you. If you ask God to defend you against the attack coming from your enemy, well, God will do that in order to help you in your difficult situation. You being in the fallen world, if God is there-the God of sympathy, the God of forgiveness-then how grateful you must be. However ugly we are as sinners, and however rebellious we have been towards God, if and when we know that there is the God of responsibility, the God of sympathy and the God of forgiveness there as our Father, we must be very grateful, we must praise Him, and we must glorify Him. We can do this in the hope and in the thought of His being our Father always, prepared to forgive us. That is how God is a being of goodness and subjectivity.

God is taking responsibility for the person for whom He cannot take the responsibility. God is ready to sympathize with you when you don’t deserve His sympathy. God is ready to forgive you when you don’t deserve that. So, you cannot but be grateful to Him. That is what makes God God. God must love you. Do you understand? History will prove that we can know that God has been a God of responsibility, forgiving men all through human history. If God was indignant at the human fall, and instead of forgiving man had annihilated or nullified him then there could be no single man remaining on Earth.

If there’s anyone here who is so confident as to think that your ancestors could have remained on Earth because they have sinned less hold up your hand. None of you is so confident. Thus we can state that God is the source of goodness, always ready to forgive others. This is our discovery this morning. If there be anyone on this Earth who will take responsibility for others and is sympathetic with them, and is ready to forgive them while he or she is not really in the position to be able to do that, then we can well say that that person is in the position of sister or brother to God or even His twin! When we study and examine the passed-away saints and sages in human history, has there ever been such a man who had been like this? However closely we study great persons of the past, even George Washington, we cannot find those qualities in the ultimate sense. He may have taken responsibility for his people, but is what I said true or not? True or false? True or not? What about Abraham Lincoln? What about Buddha? What about Confucius? Jesus? When Jesus was crucified on the cross, he took full responsibility for fallen man and he was in the position where he can say that he was fully responsible. When he was nailed down by the Roman soldiers, he thought he had to take the responsibility, because they were ignorant of who he was and that’s why he was being killed by them; he was sympathetic with them and he was ready to forgive them. That’s why he prayed for them, before God. From this point, we can recognize him as being qualified. Isn’t that true? All through human history we cannot find any one such as Jesus Christ who is qualified enough for that position. That’s why God could even identify with Jesus; he resembled God so much that God could call him brother, friend or anything. Finally, He called him His son. That’s why God would want to have fallen men gather together, centering around the personage of Jesus Christ; through him mankind could be saved. That’s why we can call Jesus the saint of all the saints. There’s no doubt that all men of the Earth can respect Jesus and worship him, because he’s the only such man. Can you understand? Do you really want to become God’s children?

Human Relationships
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 9,1975

Teachings on Meditation – 7

We seek the deep ravine of the world of mind. Buddhists who meditate also ask, “What is mind?” and enter the deep ravine of the mind. When you enter the deep ravine of the mind and journey to the state of the original mind before the Human Fall, you will be connected to Heaven. Indeed, without entering the world of the mind, you cannot make a relationship with Heaven.

As long as we are holding on to the world, we cannot contact or attend Heaven. Human beings are composed of mind and body, yet because spirit and flesh are in opposition, we are unable to attain the original world of the mind in a state of mind-body unity. Instead, the journey to the world of the mind requires that we deny the world of body – deny it one hundred percent. We have to remove all that the body desires and isolate ourselves from the world. We have to separate from the world and put it behind us. This is the religious path; it is opposite the ways of the world. It seeks that original point to which we should return.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 1, 1968

Teachings on Meditation – 6

Make your mind taut like a round air-filled balloon. If you are insecure or self-centered, or if you are approaching things from a personal viewpoint, then your mind is not round but wrinkled and jagged. Therefore, you need to stretch your mind and make it round.

When your mind rolls like a ball, it makes smooth contact with a flat plane. But if it is jagged, only the points make contact. In that case, it will not smoothly stimulate anything but will act against everything. That is when we feel conscience-stricken, and if we continue this way gradually the standard of our conscience will decline.

Therefore, you need to keep your mind taut like a round balloon. Then upon receiving a stimulus, the whole of it will resonate. Take two tuning forks and strike one; the other will vibrate with the same frequency. A well-rounded mind makes a good resonating vessel. It has the sensitivity to feel the spiritual vibration coming from the Subject Being. Therefore, when living a life of faith, you need to take time to meditate. Meditate while longing for goodness. When you meditate, open the door of your mind completely and make your mind round.

Then, God’s original nature and your original nature will resonate together. The individual qualities of your mind (e.g., your spring-like personality) will resonate completely with those same qualities of God, uniting you in a complete relationship with the Subject Being. In that state, when you go out to pursue your desired purpose, God will certainly be with you.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 7, 1971

Teachings on Meditation – 5

When we pray or meditate, as when Buddhists practice Zen, we are seeking a state that is void of self. What is our goal in seeking this state? It is to awaken the elements that can become the nucleus of the mind. If you set that one standard and establish the center of your mind, you will see, hear and cognize everything in accord with the principles of Heaven. Then you can offer a full bow before God and return Him glory.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 19, 1957

Teachings on Meditation – 4

In the mind there is a door, called the door to the mind. God enters through that door. That door does not open only to one direction. Since the mind is in motion, the door is also in motion. For God (plus) to enter through this door, we should relate to Him as a minus (object partner). Yet if our direction is slightly off, even by just a degree, the door will not open.

There indeed exists a door to the mind of each human being. You can discern it in your prayers. The feeling you get when you pray changes depending upon the time of day. Praying at 1:00 a.m. has a different feeling than praying at 3:00 a.m. Try it yourself, and you will sense the difference. If you pray in a deep mysterious state, you will feel different depending upon what time you are praying. The feelings of your prayers in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening are all different.

The same is with the state of our mind. Our emotions change with the seasons, our feelings towards our loved ones change; in such ways the world of the mind is constantly changing. That is why we need to discover the best time to pray. You need to pray when your spiritual senses are keen, so your sensitivity to God will be high. As you enter deeper and deeper into a state of feeling connected to God, you will eventually reach the door to the mind.

The door to your mind connects with the door to God’s mind. Once it opens, the way unfolds to experience God’s feelings.

What should you do to enter such a state? You should cultivate your mind. First, examine the state of your mind. It was originally to be at the zero point, but because of the Fall its direction has deviated by 180 degrees. Although your mind is supposed to rest at the zero point, because of the Fall it behaves randomly and unpredictably. Your first task is to return it to the original point.

Since we are 180 degrees opposite the zero point, we should struggle to turn around in a clockwise direction. As we move in this direction seeking the zero point, we will feel a minus-like sensation. Nevertheless, most people are inclined to go counterclockwise. Yet going in that direction they will not succeed, even if they continue for a thousand years. Everyone must return to the zero point…

If your mind is deviated from the path by a certain angle, you should adjust your mind’s direction by the opposite angle and return it to the proper course… Each of us has a good mind and an evil mind. You may think that your mind is always good, it is not so. As a result of the Fall, human beings are contaminated by Satan’s realm of evil minds. We struggle to remain in the realm of good minds.

For this reason, what is most important is to find the zero point and reach the door to the mind. Learning how to do this is crucial in our life of faith. Therefore, you should learn to discern when is the right moment to open the door to your mind and how to match it to the door of God’s mind.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1975

Teachings on Meditation – 3

At the next level, we can receive oral directions or symbolic visions. Visions require careful analysis. Directions are directly given, but visions require interpretation, and this is where we meet with problems. Heaven often teaches us by words, but sometimes it is through a vision. For example, you have a vision of a beautiful spring-like day; a pair of deer drinks at a stream and then looks far off at the mountains. That vision is a very good sign, and you can expect that something good will happen.

This is not a coincidence. God is working to cultivate the field of your mind. Why so? The field of your mind is not flat like glass. It is rough and uneven. It may appear flat, but look closer and you see that its surface is rough. When the light of Heaven hits a rough surface, it is not reflected, but scatters in all directions. That is why revelations are received and interpreted differently. Therefore, to properly discern Heaven’s guidance, we need to cultivate the various aspects of our mind, piece by piece. This requires our effort.

Beyond the stage of revelations as oral directions or symbolic visions, we arrive at the stage of direct revelations in silence. Like John in the Book of Revelation, you can have spiritual experiences all day long, journeying into the other world and exploring its mysteries. Eventually, everyone is to be connected to the spirit world, reaching the realm of God’s heart and feelings.

Unless you experience such things in your life of faith, you cannot carry out God’s great Will on the stage of your own life. Therefore, I do not trust believers who have not had actual spiritual experiences. Please understand how important it is for you to have these spiritual experiences for cultivating your life of faith…

God works when you pray, sending His spiritual power like electricity. But since this high-voltage energy is stronger than your consciousness, it will lift your consciousness to feel the supernatural.

However, when supernatural and divine emotions come inside you, your body, imbedded with fallen nature, rebels against God’s original divinity. Fallen people do not naturally harmonize with God’s divine energy, no matter how strongly it tries to penetrate. As a result, the energy does not come all at once. Like alternating plus and minus energies, like a spreading sound wave that is sometimes strong and sometimes gentle, the energy comes as a series of vibrations. They overwhelm your conscious mind and display their spiritual power. That is how God performs His work.

When God is working with you all the time like this, what happens? Your body-centered fallen nature is gradually purified, and eventually it will accept God’s indwelling activity naturally and 100 percent. Then, when God ceases sending His spiritual power in this way, your own spirituality will exceed God’s work in you. At that point God will be with you, and He will teach you without your realizing it.

You should reach this level of total purification, after going through all these stages: the dreamlike state, oral directions, revelations, and so on. At this level, your mind will fully direct you. You may want to chastise someone, but your mind will stop you. You may want to say something sweet, but instead you say words of admonishment. Such phenomena can seem incomprehensible. You need to learn how to adjust to them, otherwise, you could be regarded as an insane person.

You must absolutely experience something like this in your life of faith. People who experience these things in their life of faith, always testing and experimenting, will become strong. They have first-hand knowledge and do not need to believe what others tell them. Experience and practice are the most necessary elements in our life of faith.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1975

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