Once I Was Able to Love

everything was lost
I’ve offered everything
the long forgotten
might return

I able to love
more than myself
an obvious answer
am I honest

is sending the signs
I can pretend but I’m
no-one knew it
just my heart

an inner stone
seemed to be alive
being in a sea
are you my destination


Joshua Dragon

I’m here with you

I’m here with you
I’m here in the breeze
I’m here in the sunbeams
I’m here in the creek
I’m here in the cliffs
I’m here in the grass
I’m here in the trees
I’m here in the fragrance
I’m here in the colours
I’m here in the distance
I’m here next to you
I’m in your heart, too




(from the book: Pray with me)

Letter to God

I wish that I could tell You
How much I’m sorry
All the ills and wrongs
What guide me to loose the way

Back to You

It’s never easy
You know

I should say the words
What emptied me
As they flew away

Whenever I feel
The resonance with You
I’m inspired and holy
Eternal not vain

Feeling the Path

Back to You
Becomes reality

Resemblance is discovered
True soul emerges
Time and space melt

I wish I could talk to You
And tell how much I’m sorry
I should be there for You
Yet waiting to be mature


Joshua Dragon

(from the book: Words of Light)

Love pervades the entire universe

God is an absolute God, but why is He absolute? It is because He absolutely obeys love. Are you happy to hear that or not? Also, God is omnipresent. There is nowhere that His love does not pervade.

God’s love is more than enough to embrace the universe and it occupies the central position. God is the central being of love who maintains the greatest foundation. When God moves, the small things all have to move together. Everything is contained in one big circle, isn’t it? That’s why it makes sense to say that God embraces the whole world and entire universe.

If God did not exist, the universe would be completely empty. It would feel empty. But because God exists, the universe is completely full. Why? Because there is love. Hence, even when we are alone, the universe is full if we know that God exists. God is everywhere. We come to feel that He is everywhere. Hence, within love we can know the deep inspiration that comes from God’s omnipresence. But when we do not know about God, everything is empty; it is as if nothing exists.

When the subject of love is absent, you feel as if nothing exists, but when the subject of love is present, everything is filled up. We come to the conclusion that it is only when we are full of love that everything becomes full; when we are full of love we can give infinitely and truly.

Give and take allows for the realization and multiplication of our ideal. The world of love transcends distance. The speed of love is such that even light cannot catch up with it. The fastest thing is love; it is also the brightest thing. The most complete thing is love, and that which fills most completely is love.

What is love? Love provides the lubrication and guide rail upon which things can turn. Without love, there is no lubrication. Cars need lubricating oil to be able to move. Everything needs lubrication in order to move. And only love provides lubrication for the highest joy. Since its root is the omnipresent God, it does not disappear.

Love is like a nerve. Just as pulling a strand of hair pulls the entire body, just pulling love pulls the entire universe. Only when love moves will the entire universe turn in harmony.

If there is one subject partner in this universe who can fill every person’s heart, what kind of subject partner would that be? The one absolute center. We need an absolute being who will completely fill any heart with love. This subject partner has to be an infinite and absolute being.

How much love do you think God – who has to fill the hearts of the billions of people today – has? It has to be unconditional. This is why we need the expressions omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. They are the words God needs.

God is Omnipresent Through His Love
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Cheon Seong Gyeong; Book One – True God

Submit to God’s re-creation

As I Can See

The created beings waited for God to make them. They had no idea what they were going to be. When it is about to be created, a being does not have a preference for its type of existence. It is just obedient to whatever its creator will make of it. Likewise, you should not have any concept of what you will be. The potter molds the clay in whatever way he thinks best. You should have the expectant attitude of the clay. The one who is subject always invests a lot of sweat and work into his creation; nothing is produced automatically. The minus must be absolutely open to the plus; if the minus position holds on to its own ideas, it negates much of the plus position’s ideas. I cannot submit my work to the criticism of Harvard University graduates or other so-called educated persons. Like a nursing baby…

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As I Can See

Where to put you
of the Holy

How to be able
to accept
your love

When changes
you bring
change everything

I can see God
in your depth
and myself
on the surface

How long has it been
floods and drought

Why unable
is everyone
to understand

How much heart
was and will be

I can see God
in your depth
and myself
on the surface

Joshua Dragon

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Who are you

As I Can See

Who are you

still around me

When I abandoned

and broke the dreams

once we shared

once we dared

Who are you

touching me gently

When I’m rough

prickles in your life

hardening air

and nights

Who are you

never giving up

When I did fall

and forget

you caught

and raised me

Who are you

giving warmth

When I ice


you care

and forgive

Who are you

tell your name

When I’m in doubts

shout, praise

I will

tell me


Who are you

I’ve known for long

When I died

you were


for me


Who are you


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As I Can See

We are coming through, we are going through, we are passing by.

Since the state we are not even being born, a sensation of internal and faraway, unknown galaxy has been in our cells, partially matured mindset.

Would anyone leave an ideal place, where there are comfort, feeling of safety, protection and care? Voluntarily surely wouldn’t. What is this force then, making us to do so? It is life what longs for us to live, it is love makes us to die and resurrect in another form of existence.

Everything is in a circular motion, a vibration, a resonation. Unless we are united we cannot go forward, we cannot pass anything on in an eternal sense. Land of God, land of peace, land of love, land of re-occurrence, land of trust, land of freedom – all are in one place, called unity.

My mind is divided, body leads soul, but it is…

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