Isn’t it interesting?

Has it ever happened to you, that you did something what you had known was wrong?

Yet, despite every wisdom you had just did it?

I guess, this is a mindset trick we all have in ourselves, hidden or in plain-sight. Sometimes we tend to repeat our own, kind of boring failures day by day, sometimes we feel we have overcome them – up until the bitter moment when we realize we just did it again. Oops.

Do you remember that feeling what swallowed you and made you start to doubt and question even your own existence?

Do you recall the unexplainable fear?

All this are not from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Since He always wants to give us the best, He won’t be the obstacle for our own happiness and struggle to grow. He will never push us down and make us feel worthless. He will always uplift and embrace us. His heart is such that He will comfort us even when we cause pain to Him. All these, because His desire is to see us the same like Him, in a way better than Him. We are His love objects, His partners, His family. And He always wants us to feel good and be better, staying strong in heart, healthy in mind and body.

The feeling of guilt, the self-accusation is not from Heavenly Parent but from us, from deep inside. Our immature self judges us, ruthlessly.

Although, it sounds harsh to say we are not only good, we contain bad elements, too – this is just logical. At least seeing our own life we’ll know and understand the reason behind.

For Heavenly Parent the flaws do not matter, since He knows, as the vast Universe, we all need to grow and learn and be more mature, complete. However, sin is a different thing, it is what we all know or surmise we should not do. Yet, how often we are willingly take the risk and for a false and temporary while we tend to forget and throw away everything. Lust, comfort, pettiness, anger, hatred, stuffing, swill – all the selfishness in the world can be our present and reality in an instant. That matters, since that is the farthest from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Isn’t it interesting we can hurt and we do so whom we love?

Isn’t it interesting?



You’ve recreated me and made me whole

I thought, I’d lost you
But You’d found me
The swamp of my life
Emerged to a blooming meadow
Where You are the Creator
And I’m Your co-creator
Where we experience
Love and fun together
Where the highs and lows
Are equally shared

It was only a night
What I’d asked for
It was only a day
What I’d hoped for
Yet You gave me
A whole new life
With meaning and purpose
Love and care
Abundant joy
Truth and peacefulness
You’ve recreated me
And made me whole

You’ve recreated me
And made me whole


Thank you!




It’s a little bit of you, It’s a little bit of me

It’s a little bit of you
It’s a little bit of me
all the angels are gone
we are only who stayed

Scraped sky dropping the blue
thunderstorm an evening blew
no man’s land a wrinkled face
mirage in an endless sea

Echoing whisper
mute horizon
forbidden need
lonely breath

It’s a little bit of you
It’s a little be of me
all the angels are gone
we are who remained



This Is the Final Period in History Without a Central Being

Where is the place of the master, where the center of an individual can get connected to the center of the family, the center of the family can get connected to the center of the nation, and the center of the nation can get connected to the center of the world, and so on to the center of Heaven and Earth? This is the problem. Is there really a master inside of you? Suppose that your mind is the master. Can you trust your mind? There is a saying that human nature is fickle, isn’t there? Yes, there is a saying that while human nature is changeable, the mountains are the same for all ages. How miserable is it that we live relying on our mind that keeps changing many times a day according to the changes of the environment?

Even if this extension moves back and forth, if the center is kept in balance, harmony can be achieved. But if this part falls away and the rest tries to work without the support, it is an extremely dangerous affair. Looking at today’s individuals, we can picture the toothed wheel of a watch without the support, rolling about here and there as it pleases. Moving back and forth, rolling over and over – if it were rolling over and over in this fashion on the streets of this global village, think of how everything would collide and thus break. That is exactly what is happening.

That being the case, what is the problem now? A righteous center and righteous master must set up. This has to become the support to the center of the whole. This should be able to point the direction and operate for the common ideal and guide it all to progress toward a certain goal. But where is such a central diameter, central direction, central hometown, and central plumb of value? This is the most significant matter for concern.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind.” What kind of mind did he mean? Which mind was set up as the standard? Did he mean the mind of a disciple who had the mind to either sell off or forsake Jesus at any time? No, he did not mean that kind of mind. He meant the conscientious mind that can go directly toward the one direction forever, without fail — the mind that has been transformed before the eternally immutable standard of the original nature. The Kingdom of Heaven exists in the middle of the ground of such a mind. Whose mind is this? The one that is centered on God’s mind is such a mind.

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? If you say it is in the mind of God and in the mind of the person who has a mind that resembles the mind of God, then that sounds all right. But if you say that the Kingdom of Heaven is in continent mind, that does not sound right. We talk about things or even criticize things based on a certain central point. Only after we set up a certain standard called a goal can we distinguish progress and regression, front and rear, right and left, based on that standard.

What on Earth is the central being of this world today? That is the question. Is there a master of your mind in your own selves? This master of your mind should not say, “Let’s go this way while I’m young.” You have to go straight from the moment of birth until the time of death, throughout your lifetime, without distinction of youth or age. If there is a path I must go, I should be able to say, “This is a path not only I must go, but all people must go.” We must reach the standard where we can discover our own selves, the selves who can determine the central direction for all people of the past, present and future. Only when people reach the standard where they can determine such a central direction and their own selves can they become their own master for the first time. It makes sense when you say, “I advance with this conscience, with which I can be the master of the standard.” If you mumble about, running around as you please without a direction and goal, then it is very dangerous. It will quickly result in more and more destruction and self-ruin rather than happiness as you approach the final day. You must know this fact.

When you think of such an aspect on the individual level, you naturally come to the conclusion that such a miserable final day will come to humanity, for it will be reflected on the national and worldwide levels. The final period is dangerous to this world of humanity, which has not yet found the image of and does not have the central being.

When will such a time come? Right now is such a time. People with wealth worry because they have it. People without wealth worry because they don’t have it. Big countries worry because they are big. Small countries worry because they are small. All kinds of problems exist. Where there are problems, there cannot be happiness. A nation or a world that looks at resolving problems as a hobby could be a happy nation or world. But when the problems are brain-wracking, they are miserable. In other words, a healthy man who digests everything and anything eats without hesitation and is happy. For a weak person, on the other hand, who suffers from stomach trouble and is sick and cannot digest everything, eating can become a bitter thing.


The Central Figure And The Transitional Period
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 1976

Why Human Beings Seek to Become Beings of Higher Value

It is true that the people who live in this world wish to see improvement around them. They cherish a certain hope, even if they are not consciously aware of it. It is true that they seek to become beings of a higher level of value in the future than they are now.

Such a human proclivity will continue as history flows. It was the case in the past, it is the case in the present, and it will be the case in the future. When you think of this matter, you come face to face with the very important question of when the ideal world we seek will come.

We know that there were thoughtful people in the past. However, the environment or the society, the state or the world in which they lived could not satisfy their desire. When we think of this, we can deduce that there were people throughout the periods of history who gave a lot of thought to surmounting their environment and developing it into a higher dimension, a future world of hope.

It is the same now and it will be the same in the future. Why are we so? Why must we seek to attain the ideal of the future like this? It is because human beings did not have an ideal start from the very beginning. Because human beings could not start from an ideal position, they cannot but go toward the ideal. That is the natural conclusion.

Why couldn’t we start from the ideal position? If we had become more valuable beings than our original state, then we would have started from an ideal position. Why, then, couldn’t we begin ideally? What was the reason? All the people of the past, present and future picture the ideal in their minds. If God created human beings with love, He should have enabled them to go from an ideal starting position to a place of better and higher happiness, yet He didn’t. What was the reason? Considering these matters, we cannot help but think that there is some aspect of failure here.

From this point of view, if God existed as the center of an absolute ideal, He would have wanted to help human beings become thus. Human beings were not to assume such a position right from birth. If human beings came to be in such a position after a process, even though they are not that way from the start, we can accept God as good. If, on the contrary, human beings were left in a position where they were forever yearning for this ideal yet never got past the start, then we cannot help but conclude that God cannot be our ideal center.

Human beings are in a position to yearn for such things as goodness, ideals and happiness because, while they go through the prescribed process, they have not yet been able to emerge from it. In this sense, we cannot but recognize such terminology as the Fall, which religious people use. When we apply such a term as the Fall and acknowledge that it occurred, then we understand these matters. Why is it so? It is because people are in the fallen realm.

Our human ancestors fell right at the place where they could have made an ideal start, having already gone over a certain period. They were facing the time of the ideal. Yet because they fell from that state, none of their descendants could surmount and rise above that standard. Therefore, the original standard which we must go over with hope for the future still remains to be achieved. The action of our conscience, that is, our original nature, is moving toward that original standard at all times, even when we are not aware of it.

For instance, let’s take the case of a magnet. The strongly positive magnetic force of one magnet orients itself unconsciously toward the negative magnetic force of another magnet. The same type of action takes place in our minds or in the constitution of our original nature.


The Central Figure And The Transitional Period
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 1976

Let go of the past

How many time has Heavenly Parent thought to let go of the past?

Though He is omnipotent, He is the most vulnerable in the realm of love – and the Ideal was corrputed, long ago.

So many believes nowadays, there must have been some kind of flaw in the Creation, or it is a mere concept never to reach. Some even says, the balance requires bad, too…

Looking at the Nature, the real harmony, the structures and flows behind every movement, relationship, connection we can see the patterns. One of the most fundamental is to live for the higher purpose, for the unity of the two the one forgets about oneself and through this volunteer way, living for the sake of others, the one will gain even more what he or she gave at first. If we have no expectations to receive anything in return, since we realize we can only complete ourselves when we act for someone else with the right mindset and attitude, we will be Blessed by Heavenly Parent, the Nature and the people aorund.

Even if we can not see the development directly, all the good deeds will come back to us in a higher, more mature level changing and altering our future for the better. No good deeds will ever be forgotten.

As the tree protects the bush from the heat, the bush protects the tree with keeping more water in the soil. And together they can offer a shelter to several different lifeforms, who fertilize the area to let the tree and the bush be more complete.

This can be applied in human relationships, too. It should be applied.

Can God, our eternal Heavenly Parent forget He was betrayed, He is being called in names, He has been ridiculed and basically kicked out from the life of His supposed to be children?

No, He can’t.

He is the one with the greatest heart and mind, He is the one to suffer the most…

…but He also wishes to be happy, the happiest in the world, since He is the most capable to do that, too.

He forgives. He will never forget since He has the greatest memory in the Universe.

He will forgive since He has the greatest ability to do that. Even if He has been betrayed and made suffer for thousands, tens of thousands of years, He will forgive in a moment and be the most joyous when any of us say: Sorry, I was wrong. Many things I made were wrong, I realize now, and so many I can’t even think of, I most probably failed. I’m sorry. I will do better, I will grow, with Your guidance and help. You have always supported me and my family, despite all the failures You have never left. Please, stay and witness how I will become a better person who can manifest the core of the Universe, the patterns You show me in the living study book called Nature. I will be as great as I meant to be, beyond my own concepts and beliefs. You’ve trusted me, now I will trust You. Let me grow, and please, help me in that. If there is pain on the path, please, give me comfort, when there is happiness let me share my joy with You! Let me surprise You to become a fully grown, mature person, a responsible, caring one, who can and will inherit Your heart, Father! Come with me in this journey, let’s start and re-start together, as long as it takes, I will never let You go! I will let the past go, but not You! Stay, please stay and be the meaning of my everydays! Protect my children and their future and let me be your instrument in that! I can be the masterplan, for You and for the people in the world, for the whole Creation. I trust You, so I can trust this will work. Join me Father in the light, join my Father in the night! And if I fail, I will stand up again and find a better way. I will persevere. I will persevere, because of You, Father. You are my Father! You are my Father!


This way God, our Heavenly Parent will let the past go and we will be able to do so, too.

Say the prayer loud, maybe more than once.

He is there. Waiting for you, waiting for us.

Let’s go to Him!



Joshua Dragon

Don’t worry, my child

Don’t worry, my child
don’t you worry
I’m standing right next to you
I’m with you

You may think the world is over
you might feel this way
but even if it is so
I’ll be with you

The broken sadness in you
will pass away
complete happiness will rise
with the morrow

Loneliness and Isolation
the two loyal friends
Abundant Grace
will better suit to you

Can you accept, my child
the love I’m giving you
Can I give you more
to heal you by tomorrow

I’m worried my child,
I’m worried for you
I’d like to find a way
a better way to and for you

But you shan’t worry
if you open up
just a little bit more
let me embrace you

You may think I’m too old
and you are independent
to be so close friends
partners for life

I’m here any case
trying to catch you
when you fail
and when you fly

Don’t worry, my child
the troubles are for the yesterday
you can rest now
I’ll protect you for eternity


Joshua Dragon

(from the book: Pray with me)

10 Ways to Love

1.      Listen without interrupting. (Proverbs 18)
2.      Speak without accusing. (James 1:19)
3.      Give without sparing. (Proverbs 21:26)
4.      Pray without ceasing. (Golossians 1:9)
5.      Answer without arguing. (Proverbs 17:1)
6.      Share without pretending. (Ephesians 4:15)
7.      Enjoy without complaint. (Philippians 2:14)
8.      Trust without wavering. (Corinthians 13:7)
9.      Forgive without punishing. (Golossians 3:13)
10.    Promise without forgetting. (Proverbs 13:12)

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