Love nature and love people

You should know how to love nature and love people. You should know that those who cannot love people or love nature cannot love God. Because all things of creation are symbols for God and because people are substantial beings, those who know how to love all things of creation and people will come to love God.

You should always love nature. You should love nature and love people. You should love people of all five colours in the human race. Would God say, “Oh, I like only white people”? Then everyone would have to wear only white clothes. All white people would have to wear only white clothes, and throw away all their coloured clothes. Why would you wear black clothes or coloured clothes? That would be a contradiction.

Even all the elements and the smallest creatures go toward the way of love. They are moving toward being the cells of humankind that can directly contact the love that is one with God. For this reason, we should sacrifice ourselves for the sake of love. We should invest ourselves.

Since there is a tradition of pouring out one’s life and possessions in their entirety, lower entities seek to give their whole being for the sake of higher entities. This is not Darwin’s Theory of Evolution but a theory of absorption based on love. The question is how the value of one of the smallest creatures increases as it becomes material to be used in creating the next higher level of value.

We should feel that all creatures of God are objects of our love. We should be people who can love, and be loved by, even the smallest forms of life, not to mention human beings, as well as everything visible and invisible in heaven. When a bird calls, “Chirp, chirp, chirp” in the morning, instead of saying, “You pesky sparrow, I am trying to sleep late. Why are you chirping?!” say, “Oh, thank you. You came to wake me up. Ha ha, you are telling me that an important guest is coming to see me.” The outlook is different. This is a great thing.

Centered on such people, a myriad of angels in heaven form a subject realm of harmony where they can have give and take with people, as butterflies and bees do with flowers. When that happens, a flowery garden of harmony will surely appear in which God rejoices, people rejoice, angels rejoice and all things are immersed in love. A spring party will then begin.

God created the angelic world at the same time that He created the human world. What kind of world is the angelic world? Only when human beings appear with beauty and fragrance – like blossoms that exist for the sake of bearing one fruit – will the nest of love finally be prepared. Hence, all life starts from there, and all beings that have life can harmonize starting from there. Human beings make this harmony possible.


(from the book: Cheong Seong Gyeong)

The most important qualification of God

The most important qualification of God is that He is the common Parent of all mankind. When we speak of mankind, we are speaking of millions of different variations, types and levels of people. Being the Father for all mankind, black, white, yellow, easterners, southerners, men, women, this is not easy. Think about the women’s world: both Eastern and Western, women like to talk a lot. God, as their common Father, has to listen to all their chattering. He decided that His best response to all the talking was simply silence. If He tried to answer back all the conversations, He would have worn out His lips a long time ago!

There are all kinds of people in the world-rich, poor, well-educated, ignorant, tall, short, sick people, suffering people. God must be the Father to all of them. All individuals, whether joyful or suffering, are trying to find some communication with their common parent, God. The Parent has to try to answer each individual and to meet his needs so that all can be satisfied.


The Vibration Of True Love
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 1982

I was wondering whether You can accept my love

I was wondering whether You can accept my love, Father,

I was wondering, if I can be enough mature and clean for You,

I was wondering, I should tell You, I’ve been longing,

longing for Your appreciation, Your love and care

which I know I receive each and every moment

yet, I’m so far almost all the time

to be close enough to feel You

I’m so far almost all the time

from You!



-Joshua Dragon-

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