The Parenthood of God

What universal attributes can be found in the created world? For one thing, all entities have the attributes of male and female or, in the mineral realm, of positive and negative We see men and women, male and female animals, staminate and pistillate plant life exemplifying this pair system. The world is made in such a way that everything exists and multiplies through the reciprocal relationship between male and female, positive and negative. What does this tell us about God? It tells us that God, who is the cause, embodies not only the essence of masculine nature in His divine personality, but the essence of feminine nature as well.

There is a second duality which all created entities share: everything has an internal character as well as an external form. We see that on every level of existence, consciousness, reason and law shape the behavior of energy. In particular, human beings have a body that consists of cells, and a unique human mind, which enables us to think and feel in a distinctly human way.

Since everything God created has an internal character and external form, He Himself must have internal and external aspects. The external aspect of God is prime energy, which is the cause of all
physical energy in the universe and thus is the cause of all matter. God has used prime energy to create, develop and sustain the cosmos. The design and purpose inherent in the creation manifest the internal aspect of God.

To understand the internal aspect of God, we must look at ourselves, since we, as God’s children, resemble Him the most. The main attributes of the human character are emotion, intellect and will. We value the beauty of nature; we are delighted at the arrival of a newborn baby; we like to express our own creativity. We aspire to become knowledgeable and wise. Our conscience urges us to do good and reject evil; all parents want their children to be better than themselves. We have the capacity for selfless love and the impulse to pursue truth and goodness.

From where could these common qualities and aspirations have come if not from our Creator? God is the source of the values we all cherish: love, truth, beauty and goodness. Thus, God’s power is always guided by reason and lawfulness, above all by love. Heart is the essence of God’s being. Heart is the impulse to love, and it seeks an object to love. God feels joy when He can give and receive love with His beloved. God loves each one of us individually, and rejoices when we return His love and multiply it by loving others.

(from the book: Healing of the World – An Introduction to the life and teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon)


Pursuing the noble ideal of God

As I Can See

When you pursue the noble ideal of God, all of a sudden you will encounter incredible danger, not only to yourself, but also to your family and your children; you will be confronted by many difficulties. Are you going to turn around, think twice, and go in a different direction, or will you pursue your original commitment? What you would do under such circumstances is the most crucial question any man or woman can face.

For God and the spirit world there is no death, so God’s way is to overcome difficulty and move forward. There is no possibility that God will wiggle out of difficulty, or change His mind and retreat. God is looking for a similar character in men and women. Even though God never dies, He is always ready to give every ounce of His energy to the last minute. He can endure even the difficulty and…

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Righteousness and Unrighteousness

As I Can See

Righteousness refers to that quality in a person which leads him to pursue goodness and further its purpose. Unrighteousness refers to that quality in a person which leads him to pursue evil and further its satanic purpose. A righteous life is absolutely necessary for the attainment of goodness.

(from the book: Exposition of the Divine Principle)

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As I Can See

He also told a parable to them, ‘Can one blind man guide another? Surely both will fall into a pit? The disciple is not superior to his teacher; the fully trained disciple will always be like his teacher. Why do you observe the splinter in your borther’s eye and never notice the plank in your own? How can you say to your brother, “Brother, let me take out the splinter that is in your eye”, when you cannot see the plank in your own? Hypocrite! Take the plank out of your own eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take out the splinter that is in your brother’s eye.

There is no sound tree that produces rotten fruit, nor again a rottern tree that produces sound fruit. For every tree can be told by its own fruit: people do not pick figs from thorns, nor gather grapes…

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As I Can See

Goodness does not have a mark, it can not be graded. God is goodness and goodness is God. Absolute Values are beyond fallen human understanding and desire.

Joshua Dragon

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God is Taking Responsibility

As I Can See

With God, when you beg for forgiveness, His heart will be open, and He will feel like forgiving you. When God is taking the responsibility to Himself if you come to Him begging for forgiveness, will He not accept it? When you leave everything to God He will feel like forgiving you; furthermore, if you beg Him to forgive and bless you, He will feel like giving every blessing to you after forgiving you. If you ask God to defend you against the attack coming from your enemy, well, God will do that in order to help you in your difficult situation. You being in the fallen world, if God is there-the God of sympathy, the God of forgiveness-then how grateful you must be. However ugly we are as sinners, and however rebellious we have been towards God, if and when we know that there is the God of responsibility…

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God’s Hope for Man

As I Can See

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Ladies and gentlemen, first of all I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your coming tonight. I thank God for this opportunity because I have been looking forward to visiting this city and meeting all of you.

Because we speak different languages, even though I can speak, from your standpoint I am dumb. And from my standpoint, even though you can hear, you are deaf. In order to correct this dumbness and deafness, we need the man standing next to me as my interpreter. However, as you know interpretation from one language to another is not an easy task. So this man beside me really needs your sympathetic understanding.

My topic tonight is “God’s Hope For Man.” This subject is vast in nature and rather complicated in content. I will try my best to stay on the central point of my topic.

If there…

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Are You a Public Person?

When you think about yourselves, can you say that you are a completely public-minded person, completely living for the sake of others? If you are, then no matter how many roadblocks you may encounter, you will still be able to reach God. But if you can’t say that you are that kind of person, then Satan is just watching and waiting along the narrow road, ready to catch you. What is a public man? A public man is the one who has public eyes, a public nose, a public mouth, a public mind, and public sense. Think about yourself. Are you a public person or not? You leaders of the Unification Church, what do you think about yourselves? When almighty God looks at you, He sees a man trying to build a path for his life down just one avenue. God can’t claim this kind of life because that is Satan’s possession.

Of course, a public man has five physical senses; however, each sense is focusing on the public purpose. For example, what his eye is looking at, or what his ear is hearing, is always centered on the public goal. What is the public goal? The public goal is that which works toward creating goodness for the whole. What is a satanic man? He looks just like the public man. He has two eyes, but he sees things differently with each of his two eyes. He has two ears, but he may hear one thing with one ear and another thing with the other ear. He has a mouth, but he speaks the way he wants, without thinking about God. That is a satanic man.

Which way is easier for you – the public way of life or the private, individualistic way? There is no doubt that living the public way of life is much more difficult. The self-centered way of life is just free and easy. There are no restrictions or regulations; you go as you feel. From that point of view, do you think you belong to Satan or God? I can’t believe you when you say “God.” You are laughing, so that means you admit that it’s true! So which do you choose – the easy way out, or the difficult way?

The world today is in turmoil, being pulled by both God and Satan. Therefore, if we want to save or restore this world, the entire population has to choose this difficult way and be united and work together. Then we can eliminate the power of Satan and make this world beautiful world of harmony.

The hope for mankind is for some person or group to appear in history that can block Satan’s influence. Satan is the one who creates the roadblock between man and God; but if a group of people can begin to create a roadblock between Satan and man, that is the world’s hope. That is why we see two distinctly different groups in this world. One group will go after self-centered goals, and one group will even be willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the public goal.

Man has to find this public-minded way of life. But it is a very thorny path. Who is going to show mankind that this thorny way is the right way? Only the religions have been doing this. That is why religions teach, “Don’t live for yourself; sacrifice yourself for others.” In Satan’s dictionary, there are no such words as “love,” “sacrifice,” or “service for others.” He knows nothing about those things. However, in God’s dictionary, those are the key words. Those are the words that fill up all of God’s books. They are like kings of words. When you read the Bible without understanding the essence of the words “love,” “sacrifice,” and “service for others,” you may get tired or bored. However, if you fully understand those terms, you will really enjoy reading the Bible and will be completely inspired.

Which aspect of you likes those words – your mind or your body? Of course, your mind likes them because your mind is connected to God and shares in His unchanging and eternal character. However, the body belongs to the realm of change and therefore is connected to Satan and the secular world. We can say that the mind is the stage for the public w y of life and the body is the base for the individualistic way. The mind is the base for God and the body can be the base for Satan.

If we see some delicious food, the body may say, “Hey, go over there and grab some before anybody else comes in.” But your mind will say, “No, wait for the others to take some and then take from whatever is left.” In this particular example, we can clearly see God’s side and Satan’s side. If we just follow the body’s desire, the evil mind will continue to grow. But if we follow the mind’s direction, would the evil mind continue to grow? If our body completely unites with and follows our mind, this kind of evil inclination will gradually disappear.

Isolation and Liberation
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 20, 1988

SMM Quotes – 175


“God set the pattern for the universe. In the ideal existence we live for others. The subject exists for the object and the object exists for the subject. God’s definition of goodness is total giving, total service, and absolute unselfishness. We are to live our lives for others. You live for others and others live for you. God lives for human beings and we live for God. The husband lives for his wife and the wife lives for her husband. This is goodness. And here unity, harmony, and prosperity abound.” – Sun Myung Moon

SMM Quotes – 164


“The eternal standard of good and evil is defined by God. The sharp definition of good and evil existed at the time of His creation, long before evil ever came into being in the Garden of Eden. God’s view of good and evil will never change. God is eternal, His law is eternal, and His definition is eternal and unchanging despite the passage of time.” – Sun Myung Moon