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“As an individual, we are very limited. But with a family, we can go all the way to the universal level. The family is therefore the unit for the Kingdom of God.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon


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“The true perfection of the individual, family, society or environment has its root in the realization of True Love within a family. People who have become the embodiment of God’s True Love cannot disobey God’s Will, violate other people, or misuse Creation.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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“In a family, the man goes out to work and comes back in the evening, pulled by the power of love. The wife too goes out shopping and always comes back pulled by love. The children, sons and daughters go to school or go anywhere and they always return, pulled by the power of love. The family is the place where couples, parents and children all dwell in love. Isn’t that true?” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Real Love

As I Can See

From that viewpoint the American people are not living the love taught by Jesus, not loving their people, not loving the children. The three types of love together that love is perfect. We are right in the middle. You must reach above you, your parents and your sons and daughters and really loving the family. Right in the center, middle of the two you can influence the past generations of your ancestry and your posterity and you can influence them in a bad way or in a good way.

According to the Bible, the second one is supposed to decide on the rise or fall, good or bad, of the whole thing. Those three must draw a straight line – your ancestry, yourself and the next generation. That is what is called in the Unified Family the foundation of four positions centering on God. So you must be able to…

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To Love is to Give and Forget

The family is the only institution created by God. It is the school of love where people can learn how to love each other and live together in peace, and it is the training center where we practice how to build a palace of peace in the world. It is where we learn how to become a husband or wife who will live for the sake of our spouse and how to become a husband and wife who will travel on the eternal path of love. The family is the base camp for world peace, and it must be such that the children will say, “We have never seen our mother and father fight.”

We come up against all sorts of things in life. Even the most loving couple can have times when they may bicker with each other, become angry, and raise their voices. When the children come into the room, however, it all must stop immediately. No matter how angry a spouse may be, he must relate to his spouse in peace when the children are present. The children must grow up thinking their family is filled with joy and their parents always love each other.

Parents are like a second God to their children. If you ask your young children, “Whom do you like better – God or Mommy and Daddy?” – and they say they like their mom and dad better, then that means they also like God. The most precious education takes place in the family. You won’t find happiness and peace in some other place. The family is intended to be the Kingdom of Heaven. It would not matter if a person possesses incredible wealth and fame or even possesses the whole world. If all is not right with that person’s family, then he cannot be happy. The Kingdom of Heaven begins in the family. If a husband and wife are bound together in true love and they build an ideal family, this will connect directly with the world.


(from the book:As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen by Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

God wanted His creation to become totally united

As I Can See

God wanted His creation to become totally united. Therefore He made certain that He created upon the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. That was God’s aim and target. Everything was focused upon that goal. That was the first concept. The substantial creation is in the position of minus. God’s focus, His mental unity was in the position of plus. This was displayed in His creation from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanity. We can find plus and minus relationships within all of these kingdoms. Since God created on the basis of absolute faith, love and obedience, our life must be centered upon this standard also. As plus and minus, we should uphold the absolute standard. Also, in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, this absolute standard of plus and minus should be there.

World Era of Blessed Families
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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Children’s love

As I Can See

Bed, after reading evening Scriptures, praying and holy song, a little girl embraces her father tightly:

“Daddy, do you know whom I love the most?”
“Tell me, my little one.”
“Mummy and You!”
“And your brother, too, don’t you?”
“Daddy, do you know whom I love really the very most? Jesus and Heavenly Father…”

And the little girl laid on the chest of her father, and fell asleep in silent prayers for others.

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

Joshua Dragon

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The Tradition of Loving and Being Loved

As I Can See

It is natural and principled for you to love God in the same way that He loves you. So when you long for God as the vertical center of your life, and when you are loved as His son or daughter, then a tradition of love can begin. You cannot make a start toward individual perfection unless you establish this tradition. The family is composed of individuals, so first of all you must be loved by God as an individual. But not only that, you should welcome God as your Parent, and return with filial piety the love that you received from Him. You have not even reached the starting point of individual perfection until the reciprocal love of parent and child is established on the vertical position.

You speak about it often, but what is individual perfection? It is to establish the absolute vertical parent and child relationship through…

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When a couple in the Kingdom of Heaven gives birth to children…

As I Can See

When a couple in the Kingdom of Heaven gives birth to children, they are the children of God: you can feel that immediately. When a couple loves each other in the kingdom, they can feel another dimension of God’s love. When you have such a strong bond of love under God’s protection, parents and children cannot he separated. Thus they experience vertical love on a higher level, and they will set the true tradition of loving relationships between children and parents. Once that is formed, that is God’s nation and God lives there. Then our five spiritual senses will he opened, and we will live seeing everything and hearing everything. To inherit such a family tradition is the way the blessed couples meet God.

Parental Heart
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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On humbleness

As I Can See

God’s grace is our breath, our food, our shelter. Our life, our family, the smile of the spouse, the laugh of the children. We need to be grateful, we need to be humble. His vast love we feel, when we are in tranquility.

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