Live the Moment

As I Can See

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our daily life, that it is hard to recognize, we tend to live in the past or the future not in the present.

Right here, right now only we are who can give happiness, who can change the world with good deeds and care, love.

Live the moment fully, and this way you will have roots in the past and hope in the future, nurturing your everday life!

Joshua Dragon

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For what is man born?

As I Can See

For what is man born? It is for love. One receives parents’ love from the womb until marriageable age. And one meets his partner and falls in love. In the meantime, he comes to experience God’s love by having his own children. Through this course, you learn how to love God, as you love your children, partner and the other family members. And the course is the most basic step for man to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. A family has grandparents, parents, husband and wife, brothers and sisters. All human beings indicate an amplification of the components of a family. A family that can love another family is able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s a surprising fact. They can inherit all the God-given privileges and powers.

Even in a noble family a long time ago, the most sacrificial and effort-making person was supposed to be the…

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Are you really shining that brightly?

As I Can See

When you climb the mountains at night and look down in all directions you can see many sparkling lights. Colored lights always stand out, but bright lights stand out most of all. That is what spirit world sees when they look down on this world of ours. Your mind is like a light in the darkness, even though you cannot see it as such with your physical eyes. An electric bulb has an external shape, inside of which is the tungsten wire which actually lights up. As you know, the actual source of the light is the electricity generated by the power plant.

The brighter the light bulb, the heavier the wire inside must be. No matter how powerful the bulb is, however, it will give no light until the switch is turned on and the electricity flows. Where is the electricity, inside or outside the bulb? When you are…

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On separation

As I Can See

God does not like to see the separation of a couple linked by true love; the absolute love of man and woman is eternal Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, even the absolute God does not have any meaning by Himself. Similarly, no matter how handsome and healthy a man is, he has no meaning without a woman. A man only intoxicated with his style and health is a being without any use. It is a problem that many men on this earth are self-intoxicated, and it is also the cause of this miserable history. We must know that it is God’s providence to change and improve this self intoxicated world.

(from the book: Blessing and Ideal Family)

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SMM Quotes – 55

As I Can See

You are not happy because a flower exists, but because you see the flower. You are not happy because there is music, but because you hear it. You are not happy just because there is someone beside you, but because you can see him, talk to him and be with him. So, happiness requires a relationship. This is true of man and also true of God. – Sun Myung Moon

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SMM Quotes – 176

“You were not born for your own sake but for the sake of others. As long as your terminology is “we” and “us” the universe supports you, but as soon as you think in terms of “I” and “me” the universe will turn against you. Eventually you will be expelled from this universe. Can you complain against this rule?” – Sun Myung Moon

SMM Quotes – 164

“The eternal standard of good and evil is defined by God. The sharp definition of good and evil existed at the time of His creation, long before evil ever came into being in the Garden of Eden. God’s view of good and evil will never change. God is eternal, His law is eternal, and His definition is eternal and unchanging despite the passage of time.” – Sun Myung Moon

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