There I’ll meet God

I’m planning
One day I’ll have
A perfect day-off
In the mountains
Where creeks meet
And ancient rocks are
Millions of green leaves
Unite in their differences
Mild breeze touches
The feathers of the songbirds
And the scent of the flowers
In a nearby meadow
Fills my nostrils
And cleans my lungs

I’m planning
My day-off there
And the Earth will resonate
Through my bare feet
I will feel life
As I breathe in and out

There I’ll meet God


Joshua Dragon


Blessing Thoughts – 2

Though you may feel you’ve lost the battle and you may feel yourself paralysed and weak and in fear, there is still endless hope for you to recover despite all the odds and what the world says. This hope is from God, our Heavenly Parent, as He can see your true characteristics, the growing seed of absolute love in you, your unique ability to express truth, make other’s life joyous, immersing yourself in it without holding anything back.

God knows, who you are and what you are capable of. That’s why He loves you as your true deeds re-create this world towards the ideal.







Blessing Thoughts – 1

Heavenly Parent can always work with you, even if you are full of doubts, despair, tears and disappointments, feeling lonely and hurt. You don’t need to ask where and how, the answers are already in You!





Had my tomb was laid in the ground today

Had my tomb was laid in the ground today
What words would be engraved under the name
For long I’d thought teacher, parent and owner
From the kind of true, meek, noble and honest
Seeing my wrongs, failures and flaws
I doubt it could ever be so
Who am I to think I can change
the world when I am in vain
Every so often I lose
Can’t seem to stay on the trail
Though the angels and good saints
Keep coming back for me
How long would I persevere
Chasing the only true dream
Shaken, with a shivering soul
Am I worthy to carry it on

Looking through the window
Seeing my reflection
I’m just wondering whether
it will bring tomorrow

Had my tomb was laid in the ground today
What words would be engraved under the name


Joshua Dragon

All the anger and resentments

Isn’t it strange, when you do your best to love the people closer to you and farther away, and choose to change yourself, surrender your own desires hoping it will bring a brighter day for the world around, suddenly you are trembled upon, torn apart by careless words and others’ selfish deeds, shaking all your beliefs and intentions?

It’s not righteous and you feel it.
It’s destructive, you know it in your bone-marrow.
It’s a poison and you feel you are suffocating.
It’s a trap and you can’t seem to find the end of the maze.

Though emotions should be guided by intellect, it is just the whole situation which makes you powerless. And you come to the point you don’t want to do this any more. You’ve tried your best, your utmost effort, risked everything just for others and the ideal – but the excruciating pain is too much to bear, better to walk away and live without all this nonsense. After all, you are not the messiah…

This is the crossroad, where both sides, goodness and evil are watching you, not saying anything.
It is only up to you to recognize how Heavenly Parent has lived and how He acted throughout the human history, throughout your own life. It is also up to you to stay human of this world and era, embracing the ever changing values and ideas.

No one will judge you.
No one will tell you what to do.
No one will say where to go to.
No one will whisper you wisdoms.

If you have come so far, that means the answers are already in you.

And you can change all the angers and resentments into Blessings for others through sacrifice and care and compassion and love.
And you can also let yourself to be stuck in the mud of the broken hearts.

Everything is up to you.

If you have come so far, you already know the answers.

Everything is up to you.


-Joshua Dragon-

I have been somewhere

I have been somewhere
where I have never been
I have met someone
whom I have never met
I have felt something
what I have never had

I have been somewhere
where I have received
I have been given
what has been called the Holy Grail
I have had it since then
wherever I have been

I have been somewhere
Where you can also come to
I have met God
whom you can also meet
I have been given the utmost
what you can also recieve



Joshua Dragon

Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

This world is broken. It might seem better than in the past, we have better technology, we have great connections, we have the whole world. Looking it closer it is obvious: a glittering only what we adore, a fading reflection of a fake light…

Although, the technology promises a more comfortable and extanded life, in some parts even enhanced, yet, it goes only for those, who would never ever think of those who are not among them. Although, the connections are intertwining – they are just consuming our time giving nothing in return only temporar fulfillment and more often fear, boredom, anger, desperation, envy. Although, it seems we can share the whole planet, yet, we are being shared among each other by some seemingly invisible and untouchable…

All the hatred, arrogance, selfish indulgence, isolation build stronger and stronger impenetrable walls especially in our hearts and minds, limiting our ultimate ability for compassion, care, love.

When have we lost our ways to talk?

When have we lost our ways to share?

Since when are we incapable to live for other without expecting anything in return?

One may say, it has always been like this, abusing, misusing, overtaking, caging, neglecting, pretending – there is nothing to see here…

What is what God says? He sees our potentials, He seeks our heart, He longs for our open arms. He never speaks ill about us, not even when we are the farthest from the Ideal, not even when we are unwillingly or willingly fighting with Him…

Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

It wouldn’t hurt anyone to embrace and uplift, enrich and support with passion. To acknowledge someone might know better, to accept the help what is offered. To listen for the change and act upon our untold promises.

Longing comes first then we can think and analye, shaping our inner self. Our way of thinking changes our way of speaking. As we speak we create an atmosphere and re-create the world around us in a symbolic way. And our actions are based on our speaking.

Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

Talking about love would find us a new realm of love, eventually.

An ideal of love, compassion, sharing.

A conscious, caretaking, devoted, persevering life of Truth.


Joshua Dragon

There are only two mistakes…

As I Can See

There are only two mistakes... There are only two mistakes…

From my new book Wisdom for Life.

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Have I Been

As I Can See

Have I been lonely,
have I been brave,
have I been tortured,
have I been lame

Have I been bright,
and doomed again,
Have I been right
and wronged, again,

Have I struggled
through many nights,
Have I been betrayed
like kings of days and nights?

Have I been deaf
for desperate cries
Have I been immune
for the unspeakable with the times?

Have I been lost
and been somewhere
abandoned, outcast,
no-one cared?

I proved my existence
with love through all of these
and forgiven grief.

Have I been here
for you and for them
Have I been there
as a pathfinder

I might have been wrong
choosing this life
Yet I can see
where there is no light

should have come


-Joshua Dragon-

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