We are bond to Heaven.

All of us.

We tend to depart but always do return. Some at the hospital having serious illness, some after an accident, some in a broken down relationship, some in the death bed, some at the turning points of life…
…and some breath with gratitude at childbirth, a successful change of life, an avoided accident, a cured sickness, a family reunion, a carrier change, an accomplished task, a beautiful scenario, a delicious food, a cold or hot drink – ways, events to unite ourselves and with this unified soul/mind-body, we feel, always feel something unexpressable, something greater than life. Gratitude, heart centered thoughts and desires – chance to open up for Heaven.

Understanding, generous understanding forms the path we all take.

For this, Heaven ceaselessly makes efforts in our life.

Salvation is not escaping, though. Only conscious people with deep, heartistic attitude can find Heaven in their and others’ life. Are we?

Are we like newly born children to wander around without prejudice? Accepting everything is given and learning ways to express our gratitude, appreciation, our love?

Do we have a clear, purified spot in our heart, our tranquility, where we can invite God to stay?

Heaven is not everyhere in this world.

Heaven can be anywhere in this world.


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