Who knows who we were before we met

Who knows who we were
before we met

We might have been
a bright star
shining through the night

We might have been
a rapid-flowing creek
with fresh water

We might have been
a dandelion in the field
with flying seeds

We might have been
the wind of change
throughout the year

Yet, we are here
without roots
Hoping life
from each other
Longing for light
in each other
Waiting for eternity
with each other

Who knows
who we might be able to be
Children of Yours
Heavenly Parent
Your Children
We might be able to be


Joshua Dragon

I’m here with you

I’m here with you
I’m here in the breeze
I’m here in the sunbeams
I’m here in the creek
I’m here in the cliffs
I’m here in the grass
I’m here in the trees
I’m here in the fragrance
I’m here in the colours
I’m here in the distance
I’m here next to you
I’m in your heart, too




(from the book: Pray with me)

As I Can See – Compilation Book 1

This compilation, a part of the series, is for people all around the world, our common home where there are only hills and valleys, rivers and oceans, desert and jungle, cities and villages but no boundaries made by our Heavenly Parent.

During the years the amount of articles and posts, sharings and thoughts published on the As I Can See site, touched the hearts of so many people, transcending race, colours, religion and nationality, culture. For that, I am extremely grateful for our Heavenly Parent and the person, who really taught me to see the universal principles all around in the Creation.

I hope and wish, this book will help you to see the real, absolute values in yourself and in each other and focusing on that we all can grow and be mature, wise, caring and loving.

I hope and wish you will join me in the quest of creating everlasting peace and tranqulity, long waited joy and happiness for each and every human being on Earth and the Nature all around.

You can download the e-book from here: As I Can See – Compilation 1


May Heavenly Parent’s Blessing Be Upon on You and Your Beloved People!



Joshua Dragon


Prayer of a lonely heart



I’ve been longing for You

as I was desperate

being lonely

and abandoned.

How many times, Father,

I was begging and trying to explain,

excuse, save myself,

I don’t know, how and why

it is so that you always forgave me.

Father, I feel speechless,

yet, I need to speak up,

to tell you, it was a mistake

I left you out from my decisions.

I’ve never meant to hurt You, Father.

I have nothing I can offer,

I know, I broke my promises

so many times

I can’t remember.

Father, can you forgive me?

I don’t know how,

I’ll try better,

I’ll do more,

I will make you proud,

I’ll try, I wish, I long for…

Heavenly Father,

You are my parent,

You are the only one,

to whom I want to belong to –

even if you can not let it happen,

I will fight for the time

even after I die,

to be one day

again, once again

in your arms.

With love,



everlasting love.




Should I pray, Should I stay

Should I pray
Should I stay
Should I leave
Should I ask
Should I try
Should I fly
Should I love
Should I trust
Should I dare
Should I dream
Should I say
Should I wait
Should I learn
Should I mourn
Should I reborn
Should I live
to You
to know
to change
over skies
the utmost
the impossible
the most beautiful
plain-sight hidden truths
everlost chances
my true self
as a true man




Complete Pieces of Life

I came to help the people
Turning back to You
Done the extra mile
Still a lot to do

Scattered pieces of life
Torture every day
Ignorants and blind
Imitating love

Countless times I’ve been saved
Your Grace is my shelter
I have been forgiven
For what I cannot speak

Still yet to comprehend
How You could be
Understanding and hugging
Against everything

I am here to fly
Back to You
I am here to live
Live again by You

I am here to help
What I have just begun to understand
It is You
Who has always been there

Complete pieces of life
Make me whole
Again the first time
I will not fall back,
Not again

Welcome to my life
You’ve been always here
And now I recognize You
At last

Let me embrace the people of the world
All the Nature, Creation
With Your love

Persevering love, enduring despite everything
All the odds seem gone
Abundance, Heaven is going to come

Let me revive,
Resurrect in You

Let me believe,
What have always been true

Hold my hand
We are both in need

Feel my heart

You are at home

In me


Joshua Dragon


(from the book: Words of Light)

The Nicest Dream

Has it ever happened to you
Has it ever happened to me
It’s been like the nicest dream
Which we’ve never hoped to live

Should I’ve been lost
Could I’ve been lost
I’ve been found
I’ve been found by You

Drizzled Your love
Washed me through
I’ve been reborn

Has it ever happened to you
Has it ever happened to me
It is now the nicest dream
I have never hoped to live


(from the book: Words of Light – The Nicest Dream)

I should cherish

I should cherish
Everything in my life
All the beauties and gifts
Fulfilled flesh-desires
Relentless selfish thoughts
Daydreams of vanity

I should cherish
Everything in my life
Treasure of knowledge
Abundant wisdom
Every gears and gadgets

I should cherish
Everything in my life
Scheduled meetings
Served food
Sweetened water
Non-seasonal fruits

I should cherish
Everything in my life
Money-bought presents
Passing relationships
Obsolete friends
Tranquil loneliness

I should cherish
Everything in my life
Drought is not here
Hunger is far away
Deserted streets I can walk on
Disillusioned hearts I can play with

I should cherish
Everything in my life
I am the master over myself
Old me

Strong enough barriers
Boundaries closed

As I locked myself
Away from happiness
Your Lineage

I should cherish You
For everything in my life
For all the beauty and gifts
Inherited from You
Bequeathed Blessing
True Origin

Unchanging Love



Joshua Dragon

(from the book: Words of Light)

Was it I

Was it I
Who lost the way

Was it I
Who failed to love truly

Was it I
Who failed to know fully

Was it I
Who ignored You

Was it I
Who blamed it on You

Was it I
Who didn’t say sorry

Was it I
Who denied strongly

Was it I
Who lost the touch

Was it I
Who thought what he was not

Was it I
Who failed to prove

Was it I
Who searched the Truth

Was it I
Who abandoned it

Was it I
Who misused it

Was it I
Who caused You pain

Was it I
Who was in vain

Was it I
Was it me

In the whole history
Unknown and forgotten

Were You looking for me



Joshua Dragon

(from the book: Words of Light)

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