When a couple in the Kingdom of Heaven gives birth to children

When a couple in the Kingdom of Heaven gives birth to children, they are the children of God: you can feel that immediately. When a couple loves each other in the kingdom, they can feel another dimension of God’s love. When you have such a strong bond of love under God’s protection, parents and children cannot he separated. Thus they experience vertical love on a higher level, and they will set the true tradition of loving relationships between children and parents. Once that is formed, that is God’s nation and God lives there. Then our five spiritual senses will he opened, and we will live seeing everything and hearing everything. To inherit such a family tradition is the way the blessed couples meet God.

Parental Heart
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November, 1981

SMM Quotes – 184

“The public-minded person speaks from public-mindedness; he sees, hears, thinks and does everything in life, like eating, wearing clothes and sleeping, from the public-minded standpoint. The public-mindedness means having a heart of loving all in life.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Let us say you know God…

As I Can See

Let us say you know God, and you are working according to His Will and you become very intimate with Him. So now you have become His friends. If there is a better place, a better position than friends, then would you want to reach the better place, better position, or would you want to stay as friends? Everyone would want to go up to the higher position than friends. Don’t you think so? (Yes.) So for yourselves, how far you go, how much you know God that becomes the question. And the degree of knowledge of God will differ for everyone. If you have one hundred men, their degree of knowledge of God will differ. So whether or not you know the relationship, and also how close you are with God, among the one hundred, will determine what place you will be the first one, or the fiftieth one…

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God wanted His creation to become totally united

As I Can See

God wanted His creation to become totally united. Therefore He made certain that He created upon the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. That was God’s aim and target. Everything was focused upon that goal. That was the first concept. The substantial creation is in the position of minus. God’s focus, His mental unity was in the position of plus. This was displayed in His creation from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanity. We can find plus and minus relationships within all of these kingdoms. Since God created on the basis of absolute faith, love and obedience, our life must be centered upon this standard also. As plus and minus, we should uphold the absolute standard. Also, in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, this absolute standard of plus and minus should be there.

World Era of Blessed Families
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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Love is

Love is when your mouth becomes unable to speak.
When as a writer you can not find more words.
Love is when your tummy is full without food.
When as a singer you are mute.
Love is when you close your eyes you can see.
When as a father you are a child again.
Love is when you laugh and cry at the same time.
When as a brother you yearn for your Brother like it would burn your heart.

Love is when you are one, nothing and everything.
When you are grateful like you never been before.



Pursuing the noble ideal of God

As I Can See

When you pursue the noble ideal of God, all of a sudden you will encounter incredible danger, not only to yourself, but also to your family and your children; you will be confronted by many difficulties. Are you going to turn around, think twice, and go in a different direction, or will you pursue your original commitment? What you would do under such circumstances is the most crucial question any man or woman can face.

For God and the spirit world there is no death, so God’s way is to overcome difficulty and move forward. There is no possibility that God will wiggle out of difficulty, or change His mind and retreat. God is looking for a similar character in men and women. Even though God never dies, He is always ready to give every ounce of His energy to the last minute. He can endure even the difficulty and…

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God and I

As I Can See

I was hiding

my own emotions
feelings of the unwillingness
promises of the never-known

who embraced me
in the depths of despair
shades of agony
and grieving days?

He was always there
here in me
even I never
recognized Him

He just stayed
no matter what
convincing me
I was worthy

He became my parent
an absolute being
waiting and teaching
to resemble Him

Even now
when I mute my heart
with swinging deeds
between good and less

He is here
silently bearing
all the tears
of joy and sorrow

Now I am in light
and the shadows
will disappear in me
and one day

I will be with Him.


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Children’s love

As I Can See

Bed, after reading evening Scriptures, praying and holy song, a little girl embraces her father tightly:

“Daddy, do you know whom I love the most?”
“Tell me, my little one.”
“Mummy and You!”
“And your brother, too, don’t you?”
“Daddy, do you know whom I love really the very most? Jesus and Heavenly Father…”

And the little girl laid on the chest of her father, and fell asleep in silent prayers for others.

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

Joshua Dragon

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Ethical behaviour

As I Can See

Ethic seems to be the greatest abstract standard what we tend to put onto our banners whenever we want to have a good reason to elevate our concepts into the pedestal of relative righteousness.

Superiority, what is based on others’ limited appreciation, is nothing else but arrogance, and its existential irritancy naturally blocks the path of mutual understanding, acceptance and daring to say: love.

Although, we do have concepts in every aspects of our lifespan, starting with time and space, purposes and approaches, it is undeniably true, without energy, we cannot be prosperous, vivid, achieving. Since every single being can only exist based on give and take actions when one gives, forgetting it and giving again, the other responds with acceptance and action, both are without expectations to receive anything in return, and this process, generating energy for existence and multiplication is repeated on and on, for the mutual benefit…

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The Mindset Needed to Become Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

As I Can See

We who are in the last days, for us who face the day of the judgment, the problem is not the accomplishment, glory or ideals that we have, but seeking the true self, centering on the mind. When the time comes, the internal truth will surely reveal itself, and the internal life and love will manifest on this earth without fail.

Human beings, until now, have been ignorant, unable to distinguish the truth, true life and true love. Because they do not have any other solution, they try to proceed based on their understanding, try to feel things with the senses of life they possess, and to figure things out with the love that they possess, but they have not been successful in making the distinction. Similarly, when truth, life and love appear on earth in the last days, human beings will repeat the same thing. With such methods, the…

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