Often, our life is not aligned with God,

Often, our heart just misleads us,

Often, our mind is scattered, in pieces,

Often, we are torn and tear others into pieces.


Often, we want to live in a better way,

Often, we are careless how others feel,

Often, we simply turn away,

Often, we are proud for our deeds.


Often, our mind goes to the east,

And often, our body stays in the west,

Often, we loose harmony,

and often, our days are in disunity.


Often, we cannot see the Light,

Often, we claim to be right,

Often, we fail to admit,

Often, our actions are fake.


Always, there is a way,

Always, He, who is still waiting,

Always, Salvation and Truth,

Always, Pray, Redeem and Change,


So God’s Blessings can be upon on you

and through you on others!



Joshua Dragon

Sincerity and Indemnity

You must know that you should not allow Satan to invade in important tasks that you must accomplish for the future. Nor, should you allow the chosen people to be expelled from their respective positions. In order to keep away from these possibilities, you must indemnify all the evil elements beforehand, while putting yourself in the position of being willing to receive indemnity in order to rid yourself of all elements regarding evil and sins.

This is why you must always give your utmost sincerity. When you want to offer your sincerity, you cannot do it while you casually conduct your life eating and sleeping. It is absolutely impossible to offer your sincerity when you are in the position of having all you want to eat, sleep as much as you want and wear clothing that you enjoy wearing. For this reason, preparing to face an important event, you must put yourself in the position to conduct a showdown with God. You must be prepared to be hit beforehand. If God does not punish you, you should even initiate to punish yourself, on your own. If you get punished, what would happen? You will place yourself as the object to God. This is the principle of restoration by which God advanced throughout history.

The Path of Indemnity that We Must Go
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1967

Always Report to God

As I Can See

Once you report before God, you must follow through no matter how difficult it may be. Whatever you do, once you pledge to God, you will resolve it. If you live your daily life with the attitude, you will never fail. However, to reach that level, it will be a real battle.

Satan has his strategy. You should avoid getting mired in his strategy. In order to protect yourself, you must receive from God the internal strength that will liberate yourself externally. To this end, you must pray. Then your prayer will become serious. It will become a serious prayer.

You must align yourself to God daily. When you start in the morning, you should report to God your plan of action for the day. Always, report to Him that you will follow through on your plan. It can be a short prayer. It doesn’t have to be a long…

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Faith-lift of the Heart

As I Can See

Although many plastic surgeries give the promises of artificial beauty, relying on our longing for eternal existence, and we always get back to the anti-aging in several well-commerced ways, how do we provide the necessary nourishment to our heart, our soul and mind?

Thoughts, determined by the news, feeds, trends, fashions, neighbours, friends, colleagues and so on, lead us emotions and result in deeds. So, what’s in our mind, inevitably will have its performance in our everyday life, at last.

Being believers, and frankly, we all believe in some ways, somehow we struggle distinguishing our political views and our life of faith, many times we forget or simply unable to implement the law of love in our work-life. We do pray at the dinner table but forget to forgive and comfort others in the times of grief and sorrow; even we tend to skip being gratitude for the smaller or…

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Are you really shining that brightly?

As I Can See

When you climb the mountains at night and look down in all directions you can see many sparkling lights. Colored lights always stand out, but bright lights stand out most of all. That is what spirit world sees when they look down on this world of ours. Your mind is like a light in the darkness, even though you cannot see it as such with your physical eyes. An electric bulb has an external shape, inside of which is the tungsten wire which actually lights up. As you know, the actual source of the light is the electricity generated by the power plant.

The brighter the light bulb, the heavier the wire inside must be. No matter how powerful the bulb is, however, it will give no light until the switch is turned on and the electricity flows. Where is the electricity, inside or outside the bulb? When you are…

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