7 years, almost 1200 posts and a few books ago I decided to create a source quality with As I Can See.

A source for faith, perseverance, absolute values and love in its true, God-intended form.

So many things has happened since the beginning. And it’s not always the easiest to find the light in the middle of the nights, especially if they  seem to be endless.

But it is OK to accept the desert of life, with perseverance and humility.

As a pastor, having met beautiful people everywhere in our God-given home, I can see an evergrowing need of ownership for it, as if we, as humans finally have come to our senses and begun to grow and be more conscencious and willing to do better.

With this site, As I Can See, I will keep encouraging and enlighting. That’s my promise.

I do hope you will find more and more thoughts and content to share.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


It”s been five years since the first teahing about God and the path to reach Heaven appeared in this site. After a lot of thoughts, with some timely changes, I’m trying to expand As I Can See with applicable teachings and inspirations to manifest Heaven on Earth together, as one, united in heart, transcending boundaries of cultures and habits.

Nobody can enter to Heaven without the other, the mature, pure heart will always go on for those who are behind.

Let’s use this year to expand our hearts, to grow and evolve, to recognize that very divine spark in each other, which can make us united, as one family under God.



The fourth year of the As I Can See site has begun.

There are almost a thousand of posts, longer and shorter ones, a few are to bring delight many to give insights and inspirations, support and guidance in the world of relative values.

We are all from the same origin, there is no difference among us in our core, our heart. Although, the world what we create shows a cold and isolated attitude, we are not alone, you are not alone. We can transcend each and every man-made boundaries, ideologies if we can understand the principles of the Universe, what apply for each and every being in the Creation.

Let us discover the beauty, the everlasting joy and happiness in the everyday life through both spiritual and vitality elements. I promise, I will do my best to be able to hear our Heavenly Parent’s voice to help you to resonate with Him, to help you to live up with your whole potential to be co-creators in this potential era.

May Heavenly Parent’s Blessing Be Upon on You and Your Beloved People!

Joshua Dragon


This is the third year of this blog, As I Can See.

As it was in the beginning, I would like to be enough humble, be reborn and renewed to have a clear and constant relationship with God, our Heavenly Father and the people all around this world to unite in absolute love, what is unchanging, in what we live for each other without expecting anything in return, where our good deeds are the fundamentum of our virtuous lives.

Noone can go to Heaven without the others, as God, our Heavenly Father has been longing for, we all need to respect, love, support and actively, passionately care of each other.

With prayers, meditation, immersing into the search of our true selves through studying our forefathers’ and ancestors’, God’s filial sons’ and daughters’ life and words they passed on,  we truly can find a way towards harmony, resonance, mutuality, and co-existence in peace.

God is our Heavenly Father. That means a responsible life, a life full of love, joy and true purposes.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon


Second year.

For many it is the time for turning their lives into a living offering to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (and in the spirit world).

There are a lot of changes, hopefully I’m living with more and more absolute values, and can really represent and convey God, our Heavenly Parent to the People, not only in words, with exemplary life, too.

Ask me anything, here, I will pray to give you the most suitable answer what can help you.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon


A Blog by Joshua Dragon.

Joshua Dragon wants and longs to be God’s true son, would like to establish the standard of filial piety in his life, and actively live for others.
In his ministry, he tries to share how to overcome the challenges, and show an understanding what can help others in their journey of life.

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  1. Many thanks for the follow. I hope you will visit again and soon. Your blog looks very good. You have a real heart for the Lord and your fellow travelers in this world. Blessings,

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