Joshua Dragon’s Books

Pray with me

Pray with me is a collection of poems, teachings, thoughts and meditations on the way to meet God, our Heavenly Parent.
It is to help to establish an ever deepening, abundant, limitless relationship with Him and this way understanding our true value and original character, the very being we are meant to be.

You can read it on-line here, chapters are added time to time.


Understanding God

Understanding God is a collection of thoughts and inspirations based on true to life experiences and discoveries on the journey which leads to our ultimate home, a place what we all need to create starting in ourselves and among each other, extending it to the universe in a true, active and passionate harmony.

You can read it on-line here.


God is Within

Short stories and novels based on spiritual experiences and true to life events.

You can read it on-line here, chapters are added time to time.


Words of Light

Words of Light is a collection of poems about the path of enlightenment on the way of returning into the bosom of Heavenly Parent. Purification of soul and mind, humble approaches to resonate with the Absolute Being, reflecting His Heart. Shining and loveful moments, rebirths and milestones in the life of faith.

You can read it on-line here, chapters are added time to time.


Wisdom for Life

This book is full of the love of God, our Heavenly Father as He has been teaching us through all the prophets and sages and His Son. They shared their wisdom and guidance abundantly all in their lives, proclaiming harmony, love, respect, care and peace. Let this book be your fellow-traveller in your life’s journey these days!

You can read the preview and purchase it here.


God Can Smile

A smile is a great way to reach out for each other and ourselves, easying the burdens and lighting the life. These compiled stories are smiling moments from the religious life
A book for the people in the Universe who are seeking God, our Heavenly Parent with a pure heart and for those who are on the way.

You can read the preview and purchase it here.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


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