Love With Silence

As I have loved you, love others
Without any words, even without expressing at all
For love to be truly deep and profound
Serve without recognition from anybody.

Do good deeds for others
Without being known from others
Don’t make excuses when you are scolded
Don’t seek revenge when someone hurts you with words.

Love with silence when people reject you
Just love with silence
Pray for them
While you try to help them but they refuse you.

Love with silence when people ignore you
Endure the sorrow when you are rejected
Remind yourself always
To spread happiness and joy to others.

Love with silence when you are irritated
By the words and deeds of others
Offer God the pain you have deep inside your heart.

Remind yourself always
To respect and care for other brothers and sisters
Within yourself, never allow resentments,
Harsh accusations, or lack of endurance
Love with silence.


A poem by Reverend Sun Myung Moon



Often, our life is not aligned with God,

Often, our heart just misleads us,

Often, our mind is scattered, in pieces,

Often, we are torn and tear others into pieces.


Often, we want to live in a better way,

Often, we are careless how others feel,

Often, we simply turn away,

Often, we are proud for our deeds.


Often, our mind goes to the east,

And often, our body stays in the west,

Often, we loose harmony,

and often, our days are in disunity.


Often, we cannot see the Light,

Often, we claim to be right,

Often, we fail to admit,

Often, our actions are fake.


Always, there is a way,

Always, He, who is still waiting,

Always, Salvation and Truth,

Always, Pray, Redeem and Change,


So God’s Blessings can be upon on you

and through you on others!



Joshua Dragon

What kind of being is God?

What kind of being is God? God likes both the good people and the bad people on earth. Even a condemned criminal going to his place of execution says, “God, have mercy on me” before he dies. In front of God, even those who are facing the death penalty for their crimes resolve to become good again and to make a new start with hope. Why is it that, in so doing, they want to offer their best service to God, depend on Him, and be with Him? Why, in their innermost heart, do people willingly leave their parents, and brothers and sisters, wanting to be closest to God in order to share their personal concerns with Him? This is because God is true.


What is the meaning of Trueness?
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 16, 1971

Sometimes we can’t 

Sometimes we want to give and we can’t

Sometimes we want to feel and we can’t

Sometimes we want to act and we can’t

Sometimes we want to transcend and we can’t


Sometimes we want to win and we can’t

Sometimes we want to stop and we can’t

Sometimes we want to create and we can’t

Sometimes we want to save and we can’t


Sometimes we want to pray and we can’t

Sometimes we want to hope and we can’t

Sometimes we want to face and we can’t

Sometimes we want to fade and we can’t


Sometimes we want to talk and we can’t

Sometimes we want to listen and we can’t

Sometimes we want to see and we can’t

Sometimes we want to feel and we can’t


Sometimes even to be is impossible

Sometimes everything is doubted

Sometimes life is shattered


There is always tomorrow with a Heavenly Heart


Joshua Dragon

A prayer for God

Dear Father,

You, who has never left me,

never, not even for a second,

who trusted me,

when I was down,

who embraced me,

when I felt alone,

who nurtured me,

when I was starving,

all those years,

You cradled me,

if needed,

You cried for me,

when I was in pain,

You laughed with me,

when I enjoyed the life,

You have Blessed me,

more than once,

You stood beside me,


this prayer is for You.


Thank you,

for not giving up on me,

thank you,

for teaching me,

thank you,

for guiding me,

thank you,

for loving me!


I have learned,

how cruel the world was with You,

I have learned,

how ignorantly your children abandoned You,

I have learned,

how much You have been working for Your Dream,

I have learned,

how anguishing the path has been.


Please, try not be sad any longer,

please, try to see the efforts by us,

please, try to feel our changing heart,

please, try to trust again, in us.


We make mistakes,

I have made plenty,

A lot I am still unaware of,

I will do better,

promise to You,

we will do better,

I promise to You.


Look at me, look at us,

here we are at last,

Your True Child showed,

the pattern we follow,

and as He hasn’t given up,

we won’t hesitate,

turning our stubbornness,

into perseverance.


I pray for You,

as I’m praying now,

please, believe and have faith in us,

just a little bit longer.

As You haven’t given up on us,

we will never retreat,

in loving absolutely,

pursuing the Ideal.


And I can tell You this,

even if I’m the last one,

I won’t stop loving You,

with my heart and deeds.


Please, Father,

hear this prayer,



We will live together, one day!





(from the book: Pray with me)

Do you know where Heaven is?

Today, a begging elder brother

was falling in the street

his knees kept him away

hitting the ground


Today, a begging elder brother

was sobbing in the street

his tears cleaned

his tormented face


Today, a begging elder brother

was chanting in the street

a prayer for all of us

to be saved


Today, a begging elder brother

was struggling in the street

trying to forget the aching hunger

trying to forget his own needs


Today, a begging elder brother

was asking in the street

where is my heart

do I know where Heaven is




Love Power

Love power is the power which can make the dead person want to live and the living person want to die. In other words, if you love your husband and he says something detrimental to you, you may want to die because of that one particular word. On the other hand, if a husband says loving words to his dying wife, then those words can make his wife want to live. This is the power of love. Do you understand? Love power can do anything.

True Ancestor And True Nation
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 5, 1995

I pray for You, Father!

I pray for You, Father!

Not because I’m entitled to do so

and not because I’m arrogant,

I know it well, how graceful You are

still accepting me.

I am praying for You,

because I don’t know how long

you can bear the pain I’m constantly giving You

with my careless, obnoxious selfishness,

unprincipled desires,

thoughtless words

and deeds.

I would be crashed in an instant

being You even for a moment.

I do not want to give You pain anymore,

I would like You to feel free

and joyous

whenever You think of me.

Looking at my life, the way I see it,

I hardly can tell, how You can still trust me,

never giving up on me.

Yet, I believe in You, I trust You with my most valuables,

my children and wife, leading them back to You –

I can not be doubt in me, since You have never stepped back from me…

Father, You are great and eternal, gracious and everloving, seeing the absolute good in me.

I long for the day to be like You!



(from the book: Pray with me)

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