SMM Quotes – 158

“In history there are many teachings. One is that if someone mistreats you, repay him in the same way: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a death for a death. However, the most revolutionary teaching was given by the one who said, “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.” Needless to say, that was Jesus Christ.” – Sun Myung Moon

Heart and Heaven

What kind of place is Heaven? It is where we can take pride in what we prepared during our life on earth, and in our life of attendance. Then what kind of people enters heaven? Is heaven a place for those who simply believe in the Lord and expect to receive blessings or who act only for the sake of receiving blessing? No. Heaven is the destination for those who live preparing their hearts to attend God, as well as those who can leave behind a life of attendance and joyfully move on, even if they were to die while preparing. There is resurrection there. The details of life do not appear there. How we should live from now on is the important question we should reflect upon in our life of attendance.

Heaven is a place we cannot enter without a connection of heart. It is the original nation, the nation of original nature, which can govern everything. It is a nation that cannot be possessed based on some situation, but only by those who have a deep bond of heart. As such, Christianity is, ultimately speaking, is a religion where mutual sentiments are understood, rather than circumstances. The purpose of God’s providence on earth is to make the foundation on which we can sing sharing our hearts beyond sharing circumstances.

What is the Fall? It is not a matter of God not being able to discuss His circumstances, but rather His heart. Coming in search of fallen humanity with the heart of longing to meet His lost sons and daughters, yet not being able to find anyone who could share His heart, God has worked to find such people. That has been the history of salvation and the one sent to find such people is the Savior.

Before desiring heaven, we must desire to know God’s heart; and before desiring to know God’s heart, we must think about how we should conduct our lives. First, have a heart of attendance. Our original nature reveres and yearns for that which is sublime and precious. In spite of the Fall, our original heart wants to attend the sublime and precious heart of God. Therefore, those who have never been able to lead a heartcentered life of attendance have nothing to do with heaven.

To live a life of attendance we need preparation. After passing through a process of preparation, we need to then practice the life of attendance. Our destination, after preparing and practicing a life of attendance, is heaven. The destination of people who have attended with their hearts is heaven. Heaven is the world where we can be proud of our preparation for attendance and the life of attendance, and where we can actually demonstrate our accomplishments. It is our destiny to follow the course that advances toward the world of heavenly purpose.

From the day we were born with fallen lineage until the present day, there has not been even one day when all humankind attended God with a full heart. Before Adam and Eve fell, they grew according to the ideal of creation, but they never attended God based on a relationship of heart.

What is God’s regret? It is that we, who were created to attend Him with our heart, fell into a position where we could not do so, and that God, who should have received heart-centered attendance, was left unattended. God was not anguished because there was nobody who believed in or knew Him. The grief of heaven and earth is that there was nobody who could attend or relate to God in heart.

Heart and Heaven
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 14, 1960


We are coming through, we are going through, we are passing by.

Since the state we are not even being born, a sensation of internal and faraway, unknown galaxy has been in our cells, partially matured mindset.

Would anyone leave an ideal place, where there are comfort, feeling of safety, protection and care? Voluntarily surely wouldn’t. What is this force then, making us to do so? It is life what longs for us to live, it is love makes us to die and resurrect in another form of existence.

Everything is in a circular motion, a vibration, a resonation. Unless we are united we cannot go forward, we cannot pass anything on in an eternal sense. Land of God, land of peace, land of love, land of re-occurrence, land of trust, land of freedom – all are in one place, called unity.

My mind is divided, body leads soul, but it is impossible and in vain thinking of decreasing the hunger for love and eternity ever can be achieved by pursuing wealth and prosperity for my own sake. What is my level? Looking after myself? Taking care of my family? Or feeling to be responsible for the final, forever lasting change of the world around?

Our God is an awesome God.

He is not behind in the enmity, national, racial, cast, borders; He does not recognize any man-made boundaries and valleys of distrust, selfishness, arrogance, division.

The free will what was not meant to be used by immature traitors, was meant for the perfected humans, the beautiful, filial sons and daughters of God, our Heavenly Parent. Saying sorry, doing better is never enough. Up until everyone wants to build his or her own kingdom in the same land of family, country, world, there will be no real freedom and liberation; for that we need the unchanging, absolute value: the viewpoint of God. Whenever we inherit its omnipresent truth, our own self will suffocate us as it dies away letting the bud of True, Absolute Love grow what we can nurture with righteous life and deeds with and for each other.

Although, sometimes our head is too big to be born, as we want to stay in the old way, there is still hope, still we can make the difference what has never really happened before, we can grow and mature, it is not a dream or just the very one what can be manifested by our perseverance and heartistic attitude.

A womb is a universe, a perfect place for a long, seemingly eternal time.

An earthly life is a complex universe, a perfect place meant to be, depending on us.

A spiritual life is an eternal universe, our constant place what expands as our hearts grow.

We never die if we go through a resurrection; we are reborn if we really want to. And helping each other on the way we’ll never end up lonely, sick, miserable, hated; we’ll be praised and remembered as real sons and daughters of God, our Heavenly Parent.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon

SMM Quotes – 157

“By raising children, a woman is able to understand God. When a woman understands the significance and value of her husband and then they have a child, their relationship establishes the vertical relationship. On the other hand, a man is supposed to love his wife and daughters, just as he loves God and his own father. In that way the power of love can be circulated in your family.” – Sun Myung Moon


I was mourning, the grief hasn’t passed away, although, I should be joyful, believing and knowing the existance of the spirit world. Still, I miss Father. The very first thing what came to my heart as a thunder, He would never scold me again. Sure, He did love me, however, I felt His trust and care even those times when He helped me to lead my life in the straightest path to Heavenly Father.

I did not want to, a teardrop came, and blurred vision, sobbing. The feeling of choking, a bitter universe expanding in my throat, doesn’t allow to swallow, breath, exist.

And suddenly, I felt His presence, like long time ago, I heard Him saying “I am here”. The warm  presence made me breath again, feeling joy and a bit of confusion. Can it be my mind’s trick? No, it was different. He is here, my Father.

My tears are coming through my walls of life, this time with happiness. It’s been a long while, since I have felt calm and safe like this. Maybe I was going sideways, yet, He came to comfort me. I love Him, and He loves me, no matter what.

One day we will meet again.




SMM Quotes – 154

The desire of human beings to possess the entire universe is not a wrong one. It is given to us by God. The problem is that people simply do not understand how to achieve it in the right way. The only way to achieve that ambition is by uniting with the love of God, fulfilling one’s own love. The universe is nothing but the manifestation of the love of God; thus it automatically becomes one with you, once you are one with God. – Sun Myung Moon

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