As I Can See

Once upon a time there lived a humble farmer that toiled in the rice fields throughout the day. One day, he took a nap and as he awoke, night had already fallen. He got up and immediately started home. Attempting to expedite his return, the farmer decided to cut through the forest. As he walked, the sounds of midnight stood still as a lone owl could be heard in the distance. There was something in the air.

The farmer quickened his pace, as his breath began to pick up. He could hear something – something tracking him, following him to make a kill. So he began to run. Undoubtedly, the farmer now heard heavy strides quickening their pace from behind – something was coming. He could hear its breath, dripping with hunger. Fearful for his life the farmer began to sprint with all his might.

But suddenly a cliff emerged…

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God’s True Nation

As I Can See

In the history of every nation there is rise and fall. Sometimes a nation reaches a peak of its culture, and sometimes it declines. Everyone wants to be proud of his own nation, his own culture or tradition. But are even those high points of culture up to the standard that we can be proud of throughout all eternity and before all humanity?

The world as a whole is not the ideal place to live in or to want to be proud of. If God exists, we can certainly say that this world is not the ideal world in which God intended us to live. We know that God is the ultimate, absolute Being, and His standard must be the same. Then, are we pleasing God by our thoughts and actions? There are smiles and laughter in the world, but since the fall of man these smiles and laughter have…

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Failed Resurrection

I failed my resurrection, many times.
Just now, as it was this night, a long-prepared chance to grow and change for the better side – it’s gone. It’s not the first, I missed my opportunity and pulled someone, a most beloved one, back to the mud of fallen life.

I feel I betrayed God and all the good spirits who started to trust again, believe in me, again, step by step, during the last period, since the last failure. It is always harder and harder for them, to rely on me freely, after each disappointment.

It is easy to say after, just a little, even less than last time was missing for the success. Still, a 99% cannot be offered to Heavenly Father. His realm starts when we fulfill our own part 100%. When I fulfill.

I’m sure, He knows it very well, what a tremendous battle is inside these times, He has already taught me knowledge and wisdom through others. I cannot make excuses. I lost my head, mindset and attitude. I just wanted to be happy, I just wanted everything at once, I just wanted to enjoy and melt into, maybe through the old ways a bit.

Desires are not bad. Passion is not bad. Doing something for me I asking is not bad. Balance. Extreme desires, lust and selfishness are far from God. Out of His ideal. Immature existence with misused knowledge and practice can not belong to the direct realm of Heavenly Father. Being clever after us not enough.

It is true, not God will judge us but ourselves. Now, with clearer mindset, I clearly can point out sine wrongdoings, felt like deadly sins. And if life is with God, then being without Him is death, agony. I pushed Him away, caused Him pain and misused His love, trust.

What can I do?

I said sorry, asked for forgiveness – neither of them could change the feeling of being fallen, again. Like living and seeing the past history, I’m the wrong side, the distance from Heaven, the Heart and Bosom of God is indescribable pain. I paid His love with grief.

We know more about Heavenly Father, ideal world, creation, salvation than any who lived before us. Here, today, I was unable to uphold to basic law of the Universe, the living for the sake of others. I wanted to feel more, knowing ‘I was right’ – and failed. Despite all the techniques and tactics I let my emotions, immature emotions overcome the Word in me.

I know, life will go on, possibly with many other chances to grow and love, maybe to do things better. Yet the pain I caused feels eternal, and doesn’t go away.

Step by step, brick by brick, after each and every prayer and valuable, God-level-resembling deed it can be better, will be better.

I’m sorry, Heavenly Father, I’m truly sorry. I wish I could turn back time, I wish You could trust me, again, soon, now. I wish You could stay and find a place in me to dwell, a spotless, bright, eternal, true part in me.

Please, forgive me, Heavenly Father!
I failed. I want to make it better. Please, try to trust and believe in me, I can do it better, I will try again, and I will make it, I promise You. Please, forgive me!

(from my book: God is Within)

Let Us Become People Who Can Live with God’s Love

Do you know a place where God is nearest to you? That is the place of repentance. However, as you understand God more, you don’t need to say to Him, “Please forgive me because I committed such and such sins.” Once you repent the fact that you did not know God’s Heart looking over you, everything will be forgiven.

If there is a greater sinner than a prodigal son who wastes all the money of his parents, this is a son who hurts and wounds his parents’ loving hearts. There is no greater sin. If this son cries out while saying, “How can my sin that injured my father’s heart be forgiven?”, then the father will forgive him by saying, “Oh, my son and Oh, my son.” If the fallen parents can do this, God will definitely forgive you.

In general people go to their church and pray, “Please forgive me for I repent for such a such a sin I committed.” However, you rather pray like this, “I dishonored the principle of Heavenly ethic, trampled the sacred relationship between God and human being and violated the relationship between Human and all things of creation. I committed this grave sin that violated all relations of hearts. Please have your way for such a wretched man.” By repenting this way, you may be accepted by Him, and subsequently becoming victorious to be recognized by Heavenly Father, everything will be resolved completely. Heaven definitely visits a person who repents in such way.

Then, what should you do in order to truly repent? First step is for you to set up right direction in your life and put utmost effort to achieve your goals, by repenting daily in your life of faith. God will always listen to the requests from such a person. In fact, since both you and God know what you must do now, ninety percent of your prayer should not asking God about things that you want to do. Rather, 90% of your prayer must be repentance. This is the same as the teaching of Jesus – “Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Repentance has such important value if it is done correctly.

Your goals are already set very high. So you know the days when you cannot reach the goals. When you come to short of achieving them, you must repent on the day by saying, “God, I am sorry for not achieving the goals today. I really wanted to come closer to reaching the goals, but I fail to do it. Please forgive me. Then, I will determine to fulfill them tomorrow.” This is your prayer method…

However, you may need to repent the next day. When you set high goals, you cannot reach them easily, thus, everyday is a day of repentance. But, it is beautiful thing to behold. Each day is a new day and a new beginning. In your journey of life, each and every day is a day of repentance. Such a way of living is so wonderful. This is far better than your proud feeling such as saying “I am a leader. So, I give orders to all people around me.” Thus, life of repentance is much more wonderful.

God never be so proud to say, “Because I am the Almighty God, you people must obey what I say.” Then, how can you so proud to say that you are great, as you are trying to comfort and console God whose heart is filled with sorrow? You have never reached such a position to be proud of yourselves. If you repent daily, even though you don’t realize these points, you are growing. But, if you think you have very high standard and are an exemplary Moonie, it is clear that you are no longer growing. Do you want to go the path of repentance?

I want you to realize that even though you repent throughout your life, you have never liquated your debts. In the path of repentance, each day is a new start. This path is truly your own path of cross. On this path, you only ascend, never descend. Jesus went to mountain alone countless times in order to be away from others, to fast, and to pray with so many tears. Even for Jesus, each and every day was a new beginning of repentance. This is only certain way where you are guaranteed to grow and never stumble.

Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 9
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 8, 1960

Are You a Public Person?

When you think about yourselves, can you say that you are a completely public-minded person, completely living for the sake of others? If you are, then no matter how many roadblocks you may encounter, you will still be able to reach God. But if you can’t say that you are that kind of person, then Satan is just watching and waiting along the narrow road, ready to catch you. What is a public man? A public man is the one who has public eyes, a public nose, a public mouth, a public mind, and public sense. Think about yourself. Are you a public person or not? You leaders of the Unification Church, what do you think about yourselves? When almighty God looks at you, He sees a man trying to build a path for his life down just one avenue. God can’t claim this kind of life because that is Satan’s possession.

Of course, a public man has five physical senses; however, each sense is focusing on the public purpose. For example, what his eye is looking at, or what his ear is hearing, is always centered on the public goal. What is the public goal? The public goal is that which works toward creating goodness for the whole. What is a satanic man? He looks just like the public man. He has two eyes, but he sees things differently with each of his two eyes. He has two ears, but he may hear one thing with one ear and another thing with the other ear. He has a mouth, but he speaks the way he wants, without thinking about God. That is a satanic man.

Which way is easier for you – the public way of life or the private, individualistic way? There is no doubt that living the public way of life is much more difficult. The self-centered way of life is just free and easy. There are no restrictions or regulations; you go as you feel. From that point of view, do you think you belong to Satan or God? I can’t believe you when you say “God.” You are laughing, so that means you admit that it’s true! So which do you choose – the easy way out, or the difficult way?

The world today is in turmoil, being pulled by both God and Satan. Therefore, if we want to save or restore this world, the entire population has to choose this difficult way and be united and work together. Then we can eliminate the power of Satan and make this world beautiful world of harmony.

The hope for mankind is for some person or group to appear in history that can block Satan’s influence. Satan is the one who creates the roadblock between man and God; but if a group of people can begin to create a roadblock between Satan and man, that is the world’s hope. That is why we see two distinctly different groups in this world. One group will go after self-centered goals, and one group will even be willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the public goal.

Man has to find this public-minded way of life. But it is a very thorny path. Who is going to show mankind that this thorny way is the right way? Only the religions have been doing this. That is why religions teach, “Don’t live for yourself; sacrifice yourself for others.” In Satan’s dictionary, there are no such words as “love,” “sacrifice,” or “service for others.” He knows nothing about those things. However, in God’s dictionary, those are the key words. Those are the words that fill up all of God’s books. They are like kings of words. When you read the Bible without understanding the essence of the words “love,” “sacrifice,” and “service for others,” you may get tired or bored. However, if you fully understand those terms, you will really enjoy reading the Bible and will be completely inspired.

Which aspect of you likes those words – your mind or your body? Of course, your mind likes them because your mind is connected to God and shares in His unchanging and eternal character. However, the body belongs to the realm of change and therefore is connected to Satan and the secular world. We can say that the mind is the stage for the public w y of life and the body is the base for the individualistic way. The mind is the base for God and the body can be the base for Satan.

If we see some delicious food, the body may say, “Hey, go over there and grab some before anybody else comes in.” But your mind will say, “No, wait for the others to take some and then take from whatever is left.” In this particular example, we can clearly see God’s side and Satan’s side. If we just follow the body’s desire, the evil mind will continue to grow. But if we follow the mind’s direction, would the evil mind continue to grow? If our body completely unites with and follows our mind, this kind of evil inclination will gradually disappear.

Isolation and Liberation
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 20, 1988

How to Save the USA and the World

There has been a hidden tension what started to burst out in the USA lately due to the police-shootings, however, we should see the wider perspective: it is a world-wide phenomena.

The once praised democracy failed and the misused western countries (misused by powers what people tended not to care/missed to control) spread the new-age of the historically well-known oppression, exploitation, and enmity. Certainly, again, a minority of people acts in the name of the rest, without even letting them know everything. Oswald Spengler wrote The Decline of the West  almost a century ago, a time when the communism has just started its rapid soaring as an answer for the exploited, unheeded, misused people, an answer for their desperate longing for something better, something true. As it turned out, even that was a poor and abused blueprint of something great what the heartistic people needed…

Right now, the civilization is changing, “Rome” (USA) is collapsing, since no morality and true virtues are in its leadership, the new center of the world is the Pacific Rim, both internally and externally…

Similarly to the Roman Empire, the USA used to be in the position of the one great leader of the world, however, it broke the trust of every part of the world, especially after the fall of the communism.

Contraversially, one of the greatest human achievement, the Constitution of the United States (and the Bill of Rights), the spirit and attendance of the first settlers, the Founding Fathers, and millions of true patriots who searhced their own path to God, are also rooted in the same place. There are millions of beautiful people there and lots of them lost their consciousness towards their own body, diet, spiritual health in exchange for vanities and the promise of veneer happiness. Without true and reforming leaders, who have skills and excel in their relationship with God, lead an exemplary life,too, there is no chance to avoid the apocalyptic end, what is less in the silver screen, more in the real life, in the streets.

The police officers are the very same people, their children attend to the very same schools like others, they go to the same shops and drink the same coffee… without the mask, the facade, the tinhorn shelter of the uniform they are the very same people. They are not the only one living an errant life: think of the doctors in their practice, forgetting millions in the streets in the need of their help; businessmen, loosing their touch to the reality playing their own, pitiful but envied monopoly-game, forgetting millions in the streets and ruining the life of almost everyone; priests, preaching instead of acting in a humble but meaningful way; journalists, discovering and knowing the truth and agendas, yet bending and hiding it for the hope of fame or more viewers-readers; media people, actors, musicians, who claim to share their wealth loudly, yet, forgetting to change their lifestyles or even letting homeless people, families in need to one of their homes in the cold of the winter…

The brothers and sisters, who forgot their true identitiy, we, we are responsible for all of these aching events, sinking back lower than people before the Mosaic laws…

I truly believe, if each and every one of us let himself-herself to resonate, feel, dare to love in its real, God-given meaning, there is hope and chance for the USA, and the rest of the world. This way, the sacrifices won’t be in vain…


Have a Blessed Night and a Prosperous Life!



Prayer and God

Prayer is about asking for the power and the lively mind to keep going, even if we have to fast and kneel down. When we don’t have the confidence and motive to continue pursuing the goal, then we have to pray to ask for that motive. If we don’t have enough power to do what we must do, then we pray to ask God for the power to hang on to His course and will, even at the cost of our lives. Prayer is a promise and proclamation to God that you are going this way, and asking for the power to complete it. Certainly God will listen to that prayer, and urge you to go ahead.

After God sees that you will persevere until you accomplish what you promise, He will think you are trustworthy in His will. If you pray but don’t act, however, you and God will become farther and farther apart. When you pray about something and act headlong to do it, trusting that God will help you do that, it will be achieved. Your prayer is not made in meditation, but with sweat, with all your energy. Pray with the utmost confidence that you will go through any barrier. Once you have that determination, persecution will only make you more solid. If your situation becomes even worse after you pray, you must be assured that the day is getting nearer when God will answer your prayer.


Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1981

The Path We Choose and Take

The path we choose and take is always on us.

Where we go seems to be a destiny, however, we are, who direct our life, no one else. Excuses come, when we are afraid of our responsibility.

Can we go in a straight line? With all the obstacles in and out? Naturally, we need to adjust ourselves to be successful. Yet, inside, we are able to be always straight, blunt, pure – our heart is capable for a victorious life, we are to be happy and joyful, seeing the sunlight in the middle of the dark.

We must find the best vehicle for ourselves, either it is an aqueous media or a dry, sandy one, to reach the destination of our life, the next stop, the best is the quickest way.

When we grow and mature, we can find it, immidiately.

Earthworm after the rain - 2
Earthworm after the rain – 2
Earthworm after the rain - 1
Earthworm after the rain – 1

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

Growing to Heaven

Growing to Heaven
Growing to Heaven

We all grow to Heaven.

Sometimes we are chopped, sometimes we are torn, sometimes we are dried out, yet, every challenge, agony can be turned into the favour for our inner spark, that really existing part what is still from the Eternal Being, our Ancestor, God, our Heavenly Parent.

We should not compete to be the first one to enter to Heaven, we must support everyone else to be ahead of us. This way, we can forget ourselves, receiving new purity, mindset, heartistic attitude, a new life, a real character of love.

We all grow to Heaven, we all go to Heaven.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon

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