It is over now
the dim shades are gone
it seems just like yesterday
when we fell in love
with each other
and the Nature

how we were running
just like rivers
seamless flow
in an endless joy
knowing our destiny

Our days
grew into years
sometimes we felt eternity
and all the nights
we were brave
in the uncharted paths

that’s what we are now
our fragments shattered around
our innocence is gone
as we see the life without each other

merely a hope
manifestation of the deepest love
desperate need
all I can call You
is desire

will we go now


Joshua Dragon

(from the completed book: Pray with me)

SMM Quotes – 216

“If you have the absolute determination to become the hammer of God, God will need you and not abandon you. But if you try to win the battle with a self-centered attitude, no matter how many years you struggle, it would be in vain. Even self-denial takes too much time. Instead, volunteer to become God’s hammer.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Not With Shame But Dignity

If we do not do enough, how can we stand in front of God? Our conscience will not permit us to. One thing we should never be in the future is ashamed of ourselves. I have always lived conscious of the fact that I could never lead a life I was ashamed of.

We need salvation. This is a very real situation. We want to be saved, and we will be saved, not with shame but with dignity. We cannot eat as we like; we cannot sleep as we like; we cannot say and do things as we like when there is the possibility that later we might be ashamed of that action. At this very moment, our brothers and sisters are losing their lives in the hands of Satan. How can we be complacent?

You must not just borrow this way of thinking and this way of life from me, but you must make it your own. You must be proud of the concept itself and live this life just as I do so that you can become true descendants. I do not just think this way, I live way. It is not just words; it is actions.

Now we know how we will achieve salvation and how we can be saved with dignity, without shame. We are all individual messiahs of love. When we practice love, love will come back to us, with ownership. That is reality.

Plant love and you will never perish. You may suffer, but you will never perish or be ashamed. Do you understand? Those who say, “Father, I understand deeply now and I will live the way of love,” raise your hands. Let us pray.

The Will and I
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1988

Invest Yourself Totally

This is how God is: God invests everything into a being, and then that being experiences love. Then that explosive love will be returned back to the original Being who made all that investment. God created everything according to this principle.

Since God gave everything to man, a man should want to give everything to a woman. Then the woman will want to give everything back to the man, and the man will want to give everything back to God. Things are created that way. When this give and take action takes place in a lively way, then the two will come into complete unity and never separate. That is the focal point of God’s love. When a man and woman are really in love and live in love, God is living there too. That is the most ideal place, the nucleus.

This is the secret of a subject-object relationship, the secret of being a spouse. Pour your love into your spouse; live for the sake of your spouse; do things for his sake, day after day. When he gets saturated, he may say, “Why are you doing all this? I don’t want this,” and he may even want to escape. But if you continue loving him, he will turn around and return your love. Love will grow. That is the Principle of Creation.

What are saints? Saints are the ones who are ahead of other people in realizing, practising, and teaching this principle. In other words, saints are people who have expanded this realm of living for the sake of others. It’s all part of the law of the creation. We must go and we must love. We must put all our love and everything we have into our families, into other people, and into the nation. This is the course we have to follow. Then this living principle will just go around and around and expand throughout space.

There is only one way for us to go. I, as an individual, must love my spouse and then bring all of society into oneness and later meet God. Then I will fall in love with God and jump into that love and live happily day by day. When I will really be living for the sake of other people, the society, and the nation.

If you are trying to find love, you are misguided. You cannot “find” love. It goes against the process of the law of creation to look for love. You have to invest yourself first. Have you done that? Have your poured your love into your spouse? Love is bound to come back to you as much as you have poured your life into the other. When that happens, love starts coming back.

We are establishing this tradition here on earth for the first time in history. I have lived for the sake of leaving this tradition behind. My life has been absolutely consistent with the will of God. I always invest myself wholeheartedly. I spare nothing. I always search out how I can give even more. Then all things start to follow me. At that point ownership begins. That is when you start to truly own things. A husband and wife may think they love each other and say they love each other, but they need to be patient with each other. If one disagrees with the other and gets offended and they start quarreling, that is obviously not love. Love emerges when we want to put our whole life into the relationship so there is nothing more to put in. After that love starts coming back. Then there is no more quarrelling.

The more we love, the more love and ownership will come to us. That is the living, daily philosophy of the Unification Church. When we practice this, we are guaranteed to be on the right path. Even if we do not realize where we are going, we are going in the right direction. Imagine a big family with many, many brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and in-laws. Who is going to be the center of that family, the master of that house, in the future? It will be the person who invests the most into that family. It will be the person who gives everything he has for the sake of the other family members day in and day out without expecting anything in return. You can predict who is going to be the center of that household and be the true owner of everything. Everyone and everything will want to belong to that person.

We know we must love the world, but that concept is too vague. How do we love? This is something that Unification Church members must know. We have to put our life totally into what we are doing. This is what God has done for us. If we do that all things will want to belong to us. In order to own everything with love, give. Give all you have. This is our credo.

Don’t say, “Where is love?” Don’t say, “My husband must love me,” or “I expect love from my wife.” If you do, peace and love can never be realized within your family. There is no love until we put our love in. Do you understand? This is an amazing truth. On an individual level all the way up to the national level, we must love unto our very lives. If you put in everything you have, your investment will return as love towards you. How wonderful that is!

If you want to be a true mother or true father, you must ask yourself how much you have loved your children in a righteous way. Children who are loved absolutely will never want to leave you, even if you scold them. When everything comes back to you and wants to be owned by you, you can live happily every day. That is the ideal. God loves us, but we have to love God too. All things belong to God, and if we love God, all things also belong to us. There is no other way to own anything in the universe except through loving God. If we love God, we begin to own things.

The Will and I
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1988

SMM Quotes – 215

“As you have noticed, the words ‘life’, ‘love’ and ‘living’ are all abstract nouns. They do not have a shape. Therefore, God took time and great pains to make physical things out of His ideas. Men and women were created by God with substantial, physical bodies to be the embodiment of true love, true life, and true living.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

We All Have a Proper Place

Let us consider that we are all like works of art in an exhibition. If the world is a museum, then “I” am one of the exhibits. Each exhibit must stay in his position. No matter how valuable an object is, or no matter how valuable an individual may be, if he does not stay where he is supposed to and wanders around according to his own will, he is immediately valueless because he is not serving his purpose.

We all have a proper place and should not go just anywhere we feel. If I stay where I am supposed to stay and go in the direction true human beings are supposed to go, then I, as a representative of all human beings, will be cherished by the universe.

Leaders should be in the leaders’ position. If a leader leaves his position on his own and goes somewhere else, he loses his value. He is the same person, but if he is in a different position, he is not as valuable there. When a leader leaves his proper place and goes the wrong way, the other people feel, “I wish he wasn’t my leader.” In the same way, parents have certain expectations of their children. They want their child to do what he is supposed to do and become successful in life. But what if that child becomes involved with the wrong things and makes trouble all the time? The parents might think, “Oh, I wish that child wasn’t mine.” Is it because the parent is unloving that he thinks this way? No. We can understand that parent’s heart. It is because the parent knows universal law; he knows which way his child should go. His original mind and conscience know, and when that child goes astray, he feels a great deal of pain.

This situation extends to the society and national level. Even a country is supposed to go in a certain direction. If it doesn’t, we may wish that country just didn’t exist. Look at the powerful communist countries. A few decades ago, some people briefly thought that communism was the highest ideology, but time has proven that communism is not going in the direction of mankind’s ideals. Now they are saying, “Communism must contain itself; it must not spread.” Even many of the communist countries themselves think that communism should be dissolved.

Why is this? It is because the conscience of each individual human being knows the original way he is supposed to go. We always have to check and make sure we are in the right position. If we are not, either we correct our position or our position is eliminated. We have to constantly ask ourselves, “Am I standing in a position where I will never be eliminated?” Do you have the confidence to say, “Yes, Father. I am where I am supposed to be. I am very sure about that. I must stay where I am because the world needs me and the universe needs me.” This is a serious matter. Some people are not sure, so they have to find out where their leader wants them go. But suppose there is a person who is constantly checking himself and striving to go in the right direction, the unmistakable direction. He continually tries to bring himself more and more closely into the true position. Such a person is destined to be a leader of the rest of mankind.

What is the true way? The Orient has produced many saints. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed all came from the East. But who is the saint of all saints? Christians would say Jesus, but wouldn’t the Buddhists say Buddha? This could be confusing. Are there many different paths a human being must go? What if those four saints got together and tried to determine whose way was better. One thing they wouldn’t say is, “My way is best.” Instead they would each say, “I will ask Heaven and see which direction is the best of all.” That is the difference between saints and ordinary people.

What about someone from the secular world? How would they come up with the best idea? They would probably form a Board of Directors and hire representatives. They would analyse their findings and come to a certain conclusion. Their answer may be right for a season. They may be right for that time in history, but for all other times it may not apply.

The Founding Fathers of America agreed upon a system of democracy. They saw very clearly that democracy was the only thing that would work. They tried to be very conscientious in creating their constitution and then they asked God if it was right. When they got the answer that it was, they ratified it. But that was 200 years ago. Look how much the environment has changed since then. Is what the people decided 200 years ago exactly right for now? Impossible. The American people should be constantly going back to God and saying, “Are we still all right?” Yet has there ever been a president who asked God exactly how to do things? No. Not here or anywhere. Pragmatism has always served the immediate purpose. Pragmatism means doing not what God decides but what man decides is the most practical thing in the moment. We cannot be satisfied with pragmatism. We know there is something higher. Shouldn’t we abandon secularism and humanism in hopes of reaching something more lasting and enduring?

When each of the four saints started out, each was quite confident that he was going in the most righteous direction. But eventually each came to realize that his way was not perfect after all. Today, the followers of each of these saints are fighting bitterly amongst themselves and against each other. That is proof enough that none of their ways is the ultimate way. Then how shall we resolve this? Where can we find the true way? We have to go back to Heaven and ask God what we should do.

The Will and I
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1988

Little Nightingale

Little Nightingale
Little Nightingale
Where have you gone
Where have you been

The night is a vigil
If I can’t see you
The day is gloomy
If I can’t hear you

Little Nightingale
Little Nightingale
Where have you gone
Where have you been

Here is my hand
Empty, but full
Life-worn wrinkles
Among them seeds

Little Nightingale
Little Nightingale
Where have you gone
Where have you been

I saw you in the future
A vivid daydream
I couldn’t bear
You weren’t there any-more

Little Nightingale
Little Nightingale
Where have you gone
Where have you been

I’m gasping out
It’s you, you are here
I am relieved
Please, don’t go

Little Nightingale

Joshua Dragon

Have You Noticed That You Are Amazing?

Here is the thing: everybody wants to be happy, live a joyful life, create and work for the greater good and be appreciated accordingly.
Nobody likes being prejudged based on anything, nobody likes being shut out, nobody likes being alone, nobody likes being misused.
Yet, we all have vast experiences about these and there are more to them.
How can we change it?

Here is the thing: we are all meant to excel in whatever we plan for others and the world around us. Living in a world full of communication devices we seem to be loosing in our efficiency regarding the ability of real meaning and understanding each other. It is like the Tower of Babylon – so many ways to miss the point.
However, and this is a great however: you can excel in any art, the inevitable tool to comprehend other nations, science, faith, people and I can assure you, yourself during the way.

You are a Winner,
Not a Quitter,
You are Awesome,
No matter what you say,
You are Amazing,
Nobody is, was or will be like you
You are Unique,
Not only Special,
But simply: Fantastic!

Be persevering and all your efforts will bring fruition for you and your beloved ones and the whole world will be a greater place.


Joshua Dragon

SMM Quotes – 214

“Truly each one of you is a masterpiece of God’s creation. Some men and women may wonder why they couldn’t be prettier or more handsome. But don’t think that way; you are God’s masterpiece. No matter what, God worked very hard to make you just as you are. Even if someone condemns himself as ugly, when you look at that person you can find some special characteristic that nobody else has.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

A Prayer for a Friend

Life was hard to you today

Life was hard to you yesterday

I can see why you can’t see the real light

There is a shadow inside you

And it will grow until you let it go

But don’t do this in vain

Only to pour it away

We all need to learn from hardships

Tribulations make us stronger

Amidst the grieve we should grow

And there is a partner for that

You know His name by heart

He has always been there for you

Believe me, He is here for you

Let me pray and ask His help

Let me offer this for you:

Heavenly Parent,

Please, hear me out!

My friend is in trouble

Without a clear sight

Loosing the shore

Please, help this child

Who is truly one of Yours

Or at least on the way home

Ease that pain inside

Your child needs the light

There has been too much of the dark

Please, show that eternal flame

Magic of Truth, Care and Love

What created this world

The beauty of life

Please, help my friend

Through the night!

Thank you,

Heavenly Parent,

Thank You!



-Joshua Dragon-

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