Letter to God

I wish that I could tell You
How much I’m sorry
All the ills and wrongs
What guide me to loose the way

Back to You

It’s never easy
You know

I should say the words
What emptied me
As they flew away

Whenever I feel
The resonance with You
I’m inspired and holy
Eternal not vain

Feeling the Path

Back to You
Becomes reality

Resemblance is discovered
True soul emerges
Time and space melt

I wish I could talk to You
And tell how much I’m sorry
I should be there for You
Yet waiting to be mature


Joshua Dragon

(from the book: Words of Light)

Words of Light

Dear Friends and Siblings, fellow God-lovers and Seekers,

A new e-book has been published called Words of Light, you can find it here. It is free.

Here is a short description.

Words of Light is a collection of poems about the path of enlightenment on the way of returning into the bosom of Heavenly Parent. Purification of soul and mind, humble approaches to resonate with the Absolute Being, reflecting His Heart. Shining and loveful moments, rebirths and milestones in the life of faith.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!



Words of Light
Words of Light – by Joshua Dragon

SMM Quotes – 194

“In a family, the man goes out to work and comes back in the evening, pulled by the power of love. The wife too goes out shopping and always comes back pulled by love. The children, sons and daughters go to school or go anywhere and they always return, pulled by the power of love. The family is the place where couples, parents and children all dwell in love. Isn’t that true?” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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