You are a good person (Affirmation)

Always remember: you are a good person, who is capable for greatness. You are beloved by Heavenly Parent and you will be beloved the very same way by your family.


Accept yourself not because what you did or you think you should have done but because you are a one of a kind, unique, special being who can manifest the highest level of love through actions.


Say it loudly: “I am beloved. I am special, I am unique and I can manifest the highest level of love through my actions.”


Joshua Dragon

Anyone to talk to is You, God

Anyone to talk to is You, God


All the deaf and selfish

and all the caring are asleep

leaving the ones in need

leaving me in need

of talking

sharing and


of feeling to be related

and connected

You are the only one, who is awake


You gave me life

and let me find my purpose

which has never been so easy

but I could wear off the selfishness

in a rough path

so I could be more like You

at least



Nobody has ever longed for me

as much as You, Father

not for Yourself, but for me

and that love is strange

still unusual

in this life


There is noone else at this vigil

You are the only one who listens

and hear me out

and I wish I could love You more

but this is all I can do

trying to grow

and be more mature


Anyone to talk to is You, God

there is noone else awake this time of the night

nor in my life

my heart is invisible for the world

I matter the most to You

I know


For some, I am like You


guiding light


through all the challenges


I can love You more, Father

as I’m evolving

this way


Anyone to talk to is You, God



Joshua Dragon

Becoming a Responsible Person

As I Can See

Seen from the viewpoint of God’s providence, there are people responsible over internal things and people responsible over external things. Which kind of responsible persons are more important? Many young people think that they want to be responsible over a nation. Each one thinks that he wants to be the most important, capable leader of the nation. He especially wants to cause his nation to develop and progress more than ever, and thinks of many ways to do this. He must have the capacity, potential, or power to do this, and he will have many ways to apply the power. He must know how to organize and develop. Before taking action he must study the situation closely and see how things have been developing in his nation. Then he must use some power or capacity to cause progress to occur. He wants to leave what is already good and either…

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Our Two Births

As I Can See

It makes God happy to watch and directly take part in our life. Consider how a baby is born and wets its diapers as it begins the process of growth. God is happy because as the child grows, the pulse of love that is in God’s heart also grows. When God makes a face, babies imitate Him and make the same face. When God smiles, babies also smile, and when He is sad they also are sad. This is how babies gradually grow to resemble God. As babies grow, they also begin to resemble their parents. From their parents, they learn language and the rules for daily life. Of course, all these things have their origin in God.

So, after God has lived with us on earth and goes whoosh over to the other side, what are we supposed to do? If we say, “Wait, God, I want to go…

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The Mission of Religion in Cultivating the Person of Character Who Can Govern the Cosmos

As I Can See

If you wish to go in front of God by elevating your value, you should listen to the words of the Lord. You should respond to God’s longing heart and possess a mind of longing for God by experiencing the value of the original person in the original garden. How much joy God would feel if such a person came forth.

Longing cannot occur without love. That love should be God’s love, which is the origin of eternal rest and eternal life, not human love. Therefore, out of all the religions, Christianity tries to fulfill that mission as the religion of love. The purpose of religion is to cultivate a person of character who can utilize the laws of the world of the heart and who has the authority to govern the emotions of life and all the principles of the cosmos.

God has been accomplishing the dispensation by setting…

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The Path We Choose and Take

The path we choose and take is always on us.

Where we go seems to be a destiny, however, we are, who direct our life, no one else. Excuses come, when we are afraid of our responsibility.

Can we go in a straight line? With all the obstacles in and out? Naturally, we need to adjust ourselves to be successful. Yet, inside, we are able to be always straight, blunt, pure – our heart is capable for a victorious life, we are to be happy and joyful, seeing the sunlight in the middle of the dark.

We must find the best vehicle for ourselves, either it is an aqueous media or a dry, sandy one, to reach the destination of our life, the next stop, the best is the quickest way.

When we grow and mature, we can find it, immidiately.

Earthworm after the rain - 2
Earthworm after the rain – 2
Earthworm after the rain - 1
Earthworm after the rain – 1

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

Growing to Heaven

Growing to Heaven
Growing to Heaven

We all grow to Heaven.

Sometimes we are chopped, sometimes we are torn, sometimes we are dried out, yet, every challenge, agony can be turned into the favour for our inner spark, that really existing part what is still from the Eternal Being, our Ancestor, God, our Heavenly Parent.

We should not compete to be the first one to enter to Heaven, we must support everyone else to be ahead of us. This way, we can forget ourselves, receiving new purity, mindset, heartistic attitude, a new life, a real character of love.

We all grow to Heaven, we all go to Heaven.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon

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