SMM Quotes – 223


“A wise person will go all the way once he has made a commitment; do not go only halfway or be mediocre, because you will only end up as a loser. If you want to become victorious, then you have to persevere all the way.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon


SMM Quotes – 205


“To be treated well you must first treat others well. You reap as you sow. Sow evil to reap evil; sow goodness to reap goodness. Your concern should be how to give, and how to give well. As for the return to you, you must trust in God. He will take care of it.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Wisdom of Old Age

The wisdom of old age is the fruit of a lifetime of living a moral life and practicing the discipline of a religious path. However, the effort which it takes to realize the fulness of spiritual wisdom should be undertaken from one’s youth. Strength and adaptability are required, and once old age has drawn nigh, it becomes too difficult to practice and too late to change. Old age is a time to manifest either the wisdom gained as the fruits of that effort or the decrepitude of a wasted life.

(from the book: World’s Scripture II)

If You Love Those Who Love You

If You Love Those Who Love You

If You Love Those Who Love You

(from the book: Wisdom for Life)

SMM Quotes – 192


“A wise person will place hope in the future and continue to move forward, no matter how difficult it may be. A foolish person, on the other hand, will throw away his future for the sake of immediate happiness.” – Sun Myung Moon

God Can Smile – God’s wisdom

As I Can See

Adam was having a conversation with God, and Adam asked God, “God, why did you make the woman so beautiful?”

God answered, “Well, so that you would love her.”

Adam asked God again, “God, why did you make woman so irrational?”

God replied, “So that she would love a fool like you.”

(from my upcoming book: God Can Smile)

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

God Can Smile - Melolontha melolontha God Can Smile – Melolontha melolontha


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Love is

Love is when your mouth becomes unable to speak.
When as a writer you can not find more words.
Love is when your tummy is full without food.
When as a singer you are mute.
Love is when you close your eyes you can see.
When as a father you are a child again.
Love is when you laugh and cry at the same time.
When as a brother you yearn for your Brother like it would burn your heart.

Love is when you are one, nothing and everything.
When you are grateful like you never been before.



The origin of the cult of idols

As I Can See

The invention of idols was the origin of fornication, their discovery the corrupting of life. They did not exist at the beginning, they will not exist for ever; through human vanity they came into the world and hence a sudden end has been designed for them.

A father afflicted by untimely mourning makes an image of his child so swiftly taken, and now he honors as a god what yesterday had only been a dead man, bequething mysteries and initiations to his dependents. Then in the course of time the godless custom hardens, and is observed as law and, by command of princes, the carved images receive worship.

Of those who lived too far away to be honored in person men would make a portrait from a distance and produce a visible image of the king they honored, meaning, by such zeal, to flatter the absent as if he were…

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Love of Nature (1)

As I Can See

The Nature is our second self.

It always should be, in every tiny details in our lives. The interconnected, vividly living creatures can be our greatest teachers. Even insects and glaciers, salmons and nesting birds show us more maturity, more wisdom, than most of the times we do.

We cannot live in a brochure, cleanness does not mean to have nicely polished, empty furniture, filtered air and bottled water. The healthy, enriching way of life is for the others, with no expectations to receive anything back, when the joy of others gives us happiness.

Our resonance with the Nature, our harmony is our health, our balance, our thoughts, our mind and heart.

Love of Nature - 1

Love of Nature - 2

Love of Nature - 3

Find the inner self in the Nature. It leads you to tranquility. A silence, what is full of warmth and love. From there, you will be able to find the path towards Heaven.


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SMM Quotes – 105


As I Can See

A wise man, even at the point of starvation, does not eat his own piece of bread but gives it to someone else who is in the same situation. Thus he receives a reward which will last for a thousand years. – Sun Myung Moon

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