Why do you give up?

Why do you give up
When nothing stops
Everything embraces
To live in abundance


Why do you give up
When no one can stop
Since the good-hearted ones
Always come and elevate


Why do you give up
When God is not dead
Actually present
In the life if He is let


Why do you give up
When you are special
Unique and eternal
Full of potential


Why do you give up
When God loves
Through the whole creation
You are the one
Whom He wants
To make happy



Joshua Dragon

Embrace Yourself – It’s time for reconciliation

You might have been up

or you might have been down

You might have won

or you might have lost more than a couple of times


You might feel you haven’t been

the person you have always wanted to be

but instead of condemn, judge and hate

just believe in yourself


Your mistakes will never define you

unless you want them to do so

Your past will never determine your future

unless you give the power to it to do so


You can feel you mind is confused

and it’s absolutely okey

You have never meant to be a robot

by pushing away your feelings


It is all right to admit

you are still on the path

to be greater than you were yesterday

you have a chance to make it right


Embrace yourself within

not the disguise painted on your soul

but discover your true identity

the unique and one and only magic


It’s time for reconciliation

with the improving part in you

focus on the sound of God

whispering in you



Joshua Dragon

Before you judge people ask yourself

Before you judge people ask yourself

If I were to teach you, how could I do it?

If I were to help you, how should I do it?

If I were to ask you, how would I do it?

If I were to walk in your shoes, could I do it?


Each and every person we meet is carrying a unique, eternal seed from God.


If we were to focus on what we can learn from each other, instead of hate

If we were to embrace love in its absoluteness

If we were to manifest the actual goodness where we give without expectations


We would have eyes to see no colours

We would have hands to help the poor

We would have lips to give comfort for the broken ones

We would have legs to walk the extra mile to reach out

We would have a heart to embrace everyone.


God has never created boundaries among nations, people, families, classes.


The rest is up to each and every one of us now.



Joshua Dragon

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