Isn’t it interesting?

Has it ever happened to you, that you did something what you had known was wrong?

Yet, despite every wisdom you had just did it?

I guess, this is a mindset trick we all have in ourselves, hidden or in plain-sight. Sometimes we tend to repeat our own, kind of boring failures day by day, sometimes we feel we have overcome them – up until the bitter moment when we realize we just did it again. Oops.

Do you remember that feeling what swallowed you and made you start to doubt and question even your own existence?

Do you recall the unexplainable fear?

All this are not from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Since He always wants to give us the best, He won’t be the obstacle for our own happiness and struggle to grow. He will never push us down and make us feel worthless. He will always uplift and embrace us. His heart is such that He will comfort us even when we cause pain to Him. All these, because His desire is to see us the same like Him, in a way better than Him. We are His love objects, His partners, His family. And He always wants us to feel good and be better, staying strong in heart, healthy in mind and body.

The feeling of guilt, the self-accusation is not from Heavenly Parent but from us, from deep inside. Our immature self judges us, ruthlessly.

Although, it sounds harsh to say we are not only good, we contain bad elements, too – this is just logical. At least seeing our own life we’ll know and understand the reason behind.

For Heavenly Parent the flaws do not matter, since He knows, as the vast Universe, we all need to grow and learn and be more mature, complete. However, sin is a different thing, it is what we all know or surmise we should not do. Yet, how often we are willingly take the risk and for a false and temporary while we tend to forget and throw away everything. Lust, comfort, pettiness, anger, hatred, stuffing, swill – all the selfishness in the world can be our present and reality in an instant. That matters, since that is the farthest from God, our Heavenly Parent.

Isn’t it interesting we can hurt and we do so whom we love?

Isn’t it interesting?



Reasons of Religious Conflicts

Religious wars continue to occur because many politicians use the enmity between religions to satisfy their selfish designs. In the face of political power, religions often waver and lose their way. They lose sight of their original purpose, which is to exist for the sake of peace. All religions have a responsibility to advance the cause of world peace. Yet, lamentably, we see that religions instead become the cause of conflict. Behind this evil we find the machinations of politics, with its power and money. The responsibility of a leader, above all else, is to keep the peace. Yet leaders often seem to do the opposite and lead the world into confrontation and violence.

Leaders use the language of religion and nationalism to hide their selfish ambitions. Unless their hearts are set right, countries and nationalities will wander in confusion. Religion and love of one’s nation are not evil in their essence. They are valuable if these impulses are used to contribute to building a global human community. When the claim is made that only a particular religion or ethnic group is right and when other religions and ethnic groups are treated with disdain and attacked, religion and love of nation lose their value. When a religion goes so far as to trample on others and treat other religions as worthless, it no longer embodies goodness. The same is true when love of nation is used to emphasize the righteousness of a person’s own country over others.

The truth of the universe is that we must acknowledge each other and help each other. Even the smallest animals know this. Cats and dogs do not get along, but if you raise them in the same  household, they embrace each other’s offspring and are friendly toward each other. We see the same thing in plants. The vine that winds its way up a tree depends on the trunk to support it. The tree, however, does not say, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing, winding your way up my trunk?”

The principle of the universe is for everyone to live together, for the sake of one another. Anyone who deviates from this principle faces certain ruin. If nationalities and religions continue maliciously to attack each other, humanity has no future. There will be an endless cycle of terror and warfare until one day we become extinct. But we are not without hope. Clearly there is hope.

(from the book: As a Peace-loving Global Citizen by Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

SMM Quotes – 170

“It is common to look upon human self-centeredness as the basis of evil. Let us examine this perception. All of our human traits originate in God. We recognize that there is some human tendency for selfishness. This is natural because at one time God Himself was self-centered. This fact may surprise you, but you must understand that before God created human beings and the universe, He was all alone, with no one to care for except Himself. However, the very instant that God initiated creation, His full concept of life emerged. God now lives for His counterpart – not for Himself.” – Sun Myung Moon

Whose parent is He?

So, whose parent is He?

Is He the parent of mine, yours, or whose, specifically?

In the whole known and recently rediscovered human history, He was always told, written, expected to be the parent of some kind of denominations, certain ‘prophetic’ religious groups, races, nations. He was declared as the ‘supporter’ of selfishness backed ‘public desires’, He was named and titled in several ways and positions. However, new and new explanations, revelations were found and revealed, suggesting a misunderstood previous ‘version’ of Him.
Although, He might never changed, we, humans always wanted to see Him as our aims required, some of us silently, some of us conquering the world.

Is the African tale of Fidi Mukulu differs so much from the oriental creation-stories?
Is anyone still can believe, that Muslims, Jews, Christians have different Creator?

Putting aside the self-inducted, historical, political, economical, media explanations, what are always explanations, is there any major differences?
God can have vast amount of names, He will still remain God. Heavenly Parent is our original Heavenly Parent, constantly trying to reach out for each and every one of us. No parent can exist without children…

We do have senses, skills, abilities, but still use them for ‘scientific’ approach to find Him, to prove Him. Many of us believe, after establishing a nice and comfortable life, eternity will start…
Ironically, noone can decide when to be born, when to pass away…
Foolishly, we live chasing temporary happiness, neverlasting joy. Living for the sake of the moment should have never been turned running for private desires…

Has God changed since the Beginning? Absolutely not. He loves us with every part of his existence. Even we cannot stop loving our children, despite manners, anger, deeds, we cannot help but love them.

Has God changed since the Beginning? Absolutely yes. We became deaf, mute, blind, senseless, we reduced our conscience, we have been selfish, arrogant, proud and mislead. God, however, never stopped looking for ways to reach out, showing, whispering, shouting, asking, begging, helping, crying, sobbing, teaching… He, who is omnipotent, omniscient, ceaselessly wants to be better for us. He does not care our color, our height, our weight, our teeth, hair, strength, power, knowledge. He just wants to love us. He is longing for each and every one of us…

Every human wants to give food, water, shelter to people in need, children in need. If we put aside our manners, anger, selfish desires and deeds, our conscience will speak clearly. Even we, immatured humans, can love people we have never met before, can ‘adopt’ even for a minute children, who were not born to our lineage.

So, what about God?

Whose is God? He does love equally every one of us, always trying to be with us, unchangingly making efforts to help and be with us. All of us. Back, now and then in the history.

So, whose God is He?

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