God Can Smile – A child’s prayer

As I Can See

Soon a new e-book will be published, with the title “God Can Smile“.

Here is a little story from it:

There was a mom and she was reflecting on her two little boys. She said that, “Years ago, when my two little boys were very small, they were taught how to say their blessings before eating their meal.

One night, I was very busy scurrying around the kitchen, so I told them, ‘Hey! Boys, say your prayers before the meal without me’.” And then she took a moment to watch them as they both squeezed their eyes tightly, and folded their hands and began to pray.

The elder one, the 4 years old, finished very quickly, but the 3 years old kept on praying and praying. After about another minute or two passed, the 3 years old lifted his head, looked at his plate and was very angry…

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God Can Smile – God’s wisdom

As I Can See

Adam was having a conversation with God, and Adam asked God, “God, why did you make the woman so beautiful?”

God answered, “Well, so that you would love her.”

Adam asked God again, “God, why did you make woman so irrational?”

God replied, “So that she would love a fool like you.”

(from my upcoming book: God Can Smile)

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

God Can Smile - Melolontha melolontha God Can Smile – Melolontha melolontha


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God Can Smile – Heaven’s voice mail

As I Can See

Once there was a man who called heaven’s cell phone, and this is the voice mail that he got, “Thank you for calling heaven. We are sorry, all our angels and saints are busy helping other sinners right now. However, your prayer is very important to us, and we will answer it in the order that it was received.

Please stay on the line.

If you would like to speak to God, press 1.

Jesus, press 2.

The Holy Spirit, press 3.

If you would like to hear King David sings a psalm while you are holding, press 4.

To find a loved one who has been assigned to heaven, press 5, and then enter his or her social security number followed by the pound sign. If you get a negative response, please hang up and try area code 666.

For reservations in heaven please enter John 3:16.

For answers…

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God Can Smile – Ancestry

As I Can See

It was a party, after the ancestry lecture, and a whole group of women were gathered. They started to talk to each other. Tina was talking to Claire, and she asked her about the ancestry. Claire said: “My ancestry dates all the way back to Alexander, The Great!”

Caroline came in and said, “My ancestry dates all the way back to Constantine!”

Angie came in the conversation and said, “My ancestry dates all the way back to Genghis Khan! Tina, what about you? What did you find out about your ancestors?”

Tina looked very sad and she said, “Well, I really don’t know.”

The other ladies added, “Oh, well, I guess your ancestry doesn’t go back that far anyway, it’s probably a very short ancestry line.”

Finally, Tina noted, “Yes, it’s very sad; we’ve lost all our records in the flood!”

God Can Smile 04 - Lemur catta God Can Smile 04 – Lemur catta

(from my…

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The Man

As I Can See

The man was a young boy once, and immersed himself in all what others. He played Star Wars with school-desks made Millenium Falcon, where he always wanted rather to be Luke than Chewbacca or at least Han. He used to push bugs and looked at them, bought flowers because it was told to be the way for asking a classmate out at the age of six. Sometimes he roamed around protected whom he thought had to be.
Also, he was wandering in the endless walls of a burdened world. He started to see the cracking in his nightmares which he thought to be normal dreams, which only turned out to be different with others.
He used to be scared and frightened by nukes and early, unrighteous endings of the world he only knew from books, music and later rare TV and movies. For him the muppets were as close as…

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Tears of God

As I Can See

(from the upcoming book: God is Within)

There was always a sadness around God. I couldn’t describe it in the beginning, however, thinking back, He was never thunderously joyful. Maybe it was me or just the world around – He never actually laughed and brought the eternal rainbow. It was only me who painted the sky…

In my long awakening -and falling asleep periods- I studied a lot about Him. Mind-travelled to East, South, North and West, thin air and ancient wisdom. It looked every culture had a different entity to respect, fear, adore, praise, love, hate. Some others seemed to understand a little and added their own ideas or agendas to fill the gaps, declaring a ‘truth’, benefitting their own purposes or hiding their vanity, or lack.

I kept trying to fit my experiences to churches, denominations, cults, even theists. Although, practical questions such as UFOs, poverty, cruelty…

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As I Can See

I am often asked why I’m so different or bigot or just simply, why I do not lead a life like any other.

For a long while, I always started to explain, reason, give insights to share my understanding, being always polite, listening and only later respond. However, all these ended up with the unpleasant feeling of not being heard, listened, cared. It took time I realized, most of the conversations were one-sided, nobody was really curious about my response. As I grew, I learned and experienced: for everything a mutual give and receive pattern is necessary…

I am firm in my faith. To be blunt, I do not believe. I know.

I was called by God, in several ways, although, in the midst of the spiritual growing plenty of times I missed the guidance, skipped the boat of fortune and was stubborn in selfishly vain. Whenever I was asked…

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