Embrace Yourself – It’s time for reconciliation

You might have been up

or you might have been down

You might have won

or you might have lost more than a couple of times


You might feel you haven’t been

the person you have always wanted to be

but instead of condemn, judge and hate

just believe in yourself


Your mistakes will never define you

unless you want them to do so

Your past will never determine your future

unless you give the power to it to do so


You can feel you mind is confused

and it’s absolutely okey

You have never meant to be a robot

by pushing away your feelings


It is all right to admit

you are still on the path

to be greater than you were yesterday

you have a chance to make it right


Embrace yourself within

not the disguise painted on your soul

but discover your true identity

the unique and one and only magic


It’s time for reconciliation

with the improving part in you

focus on the sound of God

whispering in you



Joshua Dragon

Faith guarantees salvation

So far then we have seen that, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by faith we are
judged righteous and at peace With God, since it is by faith and through
Jesus that we have entered this state of grace in which we can boast about
looking forward to God’s glory. But that is not all we can boast about; we can
boast about our sufferings. These sufferings bring patience, as we know, and
patience brings perseverance, and perseverance brings hope, and this hope is
not deceptive, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the
Holy Spirit which has been given us. We were still helpless when at his appointed
moment Christ died for sinful men. It is not easy to die even for a good man –
though of course for someone really worthy, a man might be prepared to die –
but what proves that God loves us is that Christ died for us while we were still
sinners. Having died to make us righteous, is it likely that he would now fail
to save us from God’s anger? When we were reconciled to God by the death of
his Son, we were still enemies; now that we have been reconciled, surely we may
count on being saved by the life of his Son? Not merely because we have been
reconciled but because we are filled with joyful trust in God, through our Lord
Jesus Christ, through whom we have already gained our reconciliation.

Romans 5:1-11

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