SMM Quotes – 178

“How do you treat the all things? You must consider them as higher dimensional and holy. In another word, you should view them as the most precious amongst all expensive antiques. You must think you are touching the object which was created by God’s own hands. At the same time, you should long that this holy object should reach and contact “me,” a human being with holiness.

For this end, you must cultivate a mind-set that you are giving it glory, when you touch something. The same holds true for the people you meet and live with. Rather, you must feel even more so when it comes to dealing with people. As God treats a person directly, you must develop the heart to treat the person with the same feeling that God does. This is the question. It is not a problem how the other person would treat you. Real question is how you should treat that person and how you feel in your heart.” – Sun Myung Moon

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