Love With Silence

As I have loved you, love others
Without any words, even without expressing at all
For love to be truly deep and profound
Serve without recognition from anybody.

Do good deeds for others
Without being known from others
Don’t make excuses when you are scolded
Don’t seek revenge when someone hurts you with words.

Love with silence when people reject you
Just love with silence
Pray for them
While you try to help them but they refuse you.

Love with silence when people ignore you
Endure the sorrow when you are rejected
Remind yourself always
To spread happiness and joy to others.

Love with silence when you are irritated
By the words and deeds of others
Offer God the pain you have deep inside your heart.

Remind yourself always
To respect and care for other brothers and sisters
Within yourself, never allow resentments,
Harsh accusations, or lack of endurance
Love with silence.


A poem by Reverend Sun Myung Moon


Now, I am free (Separate togetherness)

I’ve walked on a long, cold, muddy road
I’ve thought light is in your hand you hold
But there was only shades of the night
I became empty, ran out of life


You were my temple, religion
You were hope and future illusion
But just lies and grand dellusions
You won freaking, rigged game of yours


Now I am empty
Now I am free
Now I can feel


I’m still on the cross, don’t get me wrong
I’m bleeding through all my bloody, deep holes
But I choose to be here, you see
I’m breaking the cycle of endless vanity


You can see the world as it goes
You can play your dreams in rabbit holes
You won’t be who you could be
If you don’t look farther than your pain


Now I am empty
Now I am free
Now I can feel


We are different galaxies
We have whole different needs
We say and claim different truths
We shall see beyond or lose


Now I am empty
Now I am free
Now I can feel
without you



Joshua Dragon

(from the “Break-up Therapy”)

A Prayer for a Friend

Life was hard to you today

Life was hard to you yesterday

I can see why you can’t see the real light

There is a shadow inside you

And it will grow until you let it go

But don’t do this in vain

Only to pour it away

We all need to learn from hardships

Tribulations make us stronger

Amidst the grieve we should grow

And there is a partner for that

You know His name by heart

He has always been there for you

Believe me, He is here for you

Let me pray and ask His help

Let me offer this for you:

Heavenly Parent,

Please, hear me out!

My friend is in trouble

Without a clear sight

Loosing the shore

Please, help this child

Who is truly one of Yours

Or at least on the way home

Ease that pain inside

Your child needs the light

There has been too much of the dark

Please, show that eternal flame

Magic of Truth, Care and Love

What created this world

The beauty of life

Please, help my friend

Through the night!

Thank you,

Heavenly Parent,

Thank You!



-Joshua Dragon-

Who knows who we were before we met

Who knows who we were
before we met

We might have been
a bright star
shining through the night

We might have been
a rapid-flowing creek
with fresh water

We might have been
a dandelion in the field
with flying seeds

We might have been
the wind of change
throughout the year

Yet, we are here
without roots
Hoping life
from each other
Longing for light
in each other
Waiting for eternity
with each other

Who knows
who we might be able to be
Children of Yours
Heavenly Parent
Your Children
We might be able to be


Joshua Dragon

It’s a little bit of you, It’s a little bit of me

It’s a little bit of you
It’s a little bit of me
all the angels are gone
we are only who stayed

Scraped sky dropping the blue
thunderstorm an evening blew
no man’s land a wrinkled face
mirage in an endless sea

Echoing whisper
mute horizon
forbidden need
lonely breath

It’s a little bit of you
It’s a little be of me
all the angels are gone
we are who remained



Complete Pieces of Life

I came to help the people
Turning back to You
Done the extra mile
Still a lot to do

Scattered pieces of life
Torture every day
Ignorants and blind
Imitating love

Countless times I’ve been saved
Your Grace is my shelter
I have been forgiven
For what I cannot speak

Still yet to comprehend
How You could be
Understanding and hugging
Against everything

I am here to fly
Back to You
I am here to live
Live again by You

I am here to help
What I have just begun to understand
It is You
Who has always been there

Complete pieces of life
Make me whole
Again the first time
I will not fall back,
Not again

Welcome to my life
You’ve been always here
And now I recognize You
At last

Let me embrace the people of the world
All the Nature, Creation
With Your love

Persevering love, enduring despite everything
All the odds seem gone
Abundance, Heaven is going to come

Let me revive,
Resurrect in You

Let me believe,
What have always been true

Hold my hand
We are both in need

Feel my heart

You are at home

In me


Joshua Dragon


(from the book: Words of Light)

Words of Light

Dear Friends and Siblings, fellow God-lovers and Seekers,

A new e-book has been published called Words of Light, you can find it here. It is free.

Here is a short description.

Words of Light is a collection of poems about the path of enlightenment on the way of returning into the bosom of Heavenly Parent. Purification of soul and mind, humble approaches to resonate with the Absolute Being, reflecting His Heart. Shining and loveful moments, rebirths and milestones in the life of faith.


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!



Words of Light
Words of Light – by Joshua Dragon


Your Love
Your Absoluteness
Your Heart
And Your Kindness
Have always been closure to me

Your Life
Your True Identity
Your Past
And Suffering
Have always been unknown to me

Your Path
Your Burning Desire
Your Fate
And Your Struggles
Have always been hidden to me

Your Joy
Your Real Happiness
Your Hope
And Your Dreams
Have always been mysterious to me

I found closure
Holding on it
In my life
Has been manifested

I am grateful to You


Joshua Dragon

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