Perfection of Love

Men and women must individually walk that path toward perfection, then unite as couples and become the direct heirs of the lineage of God. By doing so, they will represent the perfection of the universe, as well as the fulfilment of the hope of mankind. United in true love, man and woman become one body, one spirit, one unit in the sight of God, and thus enter His direct dominion. Once that perfection of love is completed, no power under the sun can infiltrate or defile it. Not even the entire wealth of the world, including a huge chunk of solid diamond or gold, could buy such preciousness. It is priceless accomplishment.


Parents’ Day And Our Path
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1987

SMM Quotes – 206

“When you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the real quality of God’s own love. True love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

How can you become true sons and daughters of Christ?

We believe in Jesus Christ as the savior and Messiah simply because we want to become the son or daughter who can fulfill the will of God. Jesus died for the sake of his mission, not just to acquire his own chunk of heaven. Don’t ever worry about your own heaven, but worry about bringing down the Kingdom of God to your society and to this world. If you are like that, when you say to God, “I don’t want to go to the Kingdom of God,” God will chase after you and personally install you in the highest position in His Kingdom.

Jesus never complained to God about the rebelliousness of the very people he had been sent to save and never ceased caring about them. That was not Jesus’ heart. Jesus knew clearly that his mission was not just the salvation of Israel but of the world. God would be most pleased to hear Jesus pray, “God, Your goal is world salvation. Please use me and Your chosen nation as Your sacrifice to fulfill Your work.” Jesus became a son of God simply because he was perfectly united with God in will and in heart. Because of that oneness Jesus Christ could willingly die for the rest of the world.

How can you become the true sons and daughters of Christ? By becoming perfectly one with Christ, one with his spirit and one with his heart. If you are perfectly united with Jesus Christ you can be a willing sacrifice for-the salvation of the rest of the world. The true Christians are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves, their own church and their denomination for the fulfillment of the will of God for world salvation.

A true Christian could not pray for God’s help and blessing for only his family. After knowing the truth of God’s situation we can only pray, “God, I am ready to be Your sacrifice. Use me as Your instrument; fulfill Your will for world salvation through me. If necessary please sacrifice my family, church and nation.” Such people will create the Kingdom of God.

Those who pray only for their own chunk of God’s blessing will end up in hell. If you search closely you will discover that this is true. If God’s sole concern is world salvation, do you think He would support the person who was interested only in himself, his family and his church, or would He side with the people who were most involved in world salvation?

Put yourself in God’s position for a moment and look at the American churches. Not only are there a great many churches, but they are pursuing very different purposes and goals. White people organize together, black people organize their churches and yellow people organize their churches. Do you think this is a very beautiful thing for God to behold?

Absolutely not! If any Christian leader would call for his people to unite with other races then he could be considered a true Christian leader among his people.

Since we know the overall will of God, we can understand the world, which can meet that standard. Could Satan influence a perfected man? Even if Satan is standing right next to that man he is completely powerless to influence him. Satan could sneakily flip him over in his sleep, but upon awakening that man would realize what had happened and just flip back to his right position. It is a waste of Satan’s energy to meddle with a perfected man.

Can Satan test God? God never told Satan that he could not try to test God, but Satan is not that dumb. He knows very well that no matter how much effort he makes, testing God is a waste of his time and energy. A man of perfection is just like God and Satan knows that testing him is a waste of time. When you become a man of perfection, Satan is powerless to influence you. You stand aloof of Satan’s temptations.

Are you Unification Church members such men and women? How can you become that kind of person? The solution is simple: don’t worry about yourself but think 100% of God. Decide that you will be as unchanging as God and cultivate that quality. Then you will graduate from temptation and Satan will have to testify that you have graduated out his sphere of influence. Satan will grudgingly acknowledge you.

Satan even tried to tempt Jesus Christ. After offering three temptations to Jesus, Satan came to the conclusion that he had no power over him. If even a little bit of selfishness, a little bit of ego, remained in Jesus’ heart, Satan could have hooked it and pulled Jesus down to his dungeon.


God’s Will and Christmas
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 1976

God’s work begins here on Earth

If there had been no fall the situations here on earth and in heaven would have been perfectly parallel. On earth there would be the individual, family, society, nation and world under God and the same would be seen in the spirit world. One united world would have occurred. It is God’s will to see perfection come first here on earth; God never intended to have His Kingdom established in spirit world and then copied here on earth. Christians commonly think that the Heavenly Kingdom in spirit world is the perfected kingdom but that is not true.

Without perfection here on earth no perfection can be obtained there. There was always a blueprint in the mind of God, the original plan that always has been and will always remain perfect, even though the physical realization of these plans has never yet been seen. Jesus prayed, “Thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus knew the perfection of God’s will in Heaven and he brought that will to earth, coming to establish perfection here so that mankind would bring the kingdom into heaven. That was God’s plan.

God has not yet seen the perfection of His original plan here on earth, however, even after the coming of Jesus Christ. Because of the crucifixion Jesus could not accomplish the full purpose of his coming, the perfection of Adam’s level. It was not at all God’s original plan to fulfill the ideal by killing the Messiah. If that was indeed God’s method then just sending him to a nation that was unprepared to understand him would have been sufficient. Sacrifice is sometimes necessary, but God did not intend the sacrifice of human life as the key to complete salvation. Because of the crucifixion Jesus Christ was not allowed to reach the fullest degree of perfection and no family, social or national perfection was obtained. Therefore, it is most logical that the Messiah must come a second time.

What will Jesus do when he comes? Will he come to wipe out the world? The word “judgment” is frequently misunderstood to mean that God will wipe out everything in anger. That is not the purpose of the Messiah’s coming a second time. The whole purpose is to fulfill the mission that was left undone 2,000 years ago, to work for individual, family, social, national and world perfection. Judgment is the constructive work of God to see the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Because the work of God is realistic and physical, the Messiah’s coming on the clouds in the sky does not make sense. By interpreting the Bible literally many Christians anticipate Jesus’ appearance in the sky, but that could not be so. People perceive God as being supernatural, someone who could perform even the miracle of bringing Jesus on the clouds. Why would Christianity be necessary in that case? Why would faith be necessary? Why didn’t God use supernatural power to build up the Kingdom of God in the first place? Why has He had to wait for 6,000 years to accomplish this?

I want you to know that God’s will in sending Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago perfectly parallels the coming of Adam in the Garden of Eden. The Lord of the Second Advent will come for the same purpose. In other words, God’s will, Adam’s purpose, Jesus’ purpose and the purpose of the Second Coming are all the same. Truth is unchanging, being the beginning and the end. The will of God cannot be changed or tarnished by time but will be the same forever. God has a formula and when it is fulfilled God will seal it. That particular formula is still there, unfulfilled; God is waiting for man to fulfill that pure, unadulterated standard.


God’s Will and Christmas
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 1976

Sincerity and Indemnity

You must know that you should not allow Satan to invade in important tasks that you must accomplish for the future. Nor, should you allow the chosen people to be expelled from their respective positions. In order to keep away from these possibilities, you must indemnify all the evil elements beforehand, while putting yourself in the position of being willing to receive indemnity in order to rid yourself of all elements regarding evil and sins.

This is why you must always give your utmost sincerity. When you want to offer your sincerity, you cannot do it while you casually conduct your life eating and sleeping. It is absolutely impossible to offer your sincerity when you are in the position of having all you want to eat, sleep as much as you want and wear clothing that you enjoy wearing. For this reason, preparing to face an important event, you must put yourself in the position to conduct a showdown with God. You must be prepared to be hit beforehand. If God does not punish you, you should even initiate to punish yourself, on your own. If you get punished, what would happen? You will place yourself as the object to God. This is the principle of restoration by which God advanced throughout history.

The Path of Indemnity that We Must Go
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1967

The School Of Life

As I Can See

All beings desire to reach a higher ground, a better place, through circular motion. Where, then, is the better place we go to live eternally? While in the physical world, we live in our physical body. Our mind, though, is headed toward the eternal world. We are born into this world, and we pass through our teenage years, our twenties, thirties, middle age, and we eventually reach old age. Ultimately, we come to the end of our lives, just as the sun finally sets on the horizon. Those who know that the spirit world exists, however, know very well that the time spent in our physical body is relatively short, and that the world we face after we die is eternal. They know that our life on earth is a period of preparation for the eternal world.

We are like students who must earn credits in all our classes so…

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Faith-lift of the Heart

As I Can See

Although many plastic surgeries give the promises of artificial beauty, relying on our longing for eternal existence, and we always get back to the anti-aging in several well-commerced ways, how do we provide the necessary nourishment to our heart, our soul and mind?

Thoughts, determined by the news, feeds, trends, fashions, neighbours, friends, colleagues and so on, lead us emotions and result in deeds. So, what’s in our mind, inevitably will have its performance in our everyday life, at last.

Being believers, and frankly, we all believe in some ways, somehow we struggle distinguishing our political views and our life of faith, many times we forget or simply unable to implement the law of love in our work-life. We do pray at the dinner table but forget to forgive and comfort others in the times of grief and sorrow; even we tend to skip being gratitude for the smaller or…

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God Can Never Be Happy Alone

As I Can See

God can never be happy alone. He cannot love all by Himself. When God has an ideal, He can never feel that ideal or achieve that ideal alone. The endless ideals, endless happiness, and endless everything which God has can never be achieved without mankind. When we suddenly realize that that’s the high and eternal value with which God created man, how happy we can be! If a man can experience one such day of happiness, and become completely one with God, he will never trade this one day of life for a thousand years of life centered around the flesh. Don’t you think so?

Throughout history, God has been looking for this perfect, ultimate ideal. We must learn that although God has longed for this for many, many thousands of years, up until now He has never found such a level of perfection within us. We should have been…

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A Real Human Being

As I Can See

Limited as we are, we must find out how we can become one with the Almighty. Certainly a true or real human being can become one with Him. Then what is the definition of that real human being? It is the man or woman who embodies true love. I don’t think any one of you in this audience can raise any question or doubt about that. Beyond your color, creed, or religious persuasion, I’m sure you can agree with me that true love is what brings us together with the Almighty.

Another key question today is this: Can human beings be perfected? Can we become perfect men and women? If the answer ultimately is no, that is tragic. If we believe that no matter how much we try we will always end up in tragedy, because there is no room for perfection, then we cannot have true hope.

What is…

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