SMM Quotes – 214

“Truly each one of you is a masterpiece of God’s creation. Some men and women may wonder why they couldn’t be prettier or more handsome. But don’t think that way; you are God’s masterpiece. No matter what, God worked very hard to make you just as you are. Even if someone condemns himself as ugly, when you look at that person you can find some special characteristic that nobody else has.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

SMM Quotes – 167

“God is the greatest of all artists. When He created His masterpiece, man and woman, He poured His heart into the process. He poured His soul into it. He poured all of His wisdom and all of His effort into it. God wished only to exist for Adam and Eve and all humankind. He saved not a single ounce of effort when He created them. Thus, humanity has become the life of God.” – Sun Myung Moon

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