SMM Quotes – 227

“A man and a woman can be centred on true love for more that a thousand years and beyond, yet the energy of their love never drops. True love operates upon the principle that the more you love, the greater your desire to give becomes. When this love fills up the universe, all created beings find their eternal place of existence.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon


Broken Word

I wish I had known
I would hurt your heart
I would have done it differently
mi dispiace

Where the days of the past has gone
I wish I knew
How to turn back the time and act
lo siento

The danger is here
I will never see you again
My heart is shattered and scrambled
je suis désolé

Silent peace is grieving
In the shouting void
Echoes of the wrong and immature
I am deeply sorry

What I could have done
I should have done
In different time and age
it’s long gone now

Where I could have gone
I should have gone
Taking You with me
Dreaming a life

A broken word

In a betrayed tomorrow
Nobody can believe


Joshua Dragon

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