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No matter how powerful a king of some nation may be, if he is all by himself in the palace, he is a miserable man. He’s got to have a queen; without a queen, he cannot even think of having a family. All people were meant to be educated about the purpose of life, to grow up centered upon God and to be unified in marriage, leading to a fulfilling life. For what ultimate purpose? The ultimate goal is joy. God will be joyful, creation will be joyful, spirit world will be joyful; everything will be joyful. But the word “joyful” will never be fulfilled unless man and woman come together in unified and harmonious give and take.

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1985

Three Major Principles: Absolute Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Absolute love exists where you live for the sake of others. When you empty yourself completely, absolute love can visit and dwell within you. Absolute love has nothing to do with you when you are concerned with your own matters, existence, or concepts. Unless you get rid of these concerns, absolute love will never visit you. You must know this. If wives insist on their own situation or husbands only wants to claim their interests, a history of wars and a world of conflicts will follow them.

What is most important is that your mind and body should become one. Unless you achieve such a state, everything will be ruined. Then, what should be the center of such unity? They become one centered on absolute love. They should become one centered on God’s absolute love. Absolute love is true love. Your mind and body should become one centered on this true love. After that, you can proudly proclaim saying, “My body is totally unified with true love.”

Absolute love exists when you value your object absolutely. In such a place, a man can become a master who can love a woman absolutely; and at the same time, the woman also becomes a master of absolute love. Therefore, you must know the fact that the master of absolute love cannot be found within yourself but is found in your reciprocal partner.

Even God must have His object partner in order for the ideal world to be established. You can never create absolute love, unique love, unchanging love or eternal love if you are alone. You need your objective partner. Such a partner would be most precious. Thus, even God believes in such a partner. That is absolute faith. He attends His partner with His great aspiration. In other words, He is faithful to His Partner. Whom does He believe in? His objective partner. A man must offer his noblest faith in a woman, like bone needs flesh. Thus, you need absolute love and absolute faith!

Absolute faith and absolute love do not simply manifest by themselves. The root of all God’s attributes is the absolute, unique and unchanging love. God’s core being lies there. Accordingly, His object partner who is able to reciprocate to Him does not just come into being. Therefore, as God is the original motive for His object partner, invisible God must invest Himself completely for its creation. Through such total investment, His object came into being. Going through the age of minerals, the age of vegetation, the age of animals, the age of humans, and then the age of Heaven. Once all of these can be united into one the infinite God will have His dominion over this universe. The universe is so vast that even if human beings multiply for tens of millions of years, there will be no limit.

It is said that the size of the universe is more than a billion times the size of our solar system. But it is even greater than what science estimates. God wants to create the ideal world to be even greater than the size of this infinite universe. For this end, He has been investing His high-degree of love. Since this ideal that God continuously supports never left me, I have been investing my entire effort to re-create His object partners.

Living Faith in the Era after the Coming of Heaven
Circa 1968


There are many people living on the earth and many kinds of relationships among them. There are many nations, but there is no true unity among them. There are many people within each nation, but they have not united. You don’t see total unity within your family, and even within yourself there is not total oneness. This is the present reality that we face. No matter where we look, we see that unity is lacking.

Oneness is a difficult goal to achieve. Distrust, disobedience and disharmony surround us. There is both good and evil in our fluctuating, volatile environment.

However, it is undeniable that each person is pursuing something higher than merely staying alive. There is a drive in people’s hearts to pursue their original mind’s goal and reach some ideal state. What is that ultimate destination toward which we all strive?

Let us look at ourselves first. Within each individual there is a battle raging between his mind and his body. Where in this universe can we find something solid and reliable? We depend upon certain things, such as our family and nation, our friends and loved ones, but ultimately we find a certain inability to trust. The self cannot completely rely even on its mind and body. The nation and world are far away from the self; even parents, husband and wife are far away from the self. The basic problem of one’s life can only be solved within oneself. The solution to world harmony and unity must be sought within the self first. That is the closest place to start.

The goal of the world is to move from the present situation of disharmony to a world of harmony and unity. Likewise, the goal of each nation is also harmony and unity. Every different level in the universe is seeking after that point of harmony, which can be established only through the individual. Therefore, each individual is ultimately the key to the harmony and unity of the universe. Without this key, any discussion about unity is just wishful thinking and empty talk.

In order to measure things, we need an established scale, one which was created from an original standard. Likewise, as individuals, we need some original scale to measure ourselves. No matter how proud a person may be of himself, if he does not conform to the true model, he is not within the true standard. This scale should have universal meaning and apply everywhere. Is there such a standard for mankind?

Is it easy to control and discipline yourself? Your mind usually wants to go in a direction different from your body. There is an Oriental saying that a mountain remains forever but the human mind changes from morning to night. If the human mind fluctuates so much, where can we find a point of unity? There can be no single stationary position if everyone is moving around constantly.

(from the book: God’s Will and the World)

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