SMM Quotes – 180

“As humans we have a common character working within us. We strive for betterment and we pursue goodness. Because these strivings are common to all men, we continually reach out for new horizons, for greater and higher universal character; in other words for something better, some way to progress. Since such character distinctly exists within the common human nucleus, the whole of humanity continually moves itself toward betterment.” – Sun Myung Moon

The Unity of the Spirit World

Most people in society do not know with certainty about the original world where we go after life in this world. They do not know whether there is life after death, or even whether God exists. Eventually, everyone goes to the spirit world. It turns out that the spirit world is a single realm. It is not divided into many countries, as is the physical world. Then, what is it like in the spirit world? We can compare it with the water that serves as the environment for fish. Water is an absolute condition for the fish to live. That doesn’t mean, however, that a fish will spend its entire life in one place. A fish that lives in fresh water cannot spawn if it remains in its river. It has to leave the fresh water and come into contact with salt water in order to lay its eggs. It thus passes through two worlds. In the same way, our mind, part of spirit world, and body, part of the physical world, must be interconnected.

At the beginning of human history, a realm of global unity should have formed in honor of Adam’s birthday, the anniversary of his holy marriage and the anniversary of his death. Then humanity could have united as one people by our sharing in the commemoration of those days. Instead of dividing, humanity could have lived in a single realm. If this had happened, then Adam and Eve’s way of life would have passed down through human history. The culture formed would have endured as long as human beings continued to exist.

Understanding Life and Death
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 18, 1998

Always Report to God

Once you report before God, you must follow through no matter how difficult it may be. Whatever you do, once you pledge to God, you will resolve it. If you live your daily life with the attitude, you will never fail. However, to reach that level, it will be a real battle.

Satan has his strategy. You should avoid getting mired in his strategy. In order to protect yourself, you must receive from God the internal strength that will liberate yourself externally. To this end, you must pray. Then your prayer will become serious. It will become a serious prayer.

You must align yourself to God daily. When you start in the morning, you should report to God your plan of action for the day. Always, report to Him that you will follow through on your plan. It can be a short prayer. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer, but you should report to God. You should follow though what you reported to God.

You keep your promise you made to your friend, right? By the same token, you must fulfill what you report to God no matter how difficult it may be. With this attitude, you fight throughout the day; and before you go to bed, you should reflect on how you did. You report to God that I worked such and such. You should say how much you accomplished – if 80%, then you should repent for the 20% you did not fulfill. If you ignore your promise or treat it as a trivial matter when you did not fulfill your promise to Him, it will become a problem.

The next morning, you, again, report before you start. Then, if again you cannot fulfill your goal for the day… Without accomplishing your goal, you again ignore or treat it as trivial. If you continue having such an irresponsible attitude for three days – or more than three times – you will not be able to relate to God. Therefore, when you do not fulfill your promise, you must take it seriously and offer a prayer of repentance. You will be able to recognize if God accepts your repentance.

The Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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