God has made you a friend
God has made you a friend

Let us say you know God…

Let us say you know God, and you are working according to His Will and you become very intimate with Him. So now you have become His friends. If there is a better place, a better position than friends, then would you want to reach the better place, better position, or would you want to stay as friends? Everyone would want to go up to the higher position than friends. Don’t you think so? (Yes.) So for yourselves, how far you go, how much you know God that becomes the question. And the degree of knowledge of God will differ for everyone. If you have one hundred men, their degree of knowledge of God will differ. So whether or not you know the relationship, and also how close you are with God, among the one hundred, will determine what place you will be the first one, or the fiftieth one, or the one-hundredth one. It is important to know what place you are in. Without knowing this, you cannot understand whether you are going up or whether you are going down. As much as you know God, you can still possess a higher position.

The Importance Of Heavenly Heart
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1971

A Truthful Friend of Jesus

Each of us today is inexpressibly precious. For that reason, if one person goes wrong, the trace of bitter resentment will remain with posterity for eternity. Therefore, we must become qualified in accordance with the central standard that is unchanging throughout history and eternity. By inheriting the will Jesus cherished, we should become testifiers to history, the current age, and the future. Furthermore, you should become people who attest to the fact that Jesus came forth forming relations of victory, no matter what kind of age or environment you are in.

Have you ever moved your hands, body and feet on behalf of the people of the nation and the world? Looking at the Christians of the world who are like the Israelites wandering about in the wilderness, we should feel again the heart of Jesus 2,000 years ago. We should realize that God feels more sorrow because Heaven sees all sides. Sorrow and adversities are not the issue. You should become people who can connect the present to the future, not disciples who run away when they have to decide whether to live or die. If the command at the summit of the Mount of the Transfiguration is upon you, use it as a blasting fuse of life to accomplish the will of the limitless world in the aspects of real life. Today we must become the historical vanguard who will be responsible for life.

If the heart of Jesus at the summit of the Mount of the Transfiguration had appeared here, the flame of revolution would have come about. In other words, the issue is whether the heavenly heart has been set up within the realm of life. Now we must pray, but we must pray with concrete content. When you feel Heaven’s limitless heart, sorrow and limitless mental suffering, you will be able to relate with the administration of history, the current age, and the future.

The fact that Jesus could gallantly mount the cross was because he understood the sorrow and anxiety of God. Because of that, he could ask God’s blessing for the sake of the people of the nation, the whole of humanity and even for Satan. Although many people have wandered about seeking God’s heart, only one person, Jesus, understood. God cannot give up the ideology of history, the age and the future. For that reason, today we must indemnify all the historical characteristics of sin and evil.

If we today come to know God’s hidden internal heart like this, even if you cry continuously for a month or a year, the tears will not stop welling up. We should experience the heart of Heaven in such a manner.

The time has come when we have to fight a decisive battle before the people of the nation. The persons who actually do so will be blessed representing the people of the nation. You must realize that your mission is that huge.

When you form relations with the limitless world, Jesus and God will work through you. All of the creation must go through our hands. Therefore, you must attain the blessing bestowed upon Adam and Eve by God, who took delight in creating. Each of you should become a friend of the Jesus who agonized at the top of the Mount of the Transfiguration and received tribulation at Golgotha.

At a Field Service
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 11, 1958

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