What would you say to God?

What would you say to God

since He is as real as you are

would you doubt He exists

just because you can’t see

would you condemn Him

because of others’ responsibility

would you err His ways

out of your understanding

would you neglect His love

to stay in your comfort zone

would you shout at Him

your own pains and griefs

would you blame Him

for your own decisions

would you accuse Him

why didn’t He intervene

would you laugh at Him

still carrying Heaven’s ideal



would you stop talking through your mouth

and start to speak with your actions

would you let His spark light a fire in you

inviting Him to work together


He will be there



Joshua Dragon

If We Follow God’s Love

“Just like the negative pole of a magnet, which never fails to attract the positive pole, we can perceive and comprehend God by the force of our conscience. The more we approach God following our conscientious mind, the more we can feel the peace, happiness and fullness of our mind. If we follow God’s love, which is the womb of peace, our internal organs will receive stimulation and convulse with emotion.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Path we take

All of us take a different path to the same location.

We all desire “home”, a place we can settle, being embraced in the bosom of our Eternal Parent.
Some of us may not realize this, however there is no other way: either we start to live or continue our well-known and partly inherited partly self-developed agony.

We have eyes to be blind instead of filling our soul and mind with the beautiful scenario of the Life in and around ourselves.

Where shall we face, which direction?

Towards the Sun where there is no shadow.

This is our shelter, our cradle.
The Heart of Heavenly Father.

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