12 Days with God – Day Three

Join me for 12 days to spend more time with God, our Heavenly Parent.

This is the third day.

“Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to perdition is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Matthew 7:13-14


This is the day of being a human.

It shouldn’t be a shame, Father, to feel being a human. Yet, I’ve experienced today both parts in me: the one closer to You, and the other You did not create…

How life could have been? How everything would have turned out? How all the actions should have been? All the ifs, all the possibilities. I know, You have had all the calculations, measurementsm, precursors and preparations. Today, just like my ancestors, I used the free will and goose-stepped into misery. And I pulled You in…

…I didn’t mean to do that. The strangest thing is, that I have always had the clues, the patterns which might be called premonition, sharp senses or even wisdom. Despite all the good inside me, I chose ignorance, the very same tool detoured the greatest love to be completely manifested…

It’s not the first time, from my part, definately not the first. And I’m not fooling myself saying this was the last obnoxious vanity. Maybe today, because the night has fallen…

It’s been countless times, probably, when I chose the other side of the forking paths. Yet, You’ve always tried to trust me again. Again and again. And You kept giving me Your Blessings, constantly. Blessings, I have never expected, I could never dreamed of. You gave my life back, You gave my children, and You have saved them. You have given me the sight, I could see, I could hear, I could understand better, I could walk and run closer to You. There were times when I felt your hand in my hand…

I’m sorry, Father, I haven’t grown enough yet. I don’t want to make mistakes again, I don’t. I don’t want to be immature anymore. With the sunlight, a more mature life will emerge. I know it. I will show it to You, Father, I will.

Your son,



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