Not With Shame But Dignity

If we do not do enough, how can we stand in front of God? Our conscience will not permit us to. One thing we should never be in the future is ashamed of ourselves. I have always lived conscious of the fact that I could never lead a life I was ashamed of.

We need salvation. This is a very real situation. We want to be saved, and we will be saved, not with shame but with dignity. We cannot eat as we like; we cannot sleep as we like; we cannot say and do things as we like when there is the possibility that later we might be ashamed of that action. At this very moment, our brothers and sisters are losing their lives in the hands of Satan. How can we be complacent?

You must not just borrow this way of thinking and this way of life from me, but you must make it your own. You must be proud of the concept itself and live this life just as I do so that you can become true descendants. I do not just think this way, I live way. It is not just words; it is actions.

Now we know how we will achieve salvation and how we can be saved with dignity, without shame. We are all individual messiahs of love. When we practice love, love will come back to us, with ownership. That is reality.

Plant love and you will never perish. You may suffer, but you will never perish or be ashamed. Do you understand? Those who say, “Father, I understand deeply now and I will live the way of love,” raise your hands. Let us pray.

The Will and I
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1988

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