Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

This world is broken. It might seem better than in the past, we have better technology, we have great connections, we have the whole world. Looking it closer it is obvious: a glittering only what we adore, a fading reflection of a fake light…

Although, the technology promises a more comfortable and extanded life, in some parts even enhanced, yet, it goes only for those, who would never ever think of those who are not among them. Although, the connections are intertwining – they are just consuming our time giving nothing in return only temporar fulfillment and more often fear, boredom, anger, desperation, envy. Although, it seems we can share the whole planet, yet, we are being shared among each other by some seemingly invisible and untouchable…

All the hatred, arrogance, selfish indulgence, isolation build stronger and stronger impenetrable walls especially in our hearts and minds, limiting our ultimate ability for compassion, care, love.

When have we lost our ways to talk?

When have we lost our ways to share?

Since when are we incapable to live for other without expecting anything in return?

One may say, it has always been like this, abusing, misusing, overtaking, caging, neglecting, pretending – there is nothing to see here…

What is what God says? He sees our potentials, He seeks our heart, He longs for our open arms. He never speaks ill about us, not even when we are the farthest from the Ideal, not even when we are unwillingly or willingly fighting with Him…

Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

It wouldn’t hurt anyone to embrace and uplift, enrich and support with passion. To acknowledge someone might know better, to accept the help what is offered. To listen for the change and act upon our untold promises.

Longing comes first then we can think and analye, shaping our inner self. Our way of thinking changes our way of speaking. As we speak we create an atmosphere and re-create the world around us in a symbolic way. And our actions are based on our speaking.

Why don’t we talk about love anymore?

Talking about love would find us a new realm of love, eventually.

An ideal of love, compassion, sharing.

A conscious, caretaking, devoted, persevering life of Truth.


Joshua Dragon

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