As I Can See – Compilation Book 1

This compilation, a part of the series, is for people all around the world, our common home where there are only hills and valleys, rivers and oceans, desert and jungle, cities and villages but no boundaries made by our Heavenly Parent.

During the years the amount of articles and posts, sharings and thoughts published on the As I Can See site, touched the hearts of so many people, transcending race, colours, religion and nationality, culture. For that, I am extremely grateful for our Heavenly Parent and the person, who really taught me to see the universal principles all around in the Creation.

I hope and wish, this book will help you to see the real, absolute values in yourself and in each other and focusing on that we all can grow and be mature, wise, caring and loving.

I hope and wish you will join me in the quest of creating everlasting peace and tranqulity, long waited joy and happiness for each and every human being on Earth and the Nature all around.

You can download the e-book from here: As I Can See – Compilation 1


May Heavenly Parent’s Blessing Be Upon on You and Your Beloved People!



Joshua Dragon


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