Prayer of a lonely heart



I’ve been longing for You

as I was desperate

being lonely

and abandoned.

How many times, Father,

I was begging and trying to explain,

excuse, save myself,

I don’t know, how and why

it is so that you always forgave me.

Father, I feel speechless,

yet, I need to speak up,

to tell you, it was a mistake

I left you out from my decisions.

I’ve never meant to hurt You, Father.

I have nothing I can offer,

I know, I broke my promises

so many times

I can’t remember.

Father, can you forgive me?

I don’t know how,

I’ll try better,

I’ll do more,

I will make you proud,

I’ll try, I wish, I long for…

Heavenly Father,

You are my parent,

You are the only one,

to whom I want to belong to –

even if you can not let it happen,

I will fight for the time

even after I die,

to be one day

again, once again

in your arms.

With love,



everlasting love.




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