The Qualification to Become Jesus’ Bride

Facing the final days today then, to become the bride who cannot be separated from Jesus for eternity, what must you do? First, you must become those who can listen to the voice of Jesus, who poured out his longing and grieving heart upon seeing the people who would not hear reason in spite of having ears and who could not comfort him. When you become such persons, you can fulfill the will for which God wishes, that Jesus desires, and that thousands upon thousands of faithful believers want, relying on your own efforts. You must know clearly that the words you hear as individuals are accompanied by historical and cosmic-level responsibility, which you must bear.

Next, you must become those who can see things correctly. People at that time, even in their dreams, did not expect the Messiah from Heaven, who was sent representing a 4,000-year history, to appear as such a haggard figure. Thus, they could not recognize him as the Messiah. Who could have known that Jesus- who was born the son of Joseph and who had worked for thirty years or so as an unkempt, unmarried carpenter-was the one hero God wanted to show to all humankind for the first time? Nobody knew that. No one at all.

However, today you must be able to see correctly that Jesus bears the cross of historic toil. In other words, you must be able to see correctly that his individual body itself appeared as the sacrifice of laborious effort that could indemnify the collective course on which God had labored for 4,000 years.

If the people then had understood the fact that God sent many prophets and built up the chosen Israelite people during a 4,000- year history to find and raise one person, Jesus, and had they been able to recognize Jesus, why would he have had to bear the cross? Because the eyes of the Jewish people who should have been able to recognize Jesus were bleary, he ended up being deserted at Golgotha.

At any rate, Jesus tried to find the person who could understand his situation: namely, that he who understood the will of God and was called upon to show himself before all humankind to manifest the internal sung sang of God could not place himself in a seat of happiness. Jesus was not able to find and raise such a person and eventually had to die on the cross. Therefore, you of today, who are walking the course the will demands to complete the history of 6,000 years, must find and raise a person who can walk along the course that the will demands with you. If you cannot find and set up such a person, you cannot indemnify the mistakes of our ancestors, who did not recognize Jesus when he appeared. You must heed this.

Therefore, today you must fortify your minds before the Father and understand in what manner the late Jesus is dealing with us and calling us. In other words, we must understand the fact that Jesus, having cried out in solitude, is impatiently and longingly waving us on by sending the Holy Spirit. Jesus is demonstrating, by his actions, his sorrowful heart for our sake. Therefore, you yourselves must indemnify the situation of the Jewish people who could not recognize Jesus 2,000 years ago. You must become the persons who can bow to him, saying, “You are truly the man who appeared as a triumphant being for God’s will after 4,000 years.”

Not only that, you must become the persons who can understand that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have labored in the spiritual world to find you and set you up throughout the long 2,000-year history since Jesus’ departure from this world. Unless you become such a person, you cannot extinguish the 4,000-year resentment that festered at the time of Jesus, nor can you mitigate the bitterness of God that has rankled for the 2,000-year history since. Therefore, you who have a historical debt like this should not heedlessly criticize the words that the prophets of the past spoke and the way they behaved.

Therefore, today an existential being has to emerge who can bow humbly and meekly before the sung sang of Jesus, who is waving to us and speaking to us like this, and in the presence of the hyung sang of Jesus. This being must be ardently devoted to carrying out the historical mission and, further, must become a friend of Jesus. Only when such an existential being emerges on this earth can you model yourself after him and be able to move forward to the position of the bride who can comfort the Shim Jung of Jesus, who labored for 2,000 years after passing through his life course of thirty or so years.

Let Us Be the Ones Jesus Wants
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 17, 1957

SMM Quotes – 200

“We should not worry if we don’t have delicious food, nice clothes or nice house because they are nothing in the spirit world, God already prepared everything for us. Even though we look poor and really without money, don’t focus yourself on it. The spiritual law is very clear. Those who work for God and saving people have material blessing. You can’t be proud of those material possessions nor worldly accomplishments and positions. Just do God’s Will and bring people to God’s homeland.” – Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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