The Internal Mission of God’s Son

Think about this please. If we are to talk in terms of quantity, it must be of a quantity some of which will remain even after completely filling the world and the universe. Under these internal circumstances God has been longing for this one man, thinking about him and wanting to love him. Wouldn’t God do that? Think about whether God would do that or not. Would he or not? What do you think?

Let us say that a man is born on earth as a son with these qualities. What should this man do from God’s perspective? This man should be able to long for God to the same extent that God has yearned for him. The man must be able to be joyful and to yearn for God to the extent that had God longed for him. In addition, he should be able to fight with a strong desire to love God back to the extent to which God had wanted to love this man.

From God’s perspective, the past was supposed to be ideal; however because of the Fall… Hence, one must be able to connect with the deep heart of God, who has been looking for a son to whom he can say, Throughout fallen history, there was no one that was like you at any time nor was there someone who had the aspects I have been looking for… You are the partner I have been without for six thousand years. I can set you in front of Adam’s family and boast of you in front of Adam. I can set you up in front of Noah’s family and boast of you in front of Noah. I can set you up in front of Abraham’s family and boast of you in front of Abraham. I can boast of you in front of Jesus. You have no shortcomings. You are fully qualified to be boasted of in front of all people during the historic Last Days of humanity. My son!

An Ideal Partner
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 1967

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