How can you become true sons and daughters of Christ?

We believe in Jesus Christ as the savior and Messiah simply because we want to become the son or daughter who can fulfill the will of God. Jesus died for the sake of his mission, not just to acquire his own chunk of heaven. Don’t ever worry about your own heaven, but worry about bringing down the Kingdom of God to your society and to this world. If you are like that, when you say to God, “I don’t want to go to the Kingdom of God,” God will chase after you and personally install you in the highest position in His Kingdom.

Jesus never complained to God about the rebelliousness of the very people he had been sent to save and never ceased caring about them. That was not Jesus’ heart. Jesus knew clearly that his mission was not just the salvation of Israel but of the world. God would be most pleased to hear Jesus pray, “God, Your goal is world salvation. Please use me and Your chosen nation as Your sacrifice to fulfill Your work.” Jesus became a son of God simply because he was perfectly united with God in will and in heart. Because of that oneness Jesus Christ could willingly die for the rest of the world.

How can you become the true sons and daughters of Christ? By becoming perfectly one with Christ, one with his spirit and one with his heart. If you are perfectly united with Jesus Christ you can be a willing sacrifice for-the salvation of the rest of the world. The true Christians are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves, their own church and their denomination for the fulfillment of the will of God for world salvation.

A true Christian could not pray for God’s help and blessing for only his family. After knowing the truth of God’s situation we can only pray, “God, I am ready to be Your sacrifice. Use me as Your instrument; fulfill Your will for world salvation through me. If necessary please sacrifice my family, church and nation.” Such people will create the Kingdom of God.

Those who pray only for their own chunk of God’s blessing will end up in hell. If you search closely you will discover that this is true. If God’s sole concern is world salvation, do you think He would support the person who was interested only in himself, his family and his church, or would He side with the people who were most involved in world salvation?

Put yourself in God’s position for a moment and look at the American churches. Not only are there a great many churches, but they are pursuing very different purposes and goals. White people organize together, black people organize their churches and yellow people organize their churches. Do you think this is a very beautiful thing for God to behold?

Absolutely not! If any Christian leader would call for his people to unite with other races then he could be considered a true Christian leader among his people.

Since we know the overall will of God, we can understand the world, which can meet that standard. Could Satan influence a perfected man? Even if Satan is standing right next to that man he is completely powerless to influence him. Satan could sneakily flip him over in his sleep, but upon awakening that man would realize what had happened and just flip back to his right position. It is a waste of Satan’s energy to meddle with a perfected man.

Can Satan test God? God never told Satan that he could not try to test God, but Satan is not that dumb. He knows very well that no matter how much effort he makes, testing God is a waste of his time and energy. A man of perfection is just like God and Satan knows that testing him is a waste of time. When you become a man of perfection, Satan is powerless to influence you. You stand aloof of Satan’s temptations.

Are you Unification Church members such men and women? How can you become that kind of person? The solution is simple: don’t worry about yourself but think 100% of God. Decide that you will be as unchanging as God and cultivate that quality. Then you will graduate from temptation and Satan will have to testify that you have graduated out his sphere of influence. Satan will grudgingly acknowledge you.

Satan even tried to tempt Jesus Christ. After offering three temptations to Jesus, Satan came to the conclusion that he had no power over him. If even a little bit of selfishness, a little bit of ego, remained in Jesus’ heart, Satan could have hooked it and pulled Jesus down to his dungeon.


God’s Will and Christmas
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 1976

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