God’s ideal is the creation of a universal family encompassing heaven and earth


In the world today, there are advanced nations and underdeveloped nations. In the advanced nations people have a lot, and end up discarding leftover things, whereas people in underdeveloped nations lack many things, especially food. They may even starve to death. Twenty million people die of starvation each year. Do you think that is God’s will? What the advanced nations are doing is oppressing the universe’s natural system of interaction. If this continues, the advanced nations will be unable to avoid divine punishment. Heaven will not let this go unnoticed. Already signs of judgment are appearing in various places. One of the signs is the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, and another is drug and alcohol abuse. Both free sex and homosexuality are the madness of the lowest of the human race. God detests such behavior the most; Satan, on the other hand, praises such behavior the most.


The Value and Significance of the Family Pledge
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
XIV. Peace Message

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