God is smiling back at you

God is smiling back at you
God is smiling back at you

Look up, He is there,

strengthen your trunk He is there,

His love radiates

gives you life,


search His light,

even when you are gloomy,

at the edge before you collapse,

pour your tears, that is love,

pour your smile, that is love,

He will be there in the rain,

and with the wind,

the Light is always there,

behind the clouds,

the Truth, the Love,

unchanging, eternal,

make see all of us.

God is smiling back at you.



Let Us Become People Who Can Live with God’s Love

As I Can See

Do you know a place where God is nearest to you? That is the place of repentance. However, as you understand God more, you don’t need to say to Him, “Please forgive me because I committed such and such sins.” Once you repent the fact that you did not know God’s Heart looking over you, everything will be forgiven.

If there is a greater sinner than a prodigal son who wastes all the money of his parents, this is a son who hurts and wounds his parents’ loving hearts. There is no greater sin. If this son cries out while saying, “How can my sin that injured my father’s heart be forgiven?”, then the father will forgive him by saying, “Oh, my son and Oh, my son.” If the fallen parents can do this, God will definitely forgive you.

In general people go to their church and pray, “Please forgive…

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