The Day of the Lord; the prophets and the apostles

As I Can See

My friends, this is my second letter to you, and in both of them I have tried
to awaken a true understanding in you by giving you a reminder: recalling to
you what was said in the past by the holy prophets and the commandments of the
Lord and savior which you were given by the apostles.
We must be careful to remember that during the last days there are bound
to be people who will be scornful, the kind who always please themselves in what
they do, and they will make fun of the promise and ask, “Well, where is this
coming? Everything goes on as it has since the Fathers died, as it has since it
began at the creation.” They are choosing to forget that there were heavens
at the beginning, and that the earth was formed by the word of God out of
water and between…

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