The Right Attitude for a Religious Person

Jesus is the one in whom we believe today and who sacrificed his life for this faith. No religious people have known about this since history began. No one on earth knew how to grab hold of Jesus and cry over this. Carefully considering this matter in this light, the mind with which you can weep unrestrainedly for the sorrow of Jesus must linger in you and overwhelm you. Otherwise, you cannot be considered a religious person who is proceeding toward the heavenly kingdom. That is how I feel.

As we come to look at this pitiful people now, we have to feel sorrow regarding their fate. As we see religious denominations fighting with one another and splintering into fragments, we must watch it from the position of being inseparably related to it. Only when you know how to feel sorrowful, having a mind like that of Jesus on behalf of history, the present period, and future descendants, can you leave at least the condition of receiving the blessing granted to Israel to your descendants on the earth. You must know this.

Viewed in this light, the right attitude of a religious person is to deny himself completely. Only when he crosses the hill of death can he form ties of happiness with Heaven and say at the time of passing on, “Father, I have accomplished all that Jesus did.” He should be able to end the ties of sorrow and bitter resentment that he has formed and embrace the moment when he can sing of ties interlocked with happiness. We should know that these people will possess the kingdom of eternity; they will live in the heavenly kingdom. God’s will is to seek out these kinds of people.

When I look at those of you who have sought out the Unification Church and entered it, there are moments when I consider you pitiful. You sought and joined the Unification Church because you are connected with it through some unknown relationships. In spite of trying to turn your steps away, you have lingering attachments pulling on you. If this unconscious relationship was not caused by you, who was it caused by? We must know that it was because behind us was the foundation of the accomplishment of our ancestors, who strove to dissolve the bitterness in the history of blood and tears. Therefore, whenever such a feeling comes in our heart, from now on it should be possible for the mind to call out, “Father!” to Heaven and explode within us, even if we are falling down, forgetting even the consciousness of our existence. We will have to say that only when we become connected with the world of happiness after crossing the hill of history, bound with sorrow, can we become qualified to receive the Lord for the first time.

That is the case for you, and I cannot escape from it either. Why is it that unbearable and inexplicable sorrow wells up within us and penetrates deeply into us? It is because of the relationships of historical han, which even I do not understand. It is because heavenly relations, earthly relations, and human relations that we cannot understand are bound with us today. We must know this. What is it that Heaven wants? It is the person who can indemnify all the sorrowful relations on the earth. He is the man who can say, “Father! I will indemnify all Your sorrowful relationships. Please guide me to become the central figure of the history that is bound with sorrow. Please allow me to become the one who can remain in the world of sorrowful relations and whom Heaven wants in that world.” If we have this kind of mind, we must know that even if numerous crosses come, it does not mean all is over.

What did Jesus mean by saying, “I have accomplished all”? Jesus had accomplished his mission only to a certain limit through his death in the course of indemnifying Heaven’s sorrow. In other words, Jesus knew that if he died, an indescribable sorrow would enter into the heart of God and be connected to it. The miserable path of death would be left behind to the throng of people following him. Because he knew that the foundation of spiritual salvation would be established with his death, he was able to go beyond his death with a manly mien.

The Religious Person’s Attitude
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1959

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