Offering and Sacrifice

When you have one victory on the individual level, having saved yourself by beating your fleshly side to obey your mind, then what you are going to do? You will reach the world by going through the family level and national level. You are apt to think that after you have perfected yourself, you are going to be the boss in your family. That’s what, at best, you want. But you are forgetting that you are here to save the whole world and even your family is for that. In the providence of God, your family is playing the role of a bridge to go through and across to the next level and stay there until we can save the whole world. Then what would you do to make your family a success in God’s sight? It is not just for the husband and wife to love each other – sticking to each other. But in loving each other and doing everything, you must be doing that for the salvation of the nation and for the salvation of the whole world. In order for you to be able to save the whole world you must know that you must be able to sacrifice your nation, and your family for the nation and the world. We are taught that we have to make offering to reach God or to reach the salvation of the whole world. That means that what we are going to save at the cost of sacrifice is greater than the thing we are going to sacrifice. When you are going to save your family at the sacrifice of yourself, you have already obtained a bigger thing – your family – at the sacrifice of yourself. And when you are going to save your nations, at the sacrifice of your family, you will have gained the nation, which is greater than your family, and so on.

When you make an offering before God, would you offer Him leftovers? You would choose the best thing out of what you have and would want to sacrifice and offer that. What you cherish most will be your offering. When Noah spent 120 years of the prime of his life in the business of erecting the ark, he was offering the best part of his life – of anything he had – to God. Abraham was in the position to have to offer even his wife to God – even his dear and only child to God. For him it was more difficult than to sacrifice his own self when he had to sacrifice his son. The same was true with Moses. When he was going to offer the stone tablet, he fasted for 40 days and went through many difficulties and hardships. He was ready to sacrifice himself, his own life, in making the offering before God.

When God was going to have John the Baptist get ready for his mission for 30 years in the wilderness living on wild honey and locusts, God meant to have him sacrifice himself for the salvation of the nation. By denying his own parents, relatives, neighbors, his clan and nation, he was in the position to sacrifice himself, deny himself as the offering before God. When he was in the period to witness to the coming of the Messiah, he was in the position to have to deny himself, his family and all other things in order to receive the Lord. And he would have loved him, the Lord, more than his family, his clan, his own nation. He was prepared for all that. So, God was on his side helping him. Why would God have him to be sacrificed for the sake of larger things? Because by sacrificing that one man of certain mission he would get larger and more precious things, which means Jesus. By doing that, he was going to locate his partner, which would be his clan, his nation and everything. At the cost of himself, he was going to find more precious things. The same is true with God. He would demand us to offer sacrifice, but from His part too, He has to sacrifice something for the salvation of man. In doing that, He had to sacrifice the man who makes the offering. That means God barely has that person, and already He is going to sacrifice him. In other words, for instance, he would sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the world, he is the only one through whom God can work, after searching for so long. We know that God, after choosing and preparing a nation to receive Jesus Christ, He was ready to sacrifice that nation for the sake of the world. The Jewish people, however, did not realize that fact. God was ready to sacrifice His chosen nation for the world, but they thought that the Lord would come to save their nation and put it above all other nations of the world and God would help them to do that.

Our Fatherland
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 17, 1973

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